4 Best Baguette Baking Pans in 2022

4 Best Baguette Baking Pans in 2022

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Do you like French bread as much as I do? Then consider freshly made bread from your own home. When you’re ready to go the handmade way, have a baguette baking pan on standby. To get the job done, I suggest the Chicago Metallic Commercial II Nonstick Bread Pan.

Hello there! My name is Shea, and I’ve had a difficult time making bread. In the early years, I had the greatest difficulty preparing bread. After 10 years, I can make practically any bread you can think of, even baguettes!

Of course, having a baguette baking pan in your culinary arsenal is required to bake real baguettes. Depending on your requirements, there are several alternatives available on the market.

After much investigation, I determined that the Chicago Metallic pan was the finest in the business. This perforated pan allows for better air circulation, resulting in properly cooked bread on all sides. Made of steel, it’s a dependable and long-lasting pan that’s also dishwasher safe for your convenience.

Although I like the Chicago Metallic model, I understand that everyone’s baguette baking requirements are unique. Some people, for example, may prefer more than two slots, while others prefer alternative materials. That’s why I put up this handy top four list.

Who’s up for a look at the top baguette baking pans on the market?

Best Baguette Baking Pans: Top Choices

4 Best Baguette Baking Pans in 2022

I paid special attention to each product’s features and authentic reviews while compiling my top four list. Let’s have a look at the top four choices.

1. Chicago Metallic Commercial II Non-stick Bread Pan (Top Pick)

  • Sturdy, perforated, heat-conductive, nonstick, dishwasher-safe
  • Material: Steel
  • Number of Slots: Two

This baguette baking pan is unquestionably the best option. It’s a solid and dependable option on which you can rely again and again. But why should it end up in your kitchen cabinet?

For starters, this baguette baking pan is made of heavy-weight aluminized perforated steel, which provides for better air circulation and heat conduction. This produces delightfully crisp and golden-brown bread all around.

However, the perfect baguette baking pan construction does not end there. It’s also diamond-quality and nonstick-coated to guarantee bread comes out fast, effectively, and with little residue on the pan.

The fact that it is dishwasher safe is perhaps the most handy feature. Handwashing is suggested as much as possible to prolong the life of the product.

The main disadvantage of this pan is that it lacks handles, which makes removing the bread a little difficult. It shouldn’t be a problem for long with a little trial and error.

2. Amagabeli Baguette Pan (Multiple Slots)

  • Perforated, nonstick, and many slots are key features.
  • Material: Steel
  • Number of Slots: Four

Two baguette slots are just insufficient for some bakers. Does this describe you? Then you’re probably looking for a baguette pan with many slots to meet all of your baking demands.

Let me introduce you to the Amagabeli Baguette Pan if you desire many slots. This fantastic pan has four slots, allowing you plenty of area to bake anything from fresh baguettes to desserts and more.

This baguette baking pan, like my top selection, is made of perforated steel that has been coated with an eco-friendly and nonstick substance. This results in gorgeous golden-brown bread that slips straight out of the pan.

I wouldn’t attempt to lift this pan with a single hand, particularly with a full load. It is capable of and will bend. When working with a baguette baking pan, always use two hands.

3. Emile Henry Baguette Pan (Best Clay Option)

  • Perforated, nonstick, comes with a cover, shock-resistant, and dishwasher-safe.
  • Materials: Clay
  • Number of Slots: Three

Do you prefer clay over steel? The Emile Henry Baguette Pan is for you. This one-of-a-kind pan has holes in the base and cover to enable moisture to escape, resulting in flawlessly crispy baguettes. The cover also maintains the proper humidity for baguettes, giving the greatest flavor and texture.

Because all-natural clay is engineered to evenly transmit heat, every of your bread will turn out the same. This pan is resistant to thermal stress and has a scratch-resistant coating, allowing it to travel from the freezer to ovens up to 500F.

Last but not least, you’ll like the beauty and functionality of this pan. It is ultra-smooth to prevent sticking and comes in three colors: burgundy, black, and white. This sleek and stylish pan is guaranteed to draw attention in any kitchen.

If you’re not accustomed to dealing with a baguette baking pan with a lid, take additional caution so the lid doesn’t fall off.

4. PDJW Silicone Baking Pan (Best for Miniature Baguettes)

  • Key features include: perforation, dishwasher safety, and high heat resistance.
  • Material: Silicone
  • Number of Slots: Eight

Long baguettes are wonderful, but what about small baguettes? Small baguettes are ideal for individuals who wish to make sandwiches and other treats without having to cut a large loaf of bread. The PDJW Silicone Baking Pan is ideal for making small baguettes.

Aside from the fact that it can make little baguettes, you’ll like the fact that it’s constructed of food-grade silicone. It’s flexible to preserve the baguettes’ form and simple to remove from the pan, which, by the way, has less sticking thanks to the silicone substance.

Another reason to prefer this tiny pan is its great heat resistance, which can easily travel from -40F to 446F. It can also be used in almost every device, from the freezer to the microwave, oven to dishwasher.

This pan is flexible since it is composed of silicone. This is beneficial for baking baguettes, but it is something you will need to get accustomed to. This is particularly true when attempting to insert and remove the pan from the oven.

Best Baguette Baking Pan: Things to Consider

I’m sure you’re wanting to get your hands on one of these pans and start making your own baguettes. But, before you buy, consider the following.

Number of Slots

Do you want to create one or two loaves, or several loaves? While my preferred option allows for two baguettes at a time, other consumers may want more space. If this is the case, use a pan that yields three or four baguettes (or eight if you want little baguettes).


Steel, clay, and silicone are among the materials in this top four list. All of these ingredients will help you make delicious baguettes. It everything boils down to personal taste. I choose steel for its durability and nonstick properties, but you may prefer the flexibility and suppleness of clay or silicone.

Added Features

Baguette baking pans are simple since they only do one thing: bake baguettes. However, some pans have accessories such as a cover or are dishwasher-safe. As a result, it is critical to pay particular attention to the major characteristics that each product provides.


These four baking pans are all intended to make wonderful, perfectly crisp baguettes. I choose the Chicago Metallic Commercial II Nonstick Bread Pan because it is a long-lasting, dependable, and nonstick pan that consistently produces gorgeous baguettes.


What type of bread pan is best for baking bread?

Most bakers choose to bake bread loaves on metal pans. Metal loaf pans transfer heat fast and readily, enabling heat to move through the pan and into the dough to help bake loaves evenly.

Do you need a special pan for baguettes?

If you don’t have a baking stone, place the baguettes on a baking sheet, paper and all. The paper prevents the loaves from sticking together during baking. To shift the baguette dough, use the back of a baking sheet as a mimic transfer peel.

What can I use instead of a baguette pan?

Baguettes do not need French bread pans; they are not used in France. To get the same crispy crust, you may use a baking stone or unglazed quarry tiles instead.

How do you use the Emile Henry baguette pan?

Simply lay the dough in the holes, cover with the lid, and set the mold in the oven. The ribs prevent the dough from sticking, and the lid maintains the ideal humidity level for baking superb baguettes.

What kind of pans do bakeries use?

Carbon steel, a kitchen staple, is pressed from raw, heavy-gauge steel, giving it a stronger, more durable alternative than aluminum. Casseroles, cakes, breads, pies, and other delicacies work well in carbon steel baking pans.

What type of baking pan is the best overall?

The Best Baking Pans for Everyone (Yes, Everyone) Your Baking Aspirations
Nordic Ware Is the Best Sheet Pan Pan Half-Sheet.
Fat Daddio’s Cake Pan is the best cake pan.
Nordic Ware Fluted Loaf Pan is the best loaf pan.
USA Pan is the best 9-by-13-inch pan. Nonstick 9-by-13-inch pan.
Oxo Good Grips Muffin Tin is the best muffin tin. Muffin Pan with Nonstick Coating.

What is the best baguette baking pan?

You Should Know About Emile Henry Baguette Baker’s 13 Best Baguette Pans.
French Baguette Bread Pan by Amagabeli.
Pan American 3-Loaf French Baguette Pan with Perforations.
Lekue Micro Perforated 4 Cavity Mini Baguette Baking Pan.
Baguette Baking Pan by Eparé.
Baguette Baking Tray with Monfish.
Chef-created Baguette Pan.

What do the French put on baguettes?

Having said that, the most popular accompaniment to a baguette is cheese. One of the most typical lunches in France is cheese on a piece of bread. Simply insert whichever cheese you like (camembert, rouy, mozzarella…) and you’re ready to go. Sandwiches may also be made by adding ham, eggs, or tomatoes.

Do you grease baguette pans?

Preheat the oven to 425°F approximately an hour before you want to bake. Grease or line a rimmed, half-sheet pan or baguette pan* with pan release spray or parchment paper.

Why do baguette pans have holes?

The small pores in the pan enable heat and air to circulate during baking, which greatly improves the quality of French baguettes! They cook more uniformly and provide a much more appealing golden crispy crust.

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