4 Best Bread Proofing Bowls

4 Best Bread Proofing Bowls

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If you didn’t already know, your bread has to rise in order to be successful. Although you have numerous alternatives for where your bread proves, one of the finest is in a bread proving bowl. The Bread Bosses 9-Inch Bread Banneton Proofing Basket is my recommendation.

Hello there! My name is Shea, and I’m a self-taught baker with over 10 years of expertise. Baking bread used to frighten me, so don’t feel bad if it does, too. The greatest tip I can provide is to precisely follow the recipe and utilize the proper equipment, particularly while proofing. A bread-proofing bowl is required!

I prefer the Bread Bosses 9-inch bread-proofing bowl since it can hold all of your bread doughs up to 1.5 pounds. The accompanying scraper ensures that the dough releases easily and with minimal sticking.

Although I love this bread-proofing dish, I understand if you’re seeking for something else. That’s why I looked for the best bread-proofing bowls on the market, so you can simply discover one that works for you and your kneads.

Who’s ready to find their ideal bread-proofing bowl?

Best Bowl for Proofing Bread: Top Picks

You may not believe that being particular about your bread-proofing bowl is necessary. After all, it isn’t a high-end, costly piece of equipment like a stand mixer. But reconsider. Buying a bread-proofing bowl should be done with the same care, and I’ve made it easy for you by compiling a list of the best four.

1. Bread Bosses 9-Inch Bread Banneton Proofing Basket (Best Overall)

  • Holds up to 1.5 pounds of dough, the dough readily releases, durable and trustworthy, long-lasting, whisks away excess moisture, suitable for all varieties of bread
  • 9 inches in length
  • Form: round
  • Scraper, linen liner, and sourdough starter E-book

If you’re searching for a dependable bread-proofing bowl that will see you through all of your favorite bread recipes, go no further than Bread Bosses’ top-notch bread-proofing bowl. This 9-inch marvel can hold up to 1.5 pounds of dough, making it your go-to for all recipes.

This bread-proofing bowl is made of natural rattan, which allows it to whisk away excess moisture while allowing dough to be swiftly freed from the bowl when needed. It is also quite sturdy and long-lasting, so you will not need to replace it anytime soon.

This bread-proofing dish also comes with a slew of useful extras. For example, it has a convenient bench scraper to guarantee no dough is left behind. It also includes a proving cloth liner to help with rising, and the sourdough starter E-book makes it simple to get started creating handmade sourdough loaves (if desired).

Customers rave about this fantastic bread-proofing basket (with accessories). The only possible issue is that some individuals did not like the fragrance of rattan. It is to be anticipated from a product composed of genuine rattan. I wouldn’t be concerned!

2. Bread Bosses Oval Bread Proofing Basket (Best Oval Option)

  • Holds up to 1.5 pounds of dough, the dough readily releases, durable and trustworthy, long-lasting, whisks away excess moisture, suitable for all varieties of bread
  • 10 inches in length
  • Oval in shape
  • Scraper, linen liner, and sourdough starter E-book

Not everyone knows how to knead a circular bread-proofing basket. If your loaves demand a longer oval shape, you might use our Bread Bosses bread-proofing dish. (Another Bread Boss selection? Indeed, they are that delicious.)

The oval bread-proofing basket has the same qualities as the round bread-proofing basket. The only discernible variation is the form. It’s a 10-inch circular construction that stands 3.5 inches tall, making it the ideal, snug place for your loaf of bread to raise. Oh, and it can accommodate up to 1.5 pounds of bread dough.

Another thing we like about this circular bread-proofing dish is its durable rattan structure, which can withstand a lot of loaves without breaking. It has everything you need for flawless outcomes, including a scraper and linen lining.

Although these bread-proofing containers help the dough to rise fast, be sure you season it appropriately. In order for the dough to release, the bowl must contain both water and flour. If you skip this step, the dough will adhere to the bowl and may destroy your loaf.

3. TNELTEUB Bread Proofing Basket Set (Best Set)

  • Holds up to 2 pounds of dough, dough readily releases, durable and trustworthy, high-quality rattan construction, no splinters, water-resistant, simple to use, and clean
  • 9 and 10 inch sizes
  • Round and oval shapes
  • Washable linen, a scraper, and a lame with five blades are included as accessories.

I’m the kind of person that constantly asks, “Why not have it all?” If you make bread often and don’t want to settle for a round or an oval, this convenient set from TNELTEUB is a great option.

A 9-inch round bread-proofing bowl and a 10-inch oval bread-proofing bowl are included in this set. To guarantee longevity, both bowls are made of high-quality ratan. They can handle up to two pounds of dough, making them ideal for larger and heavier loaves.

But, the set does not end with the outstanding combo. It also includes some fantastic accessories that make bread proofing a snap. The package includes a scraper and a scoring lame with five blades for creating intricate designs on your dough. I adore it!

This set is a hit with everyone! Everything from the bannetons to the lame and razors is of the highest quality. The only minor problem is that the linen liners are a little undersized, making them difficult to use with the bowls. With a little elbow grease, it shouldn’t be an issue, and they’ll expand out with time.

4. Saint Germain Bakery Premium Round Bread Banneton Basket (Best Budget)

  • Key Benefits: Low cost, splinter-free, no colours or chemicals, simple to use and clean, dough simply glides out
  • 10 inches in length
  • Form: round
  • Linen liner is an optional accessory.

Consider this wonderful bread-proofing dish from Saint Germain Bakery if you want to spend less than $20 without sacrificing quality. This bowl is a huge 10 inches in diameter, so even the largest doughs can sit and rise without issue.

The bread-proofing bowl is made of natural rattan and contains no colours or chemicals. It is also splinter-free, so it may be used with or without a lining. Oh, and the linen liner is, of course, provided for your convenience.

Since it is made of natural rattan, you may be confident that your bread dough will slide out easily. This means that cleaning the bread-proofing dish is a breeze, which is particularly important if you make as much bread as I do!

Overall, this is a terrific and cost-effective buy. A few customers claimed that their dough became trapped in the bread-proofing bowl’s narrow grooves, however this may be prevented by using the provided linen liner.

Best Bowl for Proofing Bread: Things to Consider

You now have a good understanding of the best four bread-proofing bowls on the market. But are you still unable to make a choice? These are the most important factors to consider.


Consider the form first and foremost. The form you buy will be determined by the varieties of loaves you make. Therefore, think about what form you usually roll your dough into and go from there. If you can’t decide, you can always get the set that includes both round and oval glasses.


Size is up next. Although there aren’t many size differences on this list, some people may prefer a 10-inch over a 9-inch. It all boils down to personal choice and the sorts of loaves you make in your kitchen.

Accessories Provided

or a lame is required. Hence, before making a selection, double-check what comes with the purchase. At the absolute least, your purchase should include a linen lining. Nonetheless, some may find that having a scraper and


The good news is that bread-proofing bowls are not as costly as some of the other things you could consider acquiring for bread making. Nonetheless, some are more expensive than others. But, be certain that the price is within your budget.


Last but not least, consider the qualities of each product. Some, for example, are intended to be smooth and splinter-free. Others are waterproof. Check the product name beneath to see which characteristics are important to you.


There are several excellent bread-proofing bowls available that will do the job quickly and easily. Nevertheless, my favorite is the Bread Bosses 9-Inch Bread Banneton Proofing Basket since it is incredibly adaptable and can be used for all of your favorite bread recipes.

Which of these bread-proofing bowls do you intend to purchase? Do you have a suggestion? Share your thoughts in the comments box below; we enjoy hearing from our readers!


What type of bowl is best for proofing bread?

Any bowl will suffice, but I recommend a round stainless steel one since they are simple to clean and the roundness helps in mixing the dough when using a plastic scraper (see below).

What is the best material for a proofing bowl?


A Rattan Banneton: Rattan (also known as cane) is the most often used material for bannetons, and with good reason: It’s strong, lightweight, and somewhat porous, absorbing part of the dough’s moisture.

Do you need a special bowl to proof bread?

When you prove bread dough, it need a container or other support to ferment and rise. A clean kitchen bowl, a cane banneton, a wicker basket, or even a big piece of durable fabric can be used as the container.

What is the best bowl to proof sourdough in?

In a mixing bowl

Stainless steel and wood are also excellent possibilities. Polypropylene will work as long as it is thick enough. Glass and ceramic may also be used, but they must be thick enough to withstand a pounding.

How do I choose a proofing basket?

A bread proofing basket’s design, size, and material are all important factors to consider while purchasing for one. Bannetons are available in round, oval, and rectangular shapes, with the most frequent sizes being 8- and 10-inch circular baskets, which can hold one- and two-pound loaves, respectively.

How big should a proofing bowl be?

A decent rule of thumb is that an 8-inch round or oval banneton can hold 1 pound of bread dough. A 10-inch round should hold 2 pounds of bread dough, whereas a 10-inch oval should hold 1.65 pounds.

Are proofing baskets worth it?

Throughout the bread-baking process, a proving basket may be a very useful equipment. It helps the dough rise and adds to the desired artisan bread appearance by giving it a lovely form and pattern.

What can I use instead of a banneton?

10 Banneton Substitutes
Bowl (Ceramic, Stainless Steel, Glass) (Ceramic, Stainless Steel, Glass) A bowl is arguably the most basic option to a banneton…. Wicker Basket. A wicker basket is another option for a banneton…. Colander…. Thermomix Basket…. Ricotta Basket…. Loaf Pan.
Oct 4, 2021

How do you keep dough from sticking to proofing bowl?

The surface of the liner. liner well as well, including pressing flour into the basket Whether your proving basket or basket liner is fresh or recently cleaned, dust your dough completely before putting it in the basket, as well as the basket itself.

Can you proof bread too long?

Overproofed dough will not expand much while baking, nor will underproofed dough. Overproofed doughs collapse owing to a weaker gluten structure and excessive gas generation, while underproofed doughs do not produce enough carbon dioxide to sufficiently expand the dough.

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