4 Melting Chocolate Recipes for Molds

4 Melting Chocolate Recipes for Molds

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If you’re preparing a new batch of exquisite chocolate candies, you’ll need some high-quality melting chocolate on hand. The appropriate melting chocolate will not only make the procedure much simpler, but the outcome will be sensational: the ideal bite-sized chocolate candy that tastes divine.

But which chocolates melt the best? Wilton, Merckens, and Ghirardelli are among my favorite melting chocolate brands. Wilton, on the other hand, makes my favorite melting chocolates. I like that the bag includes both milk and white chocolate.

Hey! My name is Shea, and if you didn’t already know, I’m an avid baker with over 10 years of expertise. I try to spend as much time as possible in the kitchen, whether it’s baking goodies for my kids’ school bake sale or whipping up a treat for a client.

I’m here to tell you which melting chocolates I think work best for molds!

4 Best Melting Chocolate for Molds

There are many fantastic melting chocolates for molds available, but I chose the best four. In terms of taste and convenience of use, these melting chocolates well outperform the competition.

1. Wilton Light Cocoa and Bright White Candy Melts Candy Set

I’m not afraid to admit that I like finding a good bargain and saving money, particularly in this day and age. Not only that, but I love it when I can get a baking tool or set that provides for maximum flexibility, which is precisely what this Wilton set is about.

The Wilton candy melt set includes four 12-ounce containers, allowing you to manufacture a large number of chocolate molds.

The nicest thing is that it is available in two different flavors: milk chocolate and white chocolate. This allows for maximum melting inventiveness, which is particularly useful if you, like me, have a white chocolate fetish (yum).

Apart from their greater flexibility, these Wilton melting chocolates are simple to use, especially if you’re new to baking. It may be used in your standard double broiler, your homemade double broiler, or even the microwave!

Did I mention they’re delicious? The milk chocolate and white chocolate flavors are among the most delectable I’ve ever experienced. They will not let you down!

2. Merckens Chocolate Melting Wafers

Merckens, like Wilton, is a well-known brand name in the chocolate melting industry. They continually develop items that bakers like, and their chocolate melting wafers are no exception.

This pack is available in one, two, or five-pound bags, allowing you to buy a large quantity of melting chocolate at once. After all, the last thing you want is to run out of chocolate when you really need it. (I believe I had a nightmare about it once!).

Apart from the large package sizes, these Merckens chocolates are a must-have since they offer the smoothest and creamiest results. While manufacturing chocolate molds, you will be blown away by the consistency. They’re really high-quality and taste like liquid gold.

3. Callebaut Belgian Dark Couverture Chocolate Semisweet Callets

Some individuals avoid milk and white chocolate in favor of the deep, sumptuous, and somewhat bitter taste of dark chocolate. Does this describe you? So I strongly advise you to purchase and use the Callebaut Dark Chocolate Callets.

These 5.5-pound bags include dark chocolate made by roasting the entire bean, resulting in a bold flavor with delicate top notes.

After melted, the chocolate will have a smooth, desirable consistency that is ideal for molds. You may even detect a hint of vanilla taste at this stage, resulting in the most amazing dark chocolate bits you’ve ever sunk your teeth into.

4. Ghirardelli Melting Chocolate Candy Wafer Melts

Last but not least, Ghirardelli melting candy wafers had to be included. Why? Because it’s Ghirardelli. I could have been captivated if I hadn’t included this brand on the list!

Ghirardelli chocolate is popular because of its delicious taste that melts in your tongue. But, you may melt these wafers for your molds before the chocolate melts in your friends’, family’s, or customers’ mouths.

The set contains three 10-ounce bags, so you won’t need to purchase additional melted chocolate for a long time. The bags are completely resealable, so your chocolates will keep nice and fresh until the next melting ceremony.


So there you have it: the best four melting chocolates for molds that will take you through all of your next molding endeavors. Check out the frequently asked questions below to learn more about the finest melting chocolate for molds.

Can you use any chocolate for chocolate molds?

Basically, any chocolate (with enough fat) may be used to make chocolate molds. But, if you are not selective about the chocolate you choose, the results may be subpar.

But, it is better to stick to chocolates that are specifically created for melting into chocolate molds, such as the four indicated above.

Can I use Hershey’s bars as melting chocolate?

When in a pinch, Hershey bars may be melted and utilized. Yet, once again, the quality may suffer. If possible, get chocolate that has been specifically designed for melting into molds. Consider purchasing in quantity to help lessen the likelihood of having to choose Hershey bars!

Do you have to grease chocolate molds?

You do not need to oil chocolate molds in the same way that you would a baking pan for cakes or cupcakes. This is because to the high fat content of chocolate, which prevents them from adhering to your mold.

The Right Melting Chocolate Will Transform Your Molds

You may make exquisite candy like never before with the perfect melted chocolate for molds. The Wilton set appeals to me since it includes my two favorite flavors, milk chocolate and white chocolate. Merckens, Callebaut, and Ghiradelli, on the other hand, are excellent selections.

What is your favorite sort of melting chocolate for molds? Which do you want to purchase for your forthcoming melting and shaping adventure?


What chocolate is best to melt in molds?

Compound chocolate and couverture chocolate are two of the most common chocolate grades for molds and other popular procedures like as dipping and enrobing. They are useful for much more than these, but they are also two of the most common possibilities, so we will concentrate on them.

What is the best chocolate for melting and hardening?

Finest Melting Chocolate
Godiva Chocolate Milk Chocolates that melt in your mouth.
Dark Melting Wafers from Ghirardelli.
Best Belgian Dark Chocolate from Callebaut.
Melting Wafers Merckens Chocolate Milk.
Chocolate Pro Melting Wafers from Wilton.
Lily’s Sugar-Free Baking Chips.
Coating Wafers from Sarah’s Candy Factory.
Melting Wafers Dolci Frutta.
More to come…

What is the best dark chocolate for silicone molds?

Couverture chocolate works well for making chocolates in silicone molds. Couverture chocolate has more cocoa butter (>30%) than standard compound chocolate.

What is the best material for chocolate molds?

Food-grade silicone is used in the majority of chocolate molds. This enables the mold to survive both extremes of the temperature range for freezing or baking in the oven. Plastic: Certain molds may also be formed of plastic, however this is less common.

Can you use Hershey chocolate for molds?

You may use whatever sort of chocolate you choose. You may also use regular chocolate chips from the grocery store. Some individuals like purchasing high-quality gourmet chocolate bars and melting them down to make molded chocolates for special occasions. It’s all up to you.

What is the best chocolate for dipping?

“Couverture” chocolate is the best chocolate for melting and dipping. (You can find it here and here.) Couverture chocolate has a greater cocoa butter to cocoa ratio, which allows it to melt more smoothly.

How do professionals melt chocolate?

In the top pan of a double boiler, melt two-thirds of the chocolate. Stir continually over hot but not boiling water until chocolate reaches 110°-115°F. Put a cloth over the top pan of the double boiler. Let chocolate to cool to 95°-100°F.

What kind of chocolate do you use for melting chocolate?

High-quality semisweet and bittersweet chocolates are excellent options. The greatest option is couverture, which is preferred by candy makers. Chocolate is available as solid bars, as well as various sizes of chips and discs. If you’re using chocolate bars, cut them into uniform pieces to ensure equal melting.

Which type of chocolate has the highest working temperature?

The maximum temperature of your chocolate depends on its nature and where you are in the process. Dark chocolate, for example, should be heated between 120 and 130°F (50°C and 55°C), whilst milk and white chocolate should be melted between 105-115°F (40-45°C).

What is the best product to use in silicone molds?

Soap and water should be used.

Cleaning silicone molds does not need the use of any specific products. All you need is soap and warm water. It is critical to clean silicone molds immediately after each usage.

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