5 Best Glass Measuring Cups of 2022

5 Best Glass Measuring Cups of 2022

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Many home cooks and bakers use dry measuring cups for liquids. While this is OK, it will not perform as well as a glass measuring cup. It will not only be more level, but it will also not rust, scratch, or absorb. For all of your measurement requirements, I suggest the Pyrex Glass measurement Cup Set.

Hello, everyone! My name is Shea, and I like baking and cooking. My family would tell you that I spend much too much time in the kitchen, but that isn’t always a negative thing. Throughout my culinary career, I’ve used a variety of measuring cups, and glass measuring glasses have never let me down.

It might be difficult to choose which measuring cups are best for your baking and culinary requirements. There are several options, ranging from plastic to glass, steel to silicone. Glass is an excellent choice since it does not retain scents or tastes and is easy to clean.

If you want to get started with glass measuring cups, I strongly suggest the Pyrex set. The set includes three measuring cups to meet all of your baking requirements. Furthermore, this BPA-free pack is long-lasting, with easy-to-read measures and a convenient pouring nozzle.

While I am a great admirer of this choice, I appreciate that it is not for everyone. That is why I conducted research and discovered the best five glass measuring glasses on the market.

Lets discover which options made the best list.

Best Glass Measuring Cups: Top Picks

5 Best Glass Measuring Cups of 2022

There are several glass measuring cups available, but these unquestionably stand out due to their features and favorable evaluations.

1. Pyrex Glass Measuring Cup Set (Top Pick)

  • Three-pack (1,2, and 4-cup), BPA-free, multipurpose, curved spout, easy-grip handles, dishwasher-safe, measures in cups, ounces, and millimeters
  • Size: 1-cup, 2-cup, and 4-cup versions
  • Capacity: 1750 Milliliters

Pyrex is a household brand in the food business, so it’s no surprise that its glass measuring cup set was chosen as the best. This set recognizes that no two tasks are alike, which is why it comes in three different sizes to complement your culinary excursions.

This compact set contains 1-, 2-, and 4-cup versions with convenient curved spouts for optimal pouring accuracy. Pouring is simple and safe when combined with the easy-grip handles.

The measuring cups themselves are made of tough tempered glass. They are suitable for use in any environment, including the freezer, preheated oven, and dishwasher. These cups will not absorb and are very simple to clean due to their nonporous nature.

These cups are very simple to see and come with measurements in cups, ounces, and millimeters, making them an excellent option regardless of where you live. The numerals, however, might fade with time. You may avoid this annoyance by washing by hand.

2. Pyrex Prepware 8-cup Measuring Cup (Biggest Option)

  • Extra-large, sturdy pour spout, easy-grip handle, dishwasher-safe, and flexible
  • Size: 8-cup
  • Capacity: Two pounds

Is it possible that I’m prone to Pyrex? Absolutely. Why shouldn’t I be? They consistently create high-quality goods. The same may be said for their enormous 8-cup measuring cup. After all, some folks have enormous baking ideas, and a 4-cup version won’t suffice.

Needless to say, this is the finest option for individuals who are serious about their baking. Aside from its size, this glass measuring cup is extremely dependable. It is made of high-quality tempered glass that can withstand extreme temperatures.

You’ll appreciate how simple it is to use this big glass measuring cup. The pour spout is perfectly contoured for efficient pouring, and the easy-grip handle prevents any nasty spills along the way.

This is a substantial glass measuring cup. Okay, it’s massive. It is on the heavy side because to its size and durability, particularly when loaded. Is this, however, really surprising? Not essential, but something to think about before purchasing.

3. Anchor Hocking Graduated Measuring Glass (Best Mini Cups)

  • Miniature choice, sturdy glass construction, graded red markings, two per set.
  • Size: 5-ounce
  • Capacity: 5 ounces

Now that we’ve looked at the extra-large choice, let’s have a look at the mini-sized measuring glasses. After all, not everyone needs a massive and commanding measuring cup at their side.

Consider the Anchor Hocking Graduated Measuring Glasses if you often measure little quantities and need a convenient pair to assist you along the way. The set includes two glasses that can hold roughly five ounces apiece and are clearly labeled in red text.

While these measuring cups are the smallest on our list, they are nonetheless dependable. This is due to the robust glass structure, which you can trust.

Although they have distinct marks, it is crucial to remember that washing in the dishwasher too often might cause wear and tear, ultimately resulting in the disappearance of the markings. As much as possible, wash your hands.

4. Anchor Hocking 8-ounce Triple Pour Measuring Cup (Best Option with Lid)

  • Lid included, three-pour spout design, strong glass, and adaptable
  • Size: 1-cup
  • Capacity: 8 ounces

Pouring may be difficult. I’m sure I’m not the only one who has created a shambles on my kitchen counters. It might have been prevented if I had chosen a measuring cup with a cover, such as this Anchor Hocking measuring cup!

This measuring cup with a cover isn’t your typical combination. Instead of a standard cup and lid, this set has a three-pour design. This makes pouring when and where you need it a breeze. With a snap-on design, you can have confidence in the lid, which is critical.

The measuring cup is made of strong glass that will not wrap no matter what temperatures it comes into contact with. It also resists possible stains and odor absorption, resulting in a longer-lasting product.

The only serious flaw with this set is that it lacks a handle. This may be a disadvantage for some. To be honest, operating without a handle isn’t that difficult, and you should be able to accomplish similar outcomes.

5. TIBLEN [7-Pack] Glass Measuring Cup Set (Best Deal)

  • Key features include: two cups, five measuring spoons, borosilicate glass construction, and a simple pouring spout.
  • Size: 2-cup, 4-cup
  • Capacity: 34 ounces, 17 ounces

If you’re new to baking and cooking, you’re unlikely to have all of the necessary instruments. You’re already looking for a glass measuring cup, so you’re on the right track. But why should we stop there?

Everything you need to get started is included in the Tiblet Glass Measuring Cup Set. The box includes a 2-cup and 4-cup choice, as well as five measuring spoons. It doesn’t get much more handy than that. (It’s also a fairly affordable set!)

The glass measuring cups are made of high-quality borosilicate glass that is harder and stronger than the competitors while still being BPA-free. It can withstand a wide range of temperatures and uses and has a handy curved spout for simple pouring.

They are heavy due to the fact that they are exceptionally sturdy glass measuring cups. Keep this in mind before purchasing this useful bundle.

Best Glass Measuring Cups: Things to Consider

5 Best Glass Measuring Cups of 2022

I know you’re eager to get started measuring and baking some sweets in your kitchen. I’m thrilled for you! But, before you buy, consider the following points.

How many do you need?

Some folks have a one-and-done mentality. Personally, I need more than one to meet all of my baking and culinary requirements. Consider how often you will use your measuring cups and purchase appropriately.

What size do you need?

Size counts when it comes to glass measuring glasses! Do you usually prepare a huge batch of batter? Then you may want to explore the 8-cup size. Are your measurement requirements on a tiny scale? The 2-cup and 4-cup sizes are enough.

Do you need any extras?

When it comes to glass measuring cups, there aren’t many extras, but they do exist. Consider getting a set with a lid for easy pouring, for example. Others may choose the version that includes measuring spoons in order to get the most bang for their budget.

Do you want a handle?

Glass measuring cups are not all made equal. Some have handles, while others do not. The structure might also differ from one cup to the next. If you want a handle, consider how it is placed on the cup and if it is designed for ease of use and comfort.


These glass measuring cups are dependable and high-quality alternatives, but the Pyrex Glass Measuring Cup Set is my top pick. I like the variety of sizes available, all of which are designed for comfort, simplicity of usage, and longevity. It’s just a dependable pack that may be utilized for a variety of baking tasks.


What is the best quality measure cup?

OXO Good Grips Liquid Measuring Cups are the best all-around liquid measuring cups. Set of three angled measuring cups. OXO Good Grips Dry Measuring Cups are the best overall. Set of 8 Measuring Cups and Spoons. KitchenAid Classic 4-Piece Measuring Cups are the best value for dry measuring cups. Pyrex Glass 4-Piece Measuring Cup Set is the best glass liquid measuring cup set.

What are the 5 measuring cups?

8-cup.4 cup, 13 cup, and 12 cup, 1Measuring Cups – 5 pcs. Every kitchen need a set of quality measuring cups, and our measuring cup set goes above and beyond by including the most common culinary and baking measurements: 1-cup, 1

What are the 4 most common measuring cups?

1 cup and 2 cups. It is critical to have a comprehensive collection that includes lesser sizes.Sizes: 3 cup, 14 cup, 1 1 is included in a typical set.

Is Pyrex the best measuring cup?

4 cup Pyrex measuring cup

Because of its durability and adaptability, it is still the most popular option for liquid measurement cups. The 4-cup capacity allows you to effortlessly measure liquid components for your favorite recipe or make a batch of weekend pancakes.

Are glass measuring cups better than plastic?

Glass measuring cups have the benefit of never absorbing color or odor from meals and never rusting or scratching. They’re quite simple to clean since the smooth surfaces don’t encourage sticking.

Do professional chefs use measuring cups?

Chefs must measure their components in order to create accurate and consistent meals. Measuring cups and spoons assist in ensuring that the correct quantity of ingredients is used in a recipe, resulting in a meal that looks and tastes fantastic every time it is prepared.

What are the list of measuring cups?

4 tsp.2 teaspoon and 12 tablespoon, 1 teaspoon, 18 cup. 1 tablespoon, 14 cup and 13 cup, 12 cup, and 1 teaspoon are standard spoon sizes.1 cup, 1 cup, and 1 cup are the most common cookery measuring cup sizes.

What are standards measuring cups?

4 cup.2 cup, 14 cup, 12 pint measure, and is comparable to 16 tablespoons. It is labeled on one side as 1 cup, 3A standard measuring cup is an accurate 1 cup.

What are the three types of measuring cups?

Measuring cups are classified into three types: dry, liquid, and volume. Solid components like as flour, sugar, and salt are measured with dry measuring cups.

What are the four most common measurements?

In the English system, the primary units for measuring length or distance are the inch, foot, yard, and mile.

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