5 Easy Baking Bean Substitutes

5 Easy Baking Bean Substitutes

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One item you don’t want to overlook while blind baking is your pie weights, often known as baking beans. These necessary weights will guarantee that your pudding pies and fruit tarts appear delicious, even, and professional.

My name is Shea, and let me state unequivocally that I like a delicious pie. But I’ve also had my fair share of pies that didn’t turn out so well. During my quest to produce the most appetizing-looking (and tasting) pies and tarts, I came across the phrase blind baking, and it forever transformed the way I cooked.

If you’re making a pie or tart that requires the crust to be baked before adding the filling, you’ll need to master blind baking with the assistance of baking beans. But what if you don’t have any baked beans?

Don’t worry, there are several baking bean (dry bean) replacements that can help you make beautiful pies and tarts.

Continue reading to find out which baked bean replacements voted highest!

1. Dried Foods

Although beans are the most widely used dry food as a pie weight, other dried foods may help your meringues and pudding pies come to life. Consider the following dried foods:

  • Rice Many sorts of rice may be used, and a big bag of rice is inexpensive, so you won’t have to break the bank to make great crusts.
  • Popcorn Popcorn kernels are another economical alternative. But be cautious. As your pie is baking, popcorn kernels may pop!
  • Lentils Lentils are another excellent baked bean substitute. Additionally, if you use colored lentils, you’ll have a beautiful masterpiece baking in your oven.
  • Chickpeas Since they are larger than the other alternatives, you may use less chickpeas to get the same outcome.

Also, they are reusable. Put the dry goods in a separate container and mark it with “pie weights.” When you have a craving for rhubarb pie, you may quickly bring out your pie weights and get to work.

2. Sugar

Sugar is a kitchen need. Thus, if you’re out of dried ingredients, the next best thing is to sprinkle sugar on your wrapped pastry. Since sugar is so fine, it may easily fill up all the nooks and crannies of your crust, leaving no place unaffected.

Finally, employing sugar may result in a more even pastry that appears like it came directly from the bakery. After a few rounds, try adding the toasted sugar to another dish for a unique caramel taste. Yum!

3. Smaller Pie Form

If you really want to be creative in the kitchen, make a smaller pie shape and place it directly on top of the wrapped pastry. There are obvious advantages to utilizing this procedure, the most important of which is that your crust will always be the perfect form.

After the pastry is done, remove it from the oven (with an oven mitt, of course) and bake the crust upside-down. This will result in a better-looking pie crust that is less prone to shrinking.

Another advantage is that you can immediately make a smaller pie! Who wouldn’t want to bake two pies in one day? I would never hesitate to do anything like this!

4. Commercial Pie Weights

If you are serious about blind baking, you might consider purchasing some industrial pie weights.

Commercial pie weights, such as the Harold Import, Mrs. Andersons Pie Weights, are made of heat-resistant ceramic stoneware. These are simple to use and reusable, which is a big benefit.

A baking chain, such as Hannahs Baking Baking Pie Crust Weights Chain, is another popular commercial pie weight. They come in a variety of lengths, including 6 ft., 10 ft., and 15 ft., making it easy to pick the appropriate size for you and your tasty pies.

5. Loose Change

Well, I get what you’re thinking. Is there money on my pasty? Gross! You’re not entirely incorrect. It’s not exactly hygienic to put stray coins straight on your doughnut. But bear with me.

When you’re in a bind and have no other alternatives, you sometimes have to make due with what you’ve got. Therefore, break open the piggy bank and start baking. Just be sure to line your pie crust with parchment paper or foil so that none of the change comes into contact with it.

Let’s do a couple lines of parchment paper and foil just to be safe!

Final Thoughts

Blind baking is required for custard pies, fruit pies, quiche, pumpkin pies, and pudding pies, and weights are required to blind bake effectively. Although baking beans (dried beans) are the most usually used, there are many more possibilities.

Just make sure that whichever solution you choose, you completely cover the pastry with parchment paper or foil!

How do you weigh down your blind baking crusts?


What can be used instead of baking beans?

While blind baking, baking beans may be used as a replacement.
Rice Rice is an excellent baked bean alternative.
Sugar This is without a doubt one of the most widely available baked bean substitutes.
Lentils Blind baking with lentils is another excellent alternative to baking beans.
Additional details…•June 10, 2022

How can you blind bake without beans?

Instead of weights, nestle a second pie plate — either the same size as or slightly smaller than the crust — within the dough. It holds the crust in place, making it picture-perfect and ready for the filling.

What can you use instead of dried beans for blind baking?

Dried beans (any variety, simply use what you have on hand) are a common pie weight alternative.
Rice that has been dried.
Sugar in granules.
Popcorn kernels.
Dec 9, 2020

Can I use rice instead of baking beans?

Baking ‘beads,’ which are little ceramic spheres, may be purchased at stores. Traditionalists argue that using dry beans or rice is just as beneficial since you can reuse them, however others may object to the food waste aspect of this because you can’t cook and consume the grains or beans after baking.

Is there a substitute for beans?

Nuts and seeds are an excellent substitute for chickpeas, butter beans, and other legumes. For even more flavor, dry roast your nuts and seeds! Whether it’s almonds, pumpkin seeds, or unsalted pistachios, nuts and seeds are chewy and thick, and they’re high in protein and fiber.

Can you use pennies instead of baking beans?

Pennies, beans, or rice

Any kind will suffice as long as you do not attempt to prepare them afterwards. Pennies carry heat effectively as well, so wash them in soapy water and cover the pie crust with paper before weighting it down. Uncooked rice may also be used in place of pie weights.

What is the best thing to blind bake with?

A tempered-glass or aluminum pie dish is the greatest choice for blind-baking. Your crust will stay crisp and shapely if you use aluminum or tempered glass.

What can I use if I don’t have pie weights or beans?

If you don’t have pie weights or dry beans, another pie dish, if you have one, can suffice. Gently press it into the crust-lined pan, covering both the thin bottom crust and the thick rim.

What can I use if I don’t have dry beans or pie weights?

Rice that has not been cooked

Make excellent use of that large bag of rice in your cupboard! Use just enough to cover the bottom of a pie crust to weigh it down. Just be sure you use uncooked rice since cooked rice becomes fluffy and light.

What can I use instead of pinto beans in baked beans?

Alternatives to pinto beans include black beans, kidney beans, cannellini beans, lentils, and chickpeas. Yet, black beans may be the greatest option for pinto beans. Each of these alternatives has a texture and taste profile comparable to pinto beans.

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