5 Easy Ways You Can Make Store-Bought Frosting Better

5 Easy Ways You Can Make Store-Bought Frosting Better

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To be honest, store-bought frosting tastes rather bland. If you want to wow your visitors with store-bought frosting, you need know how to jazz it up. Simple ingredients like as salt, cream cheese, and whipping cream may make all the difference.

Hello, my name is Shea and I like icing. I used to eat it straight from the can. Is it something I should say aloud? My fondness for store-bought frosting faded as I got older, and I now prefer homemade icing. But, let’s be honest, time constraints equal store-bought.

Now I know how to jazz up store-bought frosting and make it taste fantastic. You, too, can! You may fool your pals into believing they’re eating handmade, delectable frosting by following my easy how-to tutorial below.

Bakers, this will be our little secret. Let’s get started.

How to Make Store-Bought Frosting Better

5 Easy Ways You Can Make Store-Bought Frosting Better

There are several ways to jazz up store-bought frosting. That being stated, you have no reason not to employ one of these simple solutions. Are you ready to transform store-bought frosting into something that tastes like it was sent straight from the frosting angels? (Are they for real?!)

1. Add Salt or Cream Cheese

Let’s be honest here. Snack on some store-bought icing. Do your teeth ache? They could. And this is due to the fact that store-bought frosting is virtually always extremely, outrageously sugary. So much so that it makes it unenjoyable.

How do you deal with a delicious disaster? Season with salt. A pinch will suffice. Don’t go overboard. A crushing quantity of salt is just as bad as too much sweetness. (Would you want some salty cake?)

You may also use softened cream cheese to temper an excessively sugary store-bought frosting. Cream cheese will assist to balance out the overwhelming sweetness while also imparting a nice, soft texture to the mix.

2. Accelerate the Flavor Profile

Store-bought frosting might be monotonous. Add additional seasoning on your own if you want to amp up the taste profile. Adding vanilla essence to simple vanilla frosting, for example, may work wonders. The addition of coffee to chocolate icing is a big success.

The idea is to replicate the taste of the original. Use a complementary taste if you’re using flavored icing. For example, pumpkin frosting may be flavored with pumpkin spice, cinnamon, nutmeg, and cloves.

You may also use your favorite syrups, such as raspberry or hazelnut. I have them on hand at all times for baking and coffee. As a result, I can pull them out anytime I need them, which includes enhancing store-bought icing.

3. Whip It

No, Im not talking about the infamous Devo song (although I absolutely love that song). I’m referring about whipping store-bought frosting to perfection.

One of the primary disadvantages of using store-bought frosting is how thick and dense it is. This makes it difficult to spread on cakes and cupcakes. Not only that, but the texture isn’t really gratifying when you bite into it. What are your options?

Simply whip it, baker. Beat the frosting with the whisk attachment until it’s as light and fluffy as a cloud. (I’m drooling just thinking about it).

4. Add Texture

Succulent cakes and cupcakes do not call for ordinary store-bought icing. Seriously, store-bought frosting falls short in practically every category. But not any more.

Tossing in some texture is a simple way to improve store-bought frosting! Textures will provide a pleasing crunch while also improving taste. Why not include walnuts into your chocolate frosting? Do you want some coconut in your vanilla frosting?

The options are limitless. Simply match the taste of the textured item to the flavor of your baked items.

5. Ditch Density

When I think of store-bought frosting, I see a super-dense, overly sugary icing. Is this what comes to mind for you as well? Probably. We’ve figured out how to reduce the sugar, salt, cream cheese, and flavorings. What about the density, though?

While whisking store-bought frosting is usually a good idea, it isn’t the only option. If you don’t have a whipping machine, you can always add a little milk to your frosting. Just a little amount will enough. When you add the milk to the frosting, it will thin down.


5 Easy Ways You Can Make Store-Bought Frosting Better

We now know how to drastically change the taste and texture of store-bought frosting and improve it. What happens next? If you have any more queries, please continue reading.

Does whipping canned frosting make it better?

Yes, yes, and again again. Whipping canned frosting will greatly improve the texture, resulting in that fluffy, ideal texture that melts in your mouth. Yum!

Can you mix Betty Crocker frosting with Cool Whip?

Sure! Adding Cool Whip, or any sort of whipped cream, to store-bought frosting can significantly improve the texture. Just be cautious not to overdo it on the sweetness. If so, a little of salt might help balance out all the sweet tastes!

What is the best store bought frosting?

Everyone will have their own response to this subject, although many would agree Betty Crocker makes the greatest store-bought frosting. I completely agree! Even so, I usually advocate employing one of the strategies listed above to improve it.

What can I add to canned frosting?

You are free to include anything you like. Cream cheese, whipped cream, almonds, lemon essence, and pecan syrup. There is basically nothing you cant add to canned frosting. Let your imagination go wild!

Final Thoughts

As much as I urge you to make your own frosting, there are situations when it just cannot be done. If you’re in a hurry, store-bought frosting will do; just boost it with the aforementioned instructions. Remember, you may be as creative as you want, so don’t limit yourself!

Do you use pre-made frosting? What can you do to improve it? Please share your ideas and techniques with us in the comments section!


How can I make store-bought frosting taste better?

1 teaspoon of vanilla extract works with any flavor and will turn up the volume on any other addition. Other flavors to consider are lemon, almond, orange, peppermint, or any essence that matches the icing or cake. Coffee syrups with flavors. 2 tablespoons, or more as desired.

How do you make store-bought icing taste like bakery icing?

“Add fresh, homemade whipped cream to your frosting for a richer, airier taste,” Johnson suggests. Mix equal amounts frosting and whipped cream, but avoid using canned whipped cream.

What can I make with store-bought frosting?


How to make store-bought frosting from scratch?

1 cup shortening. 48 oz Can of All Vegetable Shortening, a great value.
½ cup butter.
4 tablespoons water, or more as required.
1 ½ teaspoons vanilla extract.
2 pounds confectioners’ sugar.
⅛ teaspoon salt.

Can you mix Cool Whip with frosting?

It may be used to garnish pies or to make nostalgic sweets like my favorite Strawberry Angel Food Cake. One of my favorite uses for it is to make homemade frosting with Cool Whip. It’s sweet and creamy, and it’s a great way to dress up sheet cakes.

Can you make store-bought icing less sweet?

How can I make store-bought frosting taste less sweet? Store-bought frosting is notoriously sugary. Adding dairy, such as milk, whipped cream, cream cheese, or softened butter, is a simple method to make it less sweet. A pinch of salt will also help to counteract the sweetness.

How do you make canned frosting more like homemade?

How to Improve Store-Bought Frosting by Whipping It
Fill a large mixing bowl halfway with canned frosting.
Whip the frosting for 2 to 3 minutes with an electric mixer (hand mixer or stand mixer) until frothy and doubled in size.
It’s finished!

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