6 Bakers Rack Decoration Suggestions

6 Bakers Rack Decoration Suggestions

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I’m a sucker for a nice baker’s rack. My mother owned one, my grandmother had one, and now I own one! These offer excellent supplementary storage areas, whether you’re keeping cookware and spices or not. There are several ways to zhuzh up a baking rack, making it an excellent accessory.

Hi! My name is Shea, and I like baker’s racks. When it comes to decorating, the choices are endless, and you can put your own perspective on things. Since I have (far too many) appliances and additional goods, I utilize it for extra storage space in my kitchen.

This post is for you if you just purchased a bakers rack or want to recycle it with fresh decoration ideas. Here are some creative ways to utilize and decorate your bakers rack.

Let’s get those baker’s racks decorated!

Bakers Rack Decorating Ideas

The most important advice for decorating your bakers rack is to stick to your unique style. If you like the Victorian period, get a wrought iron bakers rack and fill it with Victorian-themed ornaments. Use a traditional black bakers rack and store white décor if you want contemporary.

With that in mind, let’s look at some of the greatest bakers rack decoration ideas.

Classic: Kitchen

A baker’s rack was initially used to chill pies and other hot delicacies (and honestly, I still do this, as do many other people). But, it is also an excellent location for storing different kitchen gadgets and cookware.

Place the spices on top of a baker’s rack with many tiers. If the baker’s rack includes hooks, you’ll have a convenient location to hang your utensils. You have choices underneath. Show off your favorite kitchen gadgets, such as an instant pot or crockpot.

Then, put your own spin on things. Use barnyard containers to add a country-type décor or vibe.

Use something trendy, such as this contemporary candle holder, to add a luxury touch to your bakers rack and make your kitchen smell amazing.

Fancy: Dining Room

A lovely bakers rack is the ideal spot to display your excellent food. Let the china cabinet alone. A baker’s rack is a lovely item that does not cost the earth. It also makes your fine china much easier to find when you need it, such as on Christmas Eve.

A beautiful candle may be a terrific way to add some pizazz to your baker’s rack, or try a stunning lamp to provide more light and attention to your favorite dining dishes. A basic plant like this may also provide some color to an area that is lacking in it.

Fun: Coffee Bar

Whether you have two little children like me or not, very few people will say no to coffee. Coffee is the drink of choice for many folks who want to get their day started. So, a bakers rack is the perfect place to install a coffee bar right in your own house! (Who is Starbucks?)

To create a coffee bar, you’ll need a baker’s rack large enough to accommodate your coffee machine and some hooks for your coffee cups. Drawers are also advised for storing your various coffee pods as well as must-have creamers, sweeteners, and so on.

This beautiful rustic coffee sign adds old-world elegance to your coffee bar bakers rack, while this set makes your home coffee business appear like one of the professionals. Quirky quotations and weird tiny accents may also help to customize your environment.

Relaxing: Wine Storage

Coffee may wake you up in the morning, but nothing beats a glass of wine to wind down at night. Several bakers racks are already particularly constructed for wine storage, which is fantastic news for wine enthusiasts.

Pre-designed for wine or not, you may create a calm and soothing atmosphere in your own house that is both stylish and appealing. You may store your wine bottles as you like. Finally, add some individuality to the room with a cork holder, stylish cactus, or a lovely tray.

Charming: Memories/Valuable 

Got a lot of family photos but don’t know where to put them? Please believe me when I say that I absolutely understand. I have more images than I know what to do with in my storage unit, and most of my space has been depleted. What should I do now?

A simple baker’s rack would look great in any living area and will give lots of storage space for photo frames and other memories or treasures. For example, the bakers rack is an excellent place to display grandpa’s military hero decals or grandma’s 1800s book collection.

Outside: Plant Space

Finally, you can always put up your bakers rack outdoors to make a lovely mini garden. Forget about bending down to reach plants near the ground. Your plants may be elegantly displayed while also being conveniently accessible with a bakers rack. Double victory!

Of course, you can always jazz up your outdoor bakers rack. This solar light, for example, is wonderful, and this carved rooster adds a humorous barnyard edge to the space. Even at night, some gorgeous hanging lights bring the bakers rack to life.


There are several methods to design a bakers rack, and it all depends on your particular taste and how you want your rack to appear. Do you have any more questions concerning this subject? To help you started, here are some commonly asked questions.

How do you decorate a baker shelf?

Plants, books, vases, pitchers, baskets, bins, picture frames, mirrors, letters, knick-knacks, candles, figurines, flowers, garlands, sculptures, and so much more are available. Almost anything may be displayed on a baker’s rack and look fantastic.

What can you do with a baker’s rack?

Anything you desire! As previously said, you may simply make a traditional kitchen bakers rack out of appliances, utensils, and cookbooks, or use it in the living room to keep memories and treasures. The trick is to not clutter the area so that it appears great.

How do I organize my bakers rack?

The easiest method to manage your bakers rack is to keep it from becoming extremely congested. Give each item its own place. If necessary, add shelves, baskets, boxes, and hooks to store items rather than leaving them on the baker’s rack.

Can you put a bakers rack in the dining room?

Absolutely! A baker’s rack is an excellent addition to any dining area, serving as a particular place to store your fine china. It displays everything nicely and is not as bulky or costly as a typical china cabinet, making it a cost-effective but attractive addition to your dining room.


A baker’s rack is quite adaptable and offers a lot of additional room for storing and displaying items. The choices are limitless, and you can quickly brighten up the area by incorporating your own personality and flair. But don’t go overboard, otherwise it will seem cluttered and junky.

Do you have a baker’s rack? How do you like to dress up your baker’s rack? Do you utilize any of these suggestions? Share your thoughts in the comments box below!


What items do you put on a bakers rack?

A baker’s rack is a one-of-a-kind way to gather and arrange your grab-and-go basics. You may hang keys and purses on the hooks, put small goods in the drawers, install a mirror on the top level, and keep wire baskets for shoes on the bottom shelf.

How do I organize my kitchen bakers rack?

Take inventory of your baker’s rack and designate a location for everything, then stick to your strategy.
Among the possibilities are:
Utilize the top shelf for spices, dressings, and other tiny items.
Hooks may be hung from the top shelf to accommodate long tools like spatulas and spoons, as well as oven mitts.
More to come…
•Nov 28, 2017

Can you put a baker’s rack in the dining room?

A baker’s rack is one of those things that can be used in every part of the house, and who doesn’t need that kind of versatility? I suppose not everyone needs a baker’s rack, but if you have a kitchen with additional wall space, or a porch, entrance or dining room — hey, even a bedroom — a baker’s rack may come in useful.

What is the purpose of bakers rack?

“Once the items have cooled, bakers utilize the racks to let their neighbors inspect them before selling.” They use these racks to stretch out dough and store flour, sugar, and other baking supplies.

What does every beginner baker need?

The Top 10 Baking Needs for Newbies
Spoons for measuring. Baking is an exact science, so be sure you have the precise proportions specified in the recipe.
Measuring Cups…. Parchment Paper…. 8″ Cake Tin…. Loaf Tin…. Cookie Cutters…. Cooling Rack.
More to come…

What do bakers like as gifts?

The 30 Best Bakery Presents
The Dough Whisk (and More) Danish Dough Whisk from Zulay Kitchen … A Versatile Scraper (or Two) Ateco Bowl Scrapers (Set of 2) … A Superior Bread Machine…. A Cast Iron Combination…. The Best Rectangular Baking Tin…. The Best Round Cake Pan…. A Superb Stand Mixer…. A High-End Food Processor.
More to come…

How do you style a kitchen rack?

7 Ideas for Decorating Open Kitchen Shelves
Tip 1: Showcase what you use every day.
Tip #2: Build Depth using Layers.
Tip 3: Employ a variety of textures to add interest.
Tip 4 – Bring Some Life…
Tip 5: Use the Rule of Threes.
6th Tip: Employ Contrasting Sizes and Shapes.
Tip 7: Make an Intriguing Line.
May 22, 2020

How do you set up a bakers kitchen?

10 steps to creating the ideal baker’s kitchen at home
Begin with the kitchen plan.
Get the appropriate oven for your cooking preferences.
Warming drawers should be included.
Purchase a mixer….
Determine if you need a kitchen island.
Choose from a variety of worktop materials.
Make sure there’s adequate space.
Purchase a refrigerator.
Additional details…•September 15, 2021

How do you arrange bakery items?

10 Ingenious Ideas to Arrange Your Miscellaneous Baking Supplies
Consider using a tackle box…
Sort your cookie sheets…
Load up a drawer with containers.
Make use of a spice rack.
Organize your cookie cutters in a cookie jar.
Make use of a pegboard.
Fill a kitchen cart…
Fill Mason jars with cupcake liners.
Additional information…•June 4, 2019

What to put in the middle of a dining table when not in use?

… Potted Plants…. Stem Holder…. Foraged Leaves…. Candle Hurricanes…. Candle Sticks…. Table Linens…. Bowl of Fruit.

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