6 Best Baking Stones for Bread in 2022

6 Best Baking Stones for Bread in 2022

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Bread may be made in a variety of ways. A baking stone, on the other hand, is required if you want to produce baguettes and sandwich bread with a flawlessly crispy crust.

My personal preference is the Unicook Heavy Duty Cordierite Stone, although there are plenty more variations available.

Hello there! My name is Shea, and I am undeniably a bread connoisseur. Despite the fact that it was the most difficult thing for me to master throughout my baking adventure, I can now proudly proclaim that I am a bread-making champion.

I’ve used a variety of stuff for bread making. Baking stones are one of my most recent finds. Normally, I’d save my stone for pizza. But now that I’ve baked baguettes on the stone, I’ll never go back.

I like the Unicook over the others. It is made of porous Cordierite, which eliminates moisture from the bread while uniformly frying it, which is vital for creating crispy crusts. It is also completely thermal shock-resistant and can withstand temperatures of up to 1,450F amazing.

Although the Unicook is a useful and long-lasting stone that may suit everyone, I know that some people prefer certain objects, such as a round or ceramic baking stone. That’s why I’ve compiled a list of the top six finest baking stones for bread in 2022.

I cant wait to show you which six made the list!

Best Baking Stone for Bread: Top Picks

6 Best Baking Stones for Bread in 2022

Making this top six list was not an easy task. There are several excellent baking stones available. However, I carefully examined each stone’s qualities, costs, and reviews to guarantee they were the finest of the best.

1. Unicook Heavy Duty Cordierite Stone (Best Overall)

  • Key characteristics are porous, uniform cooking, no odor absorption, thermal shock resistance, and the inclusion of a multi-purpose scraper.
  • Shape: Rectangle
  • Size: 14.9 x 11.8-inches
  • Material: Cordierite
  • Heat Resistance: 1,450F

If you want a baking stone that is handy, dependable, and long-lasting, go no further than the Unicook stone. Its fully porous Cordierite construction eliminates unnecessary moisture while offering a uniform cooking surface. It can also withstand temperatures of up to 1,450F, making it a flexible choice.

You won’t have to worry about odor absorption with this baking stone, as you would with other baking stones. It is also completely thermal shock resistant, so you won’t have to worry about your stone deteriorating over time.

The rectangular design (14.9 x 11.8-inches) is ideal for making a variety of items other than bread. Other foods, such as pizza and quesadillas, may be easily constructed using the form. You’ll like the multi-purpose scraper, which makes baking simpler from start to finish.

Some individuals objected to the brand name being imprinted onto the baking stone. It made cleaning that particular region a bit more difficult. That was the only criticism I had with this stone. If you ask me, it’s not a huge issue!

2. Cast Elegance Durable Thermarite Baking Stone (Best Circular Option)

  • Key characteristics include: high heat retention, consistent baking, thermal shock resistance, and the inclusion of a scraper and recipe book.
  • Shape: Round
  • Size: 14 or 16 inches
  • Material: Cordierite
  • Heat Resistance: 2,000F+

Some home cooks are fussy about the ingredients they use. And that’s completely OK with me. However, some bakers prefer to utilize circular baking stones rather than rectangular or square baking stones. Does this describe you? Then the Cast Elegance baking stone is for you.

This circular baking stone is available in two sizes to accommodate your needs: 14-inch and 16-inch. It is made of -inch thick Cordierite and is very sturdy and strong, with good heat retention and uniform baking. It is also resistant to thermal stress and can withstand high temperatures.

To make your baking experiences even easier, this package includes a scraper and a recipe book with 30 fantastic ideas you won’t want to miss. With these useful features, this is a wonderful kit for all bakers, from novice to expert.

This circular baking stone, like most others, stains readily. Place parchment paper below your baking stone if you don’t want it to discolor.

3. NerdChef Steel Stone (Best Steel Option)

  • Key features include a low-friction surface, 20x conductivity, twice the heat capacity, quick cooking, minimal scorching, and finger holes for ease.
  • Shape: Square
  • Size: 16 x 14.25 x .375
  • Material: Steel
  • Heat Resistance: 500F

Steel is a popular material in most kitchens, therefore it’s no wonder that some people like steel baking stones. If you like steel, you’ll adore the NerdChef baking stone.

This baking stone has 20 times the conductivity of ceramic and twice the heat capacity. It creates an equal and faster baking surface, delivering a crispy and crunchy crust no matter where you cook.

The greatest aspect is that this baking stone is completely indestructible. Believe me, I’ve had enough of mistakes in my kitchen that resulted in shattered objects. You won’t have to worry about breaking this steel stone. Did I mention it’s got a low-friction surface?

I have to be honest with you now. This stone is a burden. It weighs more than 20 pounds. Yes, they added finger holes to make it simpler to maneuver, but most people still find it difficult. Keep this in mind before making a purchase!

4. Lodge Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Baking Pan (Best Cast Iron Option)

  • Key Features: Pre-seasoned, two big handles, uniform baking, good heat retention, and versatility.
  • Shape: Round
  • Size: 14 Inches
  • Material: Cast Iron
  • Heat Resistance: 400F

What happened to my cast iron fans? This is for the bakers out there that swear by cast iron. The Lodge Cast Iron baking stone is 14 inches in diameter and comes pre-seasoned for your convenience. (I suppose everyone can agree that seasoning a stone is a chore!)

The cast iron composition offers great heat retention and even heating all the way around, providing you with the assurance you need while producing crusted bread. It’s very adaptable, since it can sear, broil, fry, and grill. Impressive!

Last but not least, the pan has two big, convenient handles. While handles are not required for baking stones, they make placement and removal considerably simpler. Who wouldn’t want extra steadiness when baking?

In comparison to the Cordierite alternatives, this is a heavier option. It weighs roughly 10 pounds, making it lighter than steel but still rather hefty for most people. This is something to think about before making a purchase.

5. Emile Henry Flame Top Pizza Stone (Best Ceramic Option)

  • Glazed for longevity, scratch-resistant, dishwasher-safe; may be utilized in a variety of applications.
  • Shape: Round
  • Size: 14.5 inches
  • Material: Ceramic
  • Heat Resistance: 900F

To be honest, I like using ceramic baking equipment. That is why I had to include the Emile Henry baking stone in my top six. It is built of all-natural materials and has patented flame technology for a variety of uses, including barbecues and broilers (up to 900F).

One of the most notable advantages of this pizza stone is that it has a glazed surface that is both sturdy and scratch-resistant. You may cut straight on top of the stone without concern of damaging it, which is not possible with other materials.

The glaze not only ensures a clean surface for baking and slicing, but it also adds to a crunchier overall crust at the end. Win. You’ll also like that it’s completely dishwasher-safe, making cleanup a snap.

Unfortunately, this baking stone comes with a large and annoying sticker. What is the issue here? It is difficult to remove, and it must be done before usage. Be prepared to invest some time and elbow grease to get it out.

6. Hans Grill Baking Stone (Best Two-in-One Set)

  • Key features include a hardwood pizza peel, excellent thickness, heat retention, and uniform baking.
  • Shape: Rectangle
  • Size: 15 x 12 inches
  • Material: Cordierite
  • Heat Resistance: 1000F

Yes, you may use your baking stone without a peel. But I’ll let you in on a little baking secret: utilizing a peel will make your life a million times simpler. That is why I wholeheartedly suggest Hans Grill’s two-in-one package.

What results do you get? To begin, you get a Cordierite baking stone, which consistently produces beautiful crusts. It is suitable for all purposes and can withstand very high temperatures. You may be sure in your stone if it is precisely the proper thickness.

You also receive a wooden pizza paddle in addition to the excellent baking stone. You can now slide your pizzas, cookies, bread, and other must-haves directly onto your prepared baking stone without any bother or burns. Seriously, this is a highly handy and cost-effective combination.

It’s a touch smaller than some expected, particularly when it comes to the peel. Before you purchase anything, I recommend getting out a ruler and measuring it.

Best Baking Stone for Bread: Things to Consider

6 Best Baking Stones for Bread in 2022

You’re undoubtedly eager to make the ideal crust for your bread. I understand. But don’t make a hasty choice! While all of them are excellent choices, you must ensure that you choose the one that is best for you and your requirements. Consider the following points.


This list has a wide range of sizes. The last thing you want to do is choose a stone that is too large or too little for your requirements. Get out your ruler, measure the length you want, and then look for a stone that fits.


There are four distinct materials listed above. Which one you choose will be determined by your particular tastes. I favor ceramic or Cordierite, for example. You may like steel or cast iron in your kitchen. Find the appropriate material for you.


When it comes to baking stones for bread, I feel that the thicker the better. However, thickness may also mean weight, and you may not find thick stones required. Regardless, the thickness of each baking stone must be considered.


Along the process, you should also examine the form. Rectangular baking stones are more adaptable for me, but others may like the conventional round choice. Which one do you like better?

Heat Resistance

Are you just going to use your oven at 450 degrees Fahrenheit? It’s not a huge deal. Are you thinking of utilizing your baking stone in your outdoor wood-fired grill? It’s a big thing. Consider how and at what temperatures you want to use your baking stone. Check that your stone can withstand the heat.


There are so many wonderful options, whether you want round steel stones or extra-large and thick rectangular ones. The Unicook Heavy Duty Cordierite Stone remains my #1 pick. It’s a dependable, long-lasting, and adaptable baking stone that will see you through all of your baking chores.


What is the best oven stone for pizza and bread?

Dough-Joe The Samurai Baking Sheet from Amazon is the best overall. Go to the Review section.
At Amazon, the best lightweight pizza stone is the Emile Henry Pizza Stone. Go to the Review section.
ROCKSHEAT Pizza Stone at Amazon is the best stone.
Amazon has the best price on Outset Pizza Grill Stone Tiles.
At Amazon, the Lodge Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Baking Pan is the best option for grilling.

How thick should bread stone be?

The suggested preheating time for 12 inch thick stones is half an hour, while for larger 34 – 1 inch stones, the preheating period might be up to an hour. When the dough is put on the stone, it heats up and transfers heat directly to the bottom of the bread.

What is the best type of baking stone?

Cordierite ceramic, which is often used in professional bakery ovens, is ideal for baking stones because, as William Carty said, “it’s rather insensitive to rapid changes in temperature” (i.e., it won’t fracture if you place a chilled piece of dough on a hot surface).

What is the best surface to bake bread on?

It is best to use a warmed baking stone or quarry tiles. Allow at least 45 minutes for it or them to warm. The stone maintains heat, giving the loaf more oven spring or rise, and absorbs moisture, resulting in a crisper crust.

Is it better to bake bread on a pizza stone?

Your bread is starting to brown. The stone surface reduces the amount of times you must move or shift the bread. Most ovens, particularly domestic ovens, are not uniformly heated.A baking stone can uniformly hold high heat. This will be a tremendous help throughout the baking process since you want an even bake.

Should I bake bread on a pizza stone?

Yep. I bake most of my bread on a pizza stone since I already had one for making pizza. It can handle the majority of my baking: one huge bloomer loaf.

Why did my bread stick to the baking stone?

Maintain the cleanliness of the stone. Blackened portions of leftover pizza or bread crust might cling straight to the stone, causing the following item to adhere directly to the charred pieces, thereby “sticking” to the stone.

Do I grease a stone bread pan?

A: Season stoneware by baking a high-fat meal on its surface, such as chilled dough for dinner rolls, biscuits, or cookies. Greasing is frequently unneeded after that. As your Stoneware grows more seasoned, it develops a natural nonstick surface.

Do I spray a stone bread pan?

Bake high-fat meals (such as refrigerated biscuits) or gently brush with cooking oil for the first few usage for the best results. Aerosol nonstick spray is not advised since it leaves a sticky film that is difficult to remove.

Do you wash a baking stone?

When washing the stone, be sure you just use water. Dish detergent or other liquids may permeate into the stone and then leak into the pizza when the stone is used again. Pizza stones should only be cleansed by hand. A dishwasher’s high water volume and dishwashing detergent might harm the stone.

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