6 Best Electric Bread Slicers in 2022

6 Best Electric Bread Slicers in 2022

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Have you ever tried cutting a loaf of bread with a normal knife? It’s upsetting. You never obtain the desired thickness, and there is an invasion of crumbles. Consider purchasing an electric bread slicer to permanently solve these problems. The Anescra Slicer is my top selection.

Hello, everyone! I’m Shea, and I’ve been making bread for a few years. To be fair, I’ve been baking for almost 10 years. But I’ve just lately started making bread, and I’ve learnt a lot. I’ve discovered that having an electric bread slicer on hand is quite useful.

The Anescra model appeals to me since it is suitable for everyone. It’s not so large that it takes up the whole kitchen, but it’s also not so little that it seems fragile. It comes with two blades, one for bread and one for meat, giving it a multipurpose tool you’ll like using. It is certainly the ideal appliance to possess, with accurate thickness control and effortless cleaning.

However, other folks may be seeking for something else. Perhaps you prefer something more compact or cutting-edge. I’ve got you covered if you’re looking for the ideal mate.

Let’s find out which electric bread slicer is best for you!

Best Electric Bread Slicer: Top Picks

6 Best Electric Bread Slicers in 2022

If you prepare bread often, you should invest in an electric bread slicer, and I’ve done the legwork for you. I compared features, costs, and reviews to identify the best six models on the market. You’re certain to make a connection with one of these electric bread slicers.

1. Anescra Slicer (Best Choice)

  • Key Features: Includes two 7.5-inch blades, exact thickness adjustment, simple removal for cleaning, ideal size for most kitchens, sturdy and long-lasting, powerful suction rubber feet, and power button with safety control.
  • Watts: 200
  • Dimensions: 14.2 x 9.6 x 10.3 inches
  • Weight: 11.3 pounds

I could go on and on about all of the features of the Anescra slicer. There is just so much to love about this electric slicer, from the 200 watts of slicing power to the streamlined removal for simple cleanup and sanitation.

What actually distinguishes this model is the addition of two vital blades. One is ideal for slicing bread, while the other is nicely serrated for slicing difficult foods. With two options, you know you’re receiving an accurate and easy instrument on which to depend.

This model also has an easy-to-use control knob for precisely changing thickness to how you want it, ensuring you get the greatest cut every time. No more boring pieces of bread!

Last but not least, I must address size. The Anescra slicer is tiny enough to fit in the cabinet without seeming fragile. In reality, the product is composed of solid cast aluminum, so it will last for a long time without breaking, cracking, or disappointing you.

The instructions were not very good. You may look up how to utilize a tool like this on YouTube. Others complained that it wasn’t suitable for large slices of meat, but that doesn’t apply to bread cutting!The most common complaint about this device was that the instructions were unclear.

2. Kitchener Slicer (Best 9-Inch Blade)

  • Key features include a single 9-inch blade, exact thickness control, ease of cleaning, durability, and longevity.
  • Watts: 200
  • Dimensions: 19.5 x 14 x 11.8 inches
  • Weight: 14.55 pounds

It was difficult to pick between the Kitchener and Anescra models. The Anescra is my favorite selection simply because it has two blades, which means you’ll have better accuracy. However, if you want a larger and better blade, try the Kitchener.

One of the Kitchener slicer’s main advantages is that it comes with a 9-inch universal blade. This eliminates the need to switch blades while slicing various goods. It’s also extra-large, so you know it can handle even the most difficult loaves of bread.

Apart than that, this 200-watt slicer is comparable to the Anescra. It is long-lasting, robust, and simple to clean, which are three qualities that most people seek for when selecting a bread slicer. If you want something bigger than the Anesco, this is it.

There is nothing behind the machine to cut the bread, meat, and veggies, which might be inconvenient if you are doing things on your own. The best solution is to include something to catch your ingredients so they don’t tumble over the counter. It’s not a huge deal!

3. SuperHandy Slicer (Most Compact)

  • Key features include a 6.7-inch blade, non-skid suction feet, an improved safety power button, an ultra-compact, foldable design, and an easy-to-clean surface.
  • Watts: 100
  • Dimensions: 4.85 x 1.63 x 3.18 inches
  • Weight: 5.47 pounds

Because hardly everyone has a lot of room in their kitchen, the prospect of adding a huge and powerful slicer to the mix might be intimidating. So, if you’re running out of room, I’ve got some excellent news for you. The SuperHandy slicer is very convenient and compact, making it ideal for overcrowded or tiny kitchens.

This superb bread slicer is already small, but it can be folded down into a teeny-tiny slicer that easily goes into your kitchen cupboard or cabinet. This makes it not only easy to store, but also an excellent option for traveling. Take it with you on your next trip!

Aside from its picture-perfect compactness and folding shape, the SuperHandy slicer is a must-have because of its 6.7-inch blade, non-skid suction feet, and improved safety power button. All of this can be found on a slicer weighing less than six pounds. Incredible.

Some users had trouble with the sliding mechanism, but nothing a little try and error couldn’t remedy. It works like a charm after you figure out how to use it.

4. VEVOR Commercial Slicer (High-End Model)

  • Key Features: One 10-inch blade, built-in sharpener, all-copper motor, protective shield, non-slip rubber feet, safe power switch, precise thickness adjustment, built with premium materials, long-lasting, surprisingly compact, high slice yield, easy to clean
  • Watts: 240
  • Dimensions: 16.5 x 11 x 13.8 inches
  • Weight: 35.3 pounds

Consider the Vevor Commercial Slicer if you want a bread slicer that is excellent enough for a professional kitchen (and aren’t scared to pay a little additional money). This incredible device has a 10-inch blade that can cut through anything, even bread!

With 240 watts of power and accurate thickness control, you can be certain that your loaves of bread (and other culinary products) will be no match for the Vevor. You’ll also like the all-copper motor, which can handle a tremendous volume of food per minute. This means you’ll spend less time chopping and more time eating your favorite dishes.

The Vevor also outperforms in terms of safety features. The blade is protected by a glass shield to keep fingers safe, and the power switch has distinct On and Off indications for easy operation. Don’t forget the non-slip rubber feet that keep it in place.

The instructions are not clear, and many individuals struggled with them. Again, if you’re new to slicing, you may want to check at video tutorials.This product was quite popular. The handbook is the source of the most anxiety. The guidelines

5. Hamilton Beach Electric Knife (Best Electric Knife Choice)

  • Key features include a 10-inch blade, stainless steel construction, a fork included, an ergonomic grip, and a compact storage container.
  • Dimensions: 17 x 2.4 x 2.6 inches
  • Weight: 2.07 pounds

It’s understandable that not everyone wants a full-fledged slicer in their kitchen. Consider using an electric knife for bread cutting if you want something much more low-key, small, and simple to use. My top pick was the Hamilton Beach electric knife.

This knife has a fantastic 10-inch stainless steel blade and an additional tool for simply slicing through all sorts of bread. You can slice hundreds of loaves with an ergonomic handle without becoming uncomfortable or exhausted. Perfect!

Aside from that, this kit includes a useful storage container to ensure that no important components are lost. With so much happening on in the kitchen, it’s wonderful to know that this important equipment has an easy and safe place to rest.

While this knife may get hot after prolonged usage, this is not a cause for concern. After all, you’ll be using this knife to easily slice through bread. It will not need to run for a lengthy amount of time.

6. SUPER DEAL Premium Electric Food Slicer (Best Low Cost)

  • Key features include a single 7.5-inch blade, adjustable thickness, ease of cleaning, rubber suction feet, and the lowest pricing.
  • Watts: 150
  • Dimensions: 16 x 13 x 12 inches
  • Weight: 9.98 pounds

If you don’t want to spend a fortune on a bread slicer, try this one from Super Deal. It costs less than $50, yet it performs so effectively that you’ll have trouble believing you invested so little.

This tool has a plethora of functions to offer. For starters, it comes with a 7.5-inch blade capable of producing flawless cuts every time. Adjust the thickness using the knob until you’re satisfied with the size of your bread slices.

Second, it is simple to clean. Because it is so easy to disassemble, you can ensure that your tool is well cleaned before proceeding to the next round of slicing. The rubber suction feet hold the machine in position, eliminating the possibility of errors along the road.

This product has a few flaws, which is understandable given that it is the most affordable option on the list. The primary difficulty is that the thickness might be uneven, with one side thicker than the other. It’s also rather noisy. But it’s still a fantastic slicer!

Best Electric Bread Slicer: Things to Consider

Knowing which electric bread slicers are the finest on the market is just half the fight. You must also know which one is best for you and your individual requirements! Consider the following factors before deciding which one to buy.

Size of the Slicer

First and foremost, examine the slicer’s size. You want to be certain that it will fit comfortably in your kitchen. If you don’t have a lot of room, you’ll want a smaller, more compact one, maybe one that folds down to fit in a kitchen cabinet.

If you have plenty of room, consider getting a bigger one that can set on your counter. Slicers are effortlessly contemporary, so they will look fantastic on your counter no matter what design you choose.

Size of the Blade

The larger the blade, the better the cut, particularly for larger loaves of bread. A bigger blade will also be required if you want to use it for other components such as ham, poultry, and so on.


You should also consider the wattage. The greater the wattage, the easier the machine will slice through bread, particularly Artisan breads with thicker and finer crusts.


Each electric bread slicer has its own distinct set of features that may or may not spark your attention. Some, for example, have unrivaled safety features, while others are easy to clean.


Any of these electric bread slicers will do wonders for your handmade loaves of bread, but the Anescra Slicer takes first place. I like the size and craftsmanship, as well as the fact that it comes with two blades for accurate slicing. It’s simple to use and clean, even for novices, and you’ll like the consistent thickness.

After everything is said and done, I must inquire as to which of these electric bread slicers found its way into your purchasing basket. Do you have a suggestion? Please share with us!


What is the best bread slicer for homemade bread?

Cut Your Loaf Into Even Slices With The Best Bread Slicer
Best Overall. DBTech Bamboo Foldable Bread Slicer. Check on Amazon. Check Price On Walmart.
Second place. Mama´s Bamboo Bread Slicer. Check on Amazon.
Honorable Mention. Purenjoy Bamboo Foldable Bread Slicer. Check on Amazon.

What is the best gadget for slicing bread?

The Kitchen Seven Bamboo Bread Slicer was by far the finest bread slicer we tested. This bread slicer is composed of eco-friendly materials such as bamboo and wood, and it has a built-in crumb bin as well as an adjustable and folding design for storage when not in use.

Will an electric meat slicer slice bread?

A meat slicer can be used to cut anything that a mandoline can. It performs significantly better than a knife for anything that requires ultra-thin cutting. A meat slicer can cut anything from lettuce to bread and cheese.

Can you slice bread on a meat slicer?

Sliced Bread

When cutting bread, use a meat slicer with a serrated blade to get excellent uniform slices every time.

What is the best flour for a bread machine?

Most bread machine and cookbook instructions ask for bread flour rather than all-purpose flour. Because it has more gluten than national brands of all-purpose flour, King Arthur Unbleached All-Purpose Flour performs well in the bread machine.

How long does homemade bread last?

It should be kept sealed at room temperature or cooler to avoid mold. Room-temperature bread normally lasts 3-4 days if prepared and up to 7 days if purchased. Refrigerating both commercial and handmade bread may extend its shelf life by 3-5 days.

What tools used in slicing loaf bread with an even and consistent thickness faster and safer?

BREAD SLICER – is used to cut loaf bread into uniform slices. QUARTER 1 – Lesson 1: Consistent thickness is quicker and safer.

Can a bread slicer cut bone?

They point out that it doesn’t have to be very strong to slice bread; it’s only around 0.5 horsepower, and Kat points out that it won’t have the strength to cut through meat and bone.

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