6 Best Nonstick Cookie Sheets

6 Best Nonstick Cookie Sheets

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Are you going to make some wonderful brownies? While you can use your trusty baking sheet to get the job done, nothing gives picture-perfect results quite like a cookie sheet. The GoodCook AirPerfect comes highly recommended by me.

Hello, everyone! My name is Shea, and one of my favorite things to bake is cookies. In fact, I just finished a batch of M&M cookies last night. And what ingredients did I use to make my cookies? Of course, a real cookie sheet!

I chose the GoodCook cookie sheet because its as close to perfect as possible. From the double layers for superior, even heating to the ergonomic handle and nonstick surface, this medium-sized cookie sheet has it all.

While the GoodCook cookie sheet is a definite A++ in the baking world, I understand that you might be looking for something a little different. Thats why Ive discovered the top six nonstick cookie sheets on the market, so you can find the one thats right for you.

What are we waiting for? Lets bake some cookies!

Best Nonstick Cookie Sheets – Top Picks

Choosing a cookie sheet can be difficult, considering a seemingly endless sea of options. Well, Im here to help narrow things down a bit. Below you will find the top six cookie sheets that wont disappoint.

1. GoodCook AirPerfect Nonstick Cookie Sheet (Best Overall)

  • Features: Ergonomic handle for easy gripping, nonstick coating, durable, long-lasting pan, double layers for even heating, medium-sized for all your cookie needs, dishwasher safe
  • Size: 14 x 12 (medium)
  • Weight: 1.65 pounds
  • Material: Alloy steel

First and foremost? The GoodCook cookie sheet, otherwise known as my number one pick. The GoodCook cookie sheet has everything you will ever want from a cookie sheet, all wrapped up into one perfectly sized 14 x 12 pan.

Aside from the ideal dimensions, this cookie sheet comes with two layers to ensure premium heat distribution from beginning to end. This gives the baker (you) added confidence that your cookies will come out ideally every time. What person wouldn’t desire that?

This cookie sheet also comes with a nonstick coating on top of durable carbon steel, making it a stable and reliable sheet that cookies will slide right off of. With a state-of-the-art ergonomic handle, its easier than ever to safely and effectively retrieve the cookie sheet from the oven.

While this cookie sheet is basically a unicorn, its not perfect. The biggest drawback is that it can scratch and bend easily. So, you will need to use this cookie sheet with care. At least it wont warp in the dishwasher!

2. USA Pan Bakeware Cookie Sheet (Fluted Design)

  • Features: Rib-like texture for better air circulation and even heating, nonstick coating thats free of PTFEs, PFOAs, and BPAs, safe and efficient, easy to use and clean, made in the USA
  • Size: 17 x 12.25 (medium-large)
  • Weight: 1 pound
  • Material: Alloy steel

If youve never used USA Pan Bakeware, youre missing out. USA Pan Bakeware is some of the best equipment I have ever used. Most of their products come with the famous fluted design that aids in air circulation and even heating and allows for superior release and this cookie sheet is no exception.

The USA Pan Bakeware cookie sheet is a large, 17 x 12.25 sheet coated with a safe and effective nonstick coating thats PTFE, PFOA, and BPA-free. That said, you can feel confident that this pan will release your cookies quickly without any undesirable chemicals or ingredients.

Lastly, I have to mention that these pans are made in the USA. That might not matter to every shopper out there, but its worth noting mainly because people tend to want to buy products from where they live. If thats you, then definitely opt for this cookie sheet!

Due to the intricate design of these cookie sheets, you may have to learn how to use them appropriately. For instance, cookies tend to bake faster than theyre supposed to, so you need to adjust the temperature or baking time.

3. Cuisinart Chef’s Classic Nonstick Cookie Sheet (Beloved Brand)

  • Features: Trusted brand, heavy-duty and durable pan, nonstick coating, warp-resistant, dishwasher-safe, handles temperatures up to 450F
  • Size: 17.50 x 12 (large)
  • Weight: 1 pound
  • Material: Alloy steel

When youre shopping for kitchen products, one name repeatedly comes up: Cuisinart. Most people are well aware of this top-notch brand and thoroughly enjoy their products including me. That said, of course, I had to include the Cuisinart cookie sheet in my top six.

Created by Cuisinart, you already know that you will end up with an impressive pan. But what makes this cookie sheet a must-have for your cookie-baking adventures?

It all comes down to the heavy-gauge aluminized steel construction topped with a Whitford Xylan nonstick coating, ensuring durability and easy cookie release every time. Youll also love the fact that this pan is entirely warp-resistant, dishwasher-safe, and can handle up to 450F.

While people really enjoy these cookie sheets, one major complaint is that the handle is too small to grip effectively. It does take some getting accustomed to. Other than that, this cookie sheet works like magic.

4. AirBake Natural 2 Pack Cookie Sheet Set (Best Two Pack)

  • Features: Dual-layer design for even heating, micro-dome technology to cut down on bake times, recipe book included, dishwasher-safe, rust-proof, two pack
  • Size: 16 x 14 (medium)
  • Weight: 2 pounds
  • Material: Aluminum

Do you like finding a good deal? Do you like to buy two instead of one? If you said yes to either of these questions, you need to look closely at the AirBake 2-Pack Cookie Sheet Set.

This set comes with two cookie sheets, which means double the output of cookies. Never again say no to an additional batch of delicious cookies!

Each pan has dual-layer and micro-dome technology. Together, these pans offer premium air insulation for even heating while decreasing bake times by up to 15 percent. Theyre crafted with 100% aluminum and wont rust over time, ensuring ultimate longevity.

While the dual-layer is a definite pro, you need to be extra careful when washing. Water might cause problems if it penetrates between the layers. You wont be able to dry it efficiently and will need to evaporate the water by using the oven. It can be a big pain, but not so much that its a dealbreaker.

5. Farberware Insulated Bakeware Nonstick Cookie Sheet (Budget Option)

  • Features: Dual-layer design for even heating, safe in temps up to 450F, nonstick coating, heavy gauge construction, long-lasting and durable, budget-friendly
  • Size: 16 x 14 (medium)
  • Weight: 2 pounds
  • Material: Carbon steel

I dont know about you, but I am always hunting for the best deals in this day and age. If you like saving a buck but dont want to fear compromised quality, consider adding this Farberware cookie sheet to your shopping cart.

The Farberware cookie sheet may be cost-effective, but it certainly doesnt slack on features. For one, the sheets are crafted with heavy gauge steel to ensure they can handle even the largest cookie projects without fail. Plus, they wont warp in temperatures up to 450F. That’s very remarkable.

The pan, like the more costly cookie sheets, has dual-layer technology. There is also a reliable nonstick coating, so you can rest assured that your cookies will be evenly cooked and slide off the pan easily. It’s a no-lose scenario!

Really, the biggest issue with these cookie sheets occurs during shipping and handling. Some people had their sheets arrive with dents. The good news is that Farberware is a top-tier company with superb customer service, so replacements should be a cinch.

6. Wilton Easy Layers Sheet Cake Pan 2-Piece Set (Best Sheet with Sides)

  • Features: Designed with four sides, easy to handle, nonstick coating, scratch-resistant, dishwasher-safe, comes with two pans
  • Size: 13 x 9 (small)
  • Weight: 1.6 pounds
  • Material: Alloy steel

Ok, ok I know what youre thinking. Why did she include cake pans on her list? Although you can argue that these arent technically cookie sheets, some people simply do not like the fact that cookie sheets dont have sides. So, I added this two-pack to appease these shoppers.

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, let’s talk about why you need these cookie sheets. For one, they come with sides all the way around the pan, so you dont have to worry about your cookies flying off. The grooved sides make it easier to remove the pan from the oven.

Secondly, these alloy steel sheets come with nonstick and scratch-resistant coatings which is something I cant say for the other pans on this list. With this coating, you can pry your cookies off without fear of destroying your pans. Oh, and there are two in the bundle for your convenience. You are quite welcome.

The only issue with these cookie sheets is that they warp. When they are cooled, they revert to normal. So, they wont be great in super high temperatures or extensive baking times but you shouldnt need either for baking cookies!

Best Nonstick Cookie Sheets – Things to Consider

At this point, you probably know which one of these cookie sheets is coming home with you. But in case you need a little more help deciding on the right one, check out these things to consider before purchasing.


Size matters especially if youre working with a smaller-than-usual oven. Examine the side of each cookie sheet. Consider the size of your oven and how many cookies you plan to bake at once.


The good news is that none of these pans are heavy. Some are, however, lighter than others. If you really dont want to struggle with the weight of your pan, find ones below two pounds.


Personally, I prefer using a cookie sheet with two layers. However, its not critical to cookie-baking success. For example, the USA Pan cookie sheet has a fluted design for even heating, so multiple layers arent required for the same great results.

Convenient Features

Finally, think about the extra features you can’t live without. Some people, for example, may prefer a dishwasher-safe cookie sheet. After all, the year is 2022. We shouldn’t have to hand wash our clothes any longer!

Others may define convenience as saving money or purchasing in bulk. For these shoppers, I recommend opting for the low price Farberware or one of the two-pack choices, the Wilton or AirBake.


You cant go wrong with any of these top-notch cookie sheets, but the GoodCook AirPerfect remains my number one choice. Its reliable, superbly nonstick, and the right size for just about any kitchen.

Which of these cookie sheets will you purchase? Do you want to add a cookie sheet to the list? Please share in the comments section!


What is the best material for non-stick baking pans?

Silicone baking molds are naturally non-stick and flexible, making them ideal for foods that don’t easily release, such as muffins, cakes, and breads. This material is dishwasher friendly, making cleanup a breeze.

What cookie sheets do bakers use?

metal: When it comes to baking sheets, bare metal is the industry standard. It’s an excellent conductor, meaning it heats up and cools down quickly. Plus, its light color helps to prevent the over browning that you often get from darker pans.

What are the best cookie sheets that don’t warp?

Overall winner: Chicago Metallic Commercial II

Most similar to the kind used in our test kitchen, these lightweight, warp-resistant aluminized steel pans have an uncoated surface, which means you can really use and abuse them, without worrying about disturbing the finish.

What cookie sheets won’t turn brown?

Aluminum baking sheets are classics in the kitchen. While some are cheap and flimsy, these are commercial grade, so they’re heavier weight, and much more sturdy. For even better performance, they have rolled, encapsulated steel rims so they won’t bend or warp in normal use, and they’ll never rust or corrode.

What do chefs use for non stick pan?

In a restaurant, you will notice a variety of different pans, including stainless steel pans, cast iron pans, aluminium pans and more. However, most chefs prefer to use stainless steel pans when preparing food. The Indus Valley offers a range of Tri-ply Stainless Steel Pans, ideal for cooking chef-like meals at home.

What non stick cookware do the chefs use?

Another reason chefs prefer PTFE Non Stick Cookware is its ease of cooking. It is the highest performing non stick coating on the market and lasts 70x longer than ceramic cookware.

What baking sheets does Ina Garten use?

half sheet pan (set of 2) herofiber

Garten reportedly uses half sheet pans for everything from cooking vegetables to baking brownies to roasting her famous “engagement chicken,” which even worked for Meghan Markle. And according to enthusiastic Amazon buyers, you can’t go wrong with HeroFiber’s version.

Is Wilton or Nordic Ware better?

In both categories, the Wilton pans won out over the Nordic Ware pans, offering better design features and a better value.

Are there any cookie sheets that don’t warp?

Direct and to the point. Our favorite half sheet baking pan is the Nordic Ware Natural Aluminum Commercial Baker’s Half Sheet Pan. It’s made of a heavy gauge metal that doesn’t warp in the oven. Cookies and cakes baked evenly, and roasted potato wedges browned nicely and released with ease.

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