6 Best Sourdough Bread Knives in 2022

6 Best Sourdough Bread Knives in 2022

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While baking bread, particularly sourdough, the last thing you want is a knife that will break it down into crumbles.

You’ll need a reliable sourdough bread knife to get a clean cut every time. I suggest the Mercer Culinary Millennia Bread Knife for this.

Hi! Shea is my name, and I’ve been baking for 10 years. Bread was one of the final things I attempted to make, and it took me a long to get it right. Today, I’m an experienced bread maker, and although I like experimenting with different recipes, sourdough is one of my all-time favorites.

or sourdough bread. The Mercer Bread Knife is 10 inches long, making it excellent for sourdough cutting. It also has an ergonomic grip and an appropriately serrated high carbon steel blade. While baking and cooking, having a reliable knife is essential.

Although I am a great admirer of the Mercer (this knife and others in their collection), not everyone will be. Continue reading if you’re looking for your next sourdough bread knife. The following is a list of the top six sourdough bread knives in 2022.

Let’s find out which knife will join your collection!

Best Bread Knives for Sourdough: Top Picks 2022

Looking for the finest sourdough bread knives? Let’s take a look at the top six blades, replete with pros and disadvantages, so you can make an informed purchase.

1. Mercer Culinary Millennia Bread Knife (Best Overall)

  • Important features include an ergonomic grip, razor-sharp blades, and perfectly serrated serrations.
  • 10 inch blade length
  • High Carbon Steel is the material used.
  • Serrated? Yes

When it comes to the best sourdough knife, this Mercer knife excels in every aspect. It’s made of high-carbon Japanese steel, which not only cuts through sourdough but also resists staining. This material is renowned to retain its sharpness for a longer period of time, resulting in less effort and upkeep in the long run.

It’s not simply the blade material’s excellence that you’ll like. It’s also the serrated grain of the blade. Serrations that are not too near but not too far apart are ideal for slicing into sourdough, and this Mercer knife has just that.

The ergonomic handle on the other end of the blade is designed for comfort, durability, and safety. It not only prevents the beginnings of aches and pains, but the rough finger tips provide an outstanding grip, allowing for precise slices every time.

This is an undoubtedly excellent knife, razor-sharp and ready to take on any sourdough bread. Nevertheless, sharpness is a two-edged sword (almost literally). Remove the knife from its plastic container with caution. Otherwise, you could discover just how sharp this knife is.

2. Islice.ca Wooden Bread Bow Knife (Best Bread Bow Knife)

  • Important characteristics include a sturdy wood handle, ease of usage, and a bow shape.
  • 9-inch blade length
  • Stainless steel is the material used.
  • Serrated? Yes

Although a high-end bread knife will do the job, many bakers swear for bread bow knives. Whether you want to try something new or are a die-hard lover of bread bow knives, the Islice.ca Wooden Knife is a safe choice.

This high-quality bread bow knife has a nine-inch blade that is properly scalloped to cut thin and straight bread slices. It works well with many sorts of bread, especially crisper and crunchier sourdough.

This bread bow knife is made completely of superior stainless steel and will never lose its sharpness or need maintenance. When combined with the simplicity of slicing that a bread bow knife provides, this is one of the most straightforward kitchen tools you’ll ever possess.

This is an excellent bow knife for sourdough. Just remember not to put it in the dishwasher or it will be damaged (the blade and the handle).

3. Kutler Professional 14-Inch Bread Knife (Longest Blade)

  • Important characteristics include the longest blade, an ergonomic grip, and a thick and long handle.
  • 14-inch blade length
  • High Carbon Stainless Steel is the material used.
  • Serrated? Yes

When you think about sourdough bread loaves, you imagine a huge, circular loaf of deliciousness. Presumably, you’d want a blade long enough to do the task. Because of its remarkable 14-inch blade, the Kutler knife reaches the top six.

The Kutler bread knife is made of high grade stainless steel and is meant to survive for years while remaining razor-sharp. It has an excellent arrangement of wavy tooth edges that can easily cut through sourdough bread loaves. This is the knife to use if you want clean cuts with little crumbs.

This high-quality Bakers Knife also has a five-and-a-half-inch ergonomic grip that is textured to avoid slippage during slicing. You’ll appreciate how simple it is to maintain and clean, with no worries about corrosion, stains, or other disasters.

Because of the amazing length of this knife, it’s no surprise that it’s a little heavier than the other blades you’re accustomed to. It may also be too big to fit in certain standard knife drawers or storage options, so bear that in mind before purchasing.

4. Dalstrong Offset Knife (Best Offset Knife)

  • Important characteristics include an offset-style knife, a G-10 grip, an impermeable handle, and a flexible blade.
  • 12 inch blade length
  • High Carbon German Steel is the material used.
  • Serrated? Not at all.

An offset knife is ideal for individuals who wish to cut with ease. Given how tough it may be to cut through sourdough bread loaves, offset knives are popular among sourdough bread makers. Choose the Dalstrong knife if you want to go the offset approach.

The Dalstrong Offset Knife is made using high-quality materials. The full-tang, razor-sharp knife has a high carbon German steel blade with flexible blade technology, making it easy to slice through any loaf.

This offset knife is notable for more than just its stunning blade. The G-10 handle is unlike anything else on this list. It is resistant to temperature and moisture and has a long lifespan. Since it is manually polished, it provides total control, comfort, and mobility.

This knife has many benefits, the most important of which is that it is offset, which allows for more comfort when cutting. Nevertheless, some customers complain that the knife has to be sharpened often, so you may want to consider purchasing a sharpener.

5. Cuisinart 8″ Bread Knife (Shortest Blade)

  • Shorter blade for faster cutting, double-wide bolster, dependable business
  • 12 inch blade length
  • High Carbon German Steel is the material used.
  • Serrated? Yes

If you’ve spent any time in the kitchen, you’ve undoubtedly heard of the brand Cuisinart. Cuisinart has been a respected firm for many years, producing some of the greatest culinary equipment available. The Cuisinart Bread Knife is included.

The Cuisinart knife has the smallest blade on our list, at just eight inches, but don’t be fooled. Consider this high carbon stainless steel knife to be the little but formidable knife that can easily handle your biggest loaves of sourdough bread.

There is also a double-wide bolster at the blade’s tip for increased stability. This will be useful when cutting sourdough bread with a shorter knife. With the shorter blade, you can quickly cut through sourdough bread.

Although this is a dependable sourdough bread knife, take in mind that it is not as sharp or as long as the other alternatives. Nevertheless, this modest dullness does not seem to have a significant influence on cutting, and some may consider it a safer option. Maybe this is the best solution for beginners?

6. Paudin Serrated Bread Knife (Best-Looking Bread Knife)

  • Important aspects include: ABS handle is designed for both aesthetics and utility.
  • 8-inch blade length
  • High Carbon German Steel is the material used.
  • Serrated? Yes

This knife, like the others, is crafted of high-carbon German steel and has excellent serration for better cuts. Yet, this sourdough bread knife should not be neglected; it is listed in the top six for a reason.

The hammered pattern is the most noticeable aspect of this knife. Not only is the large design layout meant to be a showpiece in your kitchen, but it is also completely practical. The design minimizes dragging and sticking, which is essential for slicing through various types of bread.

The handle is also rather remarkable. It’s an ABS handle designed for comfort and ease. Even when wet, it will not slide, allowing you to handle sourdough slices with ease.

Several users also reported troubles with the handle. Some believed it was a bit little and thin, while others thought it wasn’t as well balanced as they would have liked. These were minor inconveniences in comparison to the simplicity of usage this knife provided, even with sourdough.

Bread Knives for Sourdough: Things to Consider

Purchasing a bread knife to cut into sourdough is thrilling, but don’t rush into it. When making a purchase, there are many factors to consider.

Size of the Blade

When it comes to sourdough bread, the longer the fermentation, the better. Sourdough bread loaves aren’t quite little. With a longer blade, you’ll be able to easily saw through the whole loaf.


The handle is also crucial. After all, you don’t want to wind up with aches and pains when slicing. Ergonomic handles will be the most effective. Other things to look for are impermeable handles and those that can withstand being wet.


When purchasing a sourdough knife, the most important consideration is blade size, however serrated knives should also be considered. Serrated bread knives are common, though not always. Serrated blades are preferable, but don’t dismiss ones that aren’t. They most certainly have alternative designs for slicing bread.


Most people consider a bread knife to be a conventional knife. Nonetheless, there are other styles available. Offset, bow, and pattern options are also available. Finally, it will come down to whatever knife you are most comfortable with and which produces the greatest results.


Last but not least, evaluate the blade’s substance. Certain materials are sharper and retain their sharpness for a longer period of time than others. For cutting bread, particularly sourdough, high-carbon steel is the finest option. It all boils down to personal choice.


Either of these sourdough knives will do the trick, whether you choose a bow-style, offset-style, or regular bread knife. Because of the blade design and ergonomic grip, I wholeheartedly suggest the Mercer Culinary Millennia Bread Knife.


What knife to use for sourdough?

Since the saw-like points grasp the crust and slice it neatly through, a serrated bread knife makes slicing sourdough bread simpler. Since slicing is simpler, the resultant bread pieces will be more consistent and neatly sliced, and cutting will not crush or break the loaf of bread.

What is the best serrated bread knife?

Bread Knife, 2 in.
Sep 7, 2022 Fibrox Handle Miyabi Kaizen 9 1.
Zwilling Henckels, J.A. The Best Serrated Bread Knives in 2023. Shun Traditional 9-Inch Bread Knife (DM0705).
The best deal. Culinary Millennia Mercer Bread Knife, 10 in. wide.
Bread Slicer Tojiro F-737 235mm.
Victorinox Serrated Bread Knife 47549 w

What is the best knife to cut crust off bread?

A serrated knife is ideal for slicing bread and a few other specialized culinary duties. Serrated knives have lengthy blades (at least 7 inches) with sharp serrations rather than a smooth edge. Interestingly, serrated knives are sometimes referred to as bread knives.

Which is the best global bread knife?

The Shun Traditional 9-Inch Bread Knife is our favorite.

Learn more about our approach of independently researching, testing, reviewing, and recommending the finest goods.

What do you cut sourdough with?

To cut sourdough bread evenly and without harming the crust or crumb, first allow it to cool to room temperature before cutting it.
Use the proper knife (a serrated bread knife is best)
For absolutely equal slices, use a bread slicing guide.
Let the bread knife to perform all of the job (use it like a saw).
Additional details…•June 19, 2020

Should I use stone or steel for sourdough?

Making bread on a stone surface generates tremendous heat that is uniformly distributed for a great bake. If you make bread in your home oven, however, baking on a steel plate is a preferable option. Steel plates can achieve greater temperatures and retain heat for longer periods of time.

What bread knife does Jamie Oliver use?

Product Information. Jamie Oliver and Tefal are the ideal food partners. Tefal supplies the technology and performance, while Jamie contributes the passion and cuisine expertise. For than two decades, they have proudly produced excellent, trusted items that make cooking from scratch a true delight.

Is Wusthof bread knife worth it?

Wüsthof constantly stands out for being well-balanced and ergonomic in all of the knife tests we’ve done over the years. These German-made knives are time-tested classics, particularly in terms of design.

What is the best length for a serrated knife?

We also looked at various offset serrated blades, but these provided less control. Despite the normal serrated knife blade is 8 to 9 inches long, we found that length to be extremely restrictive, particularly if you just have one serrated knife in your kitchen. The sweet spot is ten inches.

What to look for when buying a bread knife?

When selecting a knife, seek for serrations that are deeper and more pointed. They are more adaptable and produce nicer slices. Look for serrated knives with fewer serrations as well. While slicing crusty bread, fewer serrations generate greater power, making the blades more effective.

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