7 Best Almond Flours for Baking in 2022

7 Best Almond Flours for Baking in 2022

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Because of its taste and grain-free qualities, almond flour has become popular among bakers. If you want to join the almond flour baking club, you need know which almond flours are the finest.

The answer is simple: Blue Diamond Almond Flour is the best.

Hello there! My name is Shea, and I’ve been a self-taught baker for almost 10 years. While I am a frequent consumer of white flour, I will confess that almond flour makes its way into my kitchen on a regular basis, particularly for certain cookie, cake, and bread recipes.

Throughout my baking career, I’ve used a variety of almond flours. I’ve discovered that some are just superior than others, which is why I’m here to present the market’s top seven.

By far the greatest choice is Blue Diamond Almond Flour. It’s produced from finely sifted California almonds (hello, home state) and may be used in a variety of baking recipes. The three-pound bag is inexpensive yet filling, making it a perfect option for any kitchen.

If you’re ready to start making almond flour recipes, you’ll need to start with high-quality almond flour. Below is a detailed overview of the top alternatives to help you make the best decision.

Lets fall in love with almond flour.

Best Almond Flour for Baking: Top Picks

7 Best Almond Flours for Baking in 2022

I’m overjoyed that you’re going to attempt an almond flour baking recipe! But first, select one of these six excellent almond baking flours to get you started.

1.  Blue Diamond Almond Flour (Top Pick)

  • Finely sifting, multipurpose, California grown, dependable firm, extremely healthy, reasonable pricing
  • Pounds: 1 or 3

To begin, I’ll remark that if I want almonds in any form (milk, crackers, etc.), I go for Blue Diamond. The flavors they make are incredible, and you can always count on high-quality items from this firm. The almond flour is no exception.

Blue Diamond Almond Flour is made from almonds harvested in California. Raw almonds are finely sifted before being utilized in a variety of applications. Whether you want a hint of almond taste in your favorite crumble or a loaf of bread bursting with almond flavor, this is the flour for you.

This flour is available in one-pound and three-pound bags. However, I strongly advise going with the three-pound option. You get a lot more bang for your cash. And, to be honest, you’ll go through a lot of this incredibly healthy and tasty almond flour in no time.

The package is resealable, however several customers experienced difficulty doing so. Some even claimed it was due to cheap packing. My recommendation is to put the flour in a container, like I did. You won’t have to worry about sealing, and the flour will remain fresh.

2. Anthony’s Blanched Gluten Free Almond Flour (Biggest Pack)

  • Key characteristics include: being made from California almonds, being inexpensive, versatile, high-protein, and low-carb.
  • Pounds: 2 or 4 (8-ounce bag also available)

perform you intend to perform a lot of baking using almond flour in your kitchen? Then you’ll need a huge box of wonderful, healthy, high-protein almond flour. Where better to look than at Anthonys Blanched Almond Flour?

This almond flour is now available in three sizes: 8 ounces, 2 pounds, and 4 pounds. While you may choose a lower package size, the 4-pound choice will provide you with the greatest value (and the most goodies).

Why the Anthonys? This unbleached almond flour is created from steamed California almonds that have been processed into a fine powder that can be used in any recipe. It’s finer ground than almond meal, providing you the finest flavor and nutrients yet.

This almond flour is somewhat grainier than Blue Diamond, making it unsuitable for certain items such as macarons. If you don’t care about fineness, this is unquestionably the best alternative.

3. Bob’s Red Mill Natural Almond Flour (Most High-End Product)

  • Key characteristics: very fine powder, flexible for any baking purpose, made from whole almonds, superb taste
  • Pounds: 1 (in packs of 1 to 4)

If you’re familiar with almond flour, you’ve probably heard of Bobs Red Mill. There’s something about this brand’s high-end items that makes them stand out in the greatest manner imaginable. Bobs Red Mill almond flour, like all of their other goods, is an excellent choice.

Bob’s Red Mill is made entirely of natural ingredients and contains just one: whole almonds. Yes, this almond flour is made from the whole almond, including the shell. But don’t worry, this almond flour has no graininess and a fine texture that’s ideal for all of your baking requirements.

People also delight about the taste that this almond flour adds. This flavor has a distinct buttery sweetness that is ideal for baked products. Just bear in mind that this is a high-end almond flour that comes at a hefty price.

As previously stated, the cost is prohibitively expensive. It is much higher than the other almond flours on this list. Is it worth the money? Absolutely. If you are willing to spend extra money on almond flour, go ahead and get it.

4. Terrasoul Superfoods Organic Almond Flour (Best Organic Pick)

  • Organic, USDA-certified, devoid of chemical residues, manufactured from skinless almonds, family-run enterprise, extremely fine
  • Pounds: 1

Do you run an organic-only kitchen? Then Terrasoul Superfoods Organic Almond Flour is for you. This is a USDA-certified organic almond flour that is devoid of propylene oxide and other chemical residues found in typical almond flours.

Aside from being ultra-safe and healthful, almond flour has a very fine texture. With no graininess or unwanted textures, this almond flour may be used in all of your favorite baking recipes with ease.

One of the most notable advantages of this almond flour comes from Terrasoul Superfoods, a family-run company dedicated to producing high-quality products. If you value family-run businesses, you will appreciate this offering.

Some customers complained that it wasn’t as fine as Bob’s Red Mill, but it was still fine enough for the purpose. To be honest, I wouldn’t be that bothered about it. You may always put this flour in a food processor to make it finer if you wish.

5. Simple Mills Almond Flour (Best for Pizza)

  • Key Benefits: Excellent for pizza, has just eight healthy ingredients, has a nice texture, and is simple to use.
  • Pounds: 3

Cauliflower pizza has recently been popular in the health community as a way to substitute regular carb-heavy pizzas with something more healthy. That’s fantastic and all. But have you heard of an almond flour and cauliflower crust? I didn’t believe it!

Simple Mills almond flour is intended to provide the tastiest, most nutritious pizzas without sacrificing taste. The containers include a nutritious combination of almonds, arrowroot, flax, cauliflower, and vital pizza ingredients such as garlic and oregano.

Needless to say, you’ll adore your new pizza. The taste is fantastic, but the texture is similar to standard pizza dough. It’s so delicious that your kids won’t notice you’ve replaced their favorite pizza with something nutritious!

Remember that this flour isn’t a miracle worker. It won’t taste precisely like regular pizza, but it’ll get close. If you’re searching for an identical replacement, you may be disappointed.

6. Simple Mills Baking Mix Variety Pack (Best Variety Pack)

  • Pre-made mixtures, delightful tastes, nutrient-rich components, excellent for beginners
  • Pounds: 2

Adding almond flour to your baking regimen might be intimidating, particularly if this is your first time. You don’t want to screw things up since it will be a waste of effort and money, not to mention a major disappointment to your palate. What are your options?

I recommend getting a variety box of almond flour baking mixes, such as this one from Simple Mills. It includes chocolate muffin and cake mixes, chocolate chip cookie dough, and artisan bread. Each combination has nutrient-dense ingredients, with a focus on almond flour.

Honestly, whether you’re new to the game or not, this is a fantastic variety pack. It just makes things simpler. You’ll enjoy sinking your teeth into exquisite chocolate muffins that taste like they just came from a bakery.

The artisan bread is a touch thick, but keep in mind that almond flour has distinct advantages than ordinary white flour. It’s not horrible; it’s just different and requires some getting accustomed to.

7. Barney Butter Natural Almond Meal (Coarser Option)

  • Key characteristics include a coarser texture, which is ideal for particular dishes such as bread, as well as being healthful and nutritious.
  • Pounds: 1

Some folks want their baked items to have a rougher texture. That’s why I added the Barney Butter almond meal. It has the nutty taste you’re looking for, but with a coarser texture that works great in baked foods like bread.

Blanched California almonds are used to make Barney Butter almond meal. Each pack is completely non-GMO and gluten-free. It may be used in all of your favorite keto and paleo recipes, or you can easily substitute it in standard recipes.

This almond meal might be costly, which isn’t always optimal. It is also coarser, therefore it may not be the best choice for recipes that call for finer flours, such as cake.

Best Almond Flour for Baking: Things to Consider

After your first baked treat using almond flour, you’ll be hooked. But before you start combining, blending, and baking, there are a few things you should know about almond flour.

How Much?

whether you’re new to almond flour, you may want to start with a tiny box to see whether you enjoy it. While I am fairly certain you will be pleased with the outcome, you do not want to waste your money.

However, ardent almond flour bakers (or those who may need to convert to almond flour for health reasons) may choose a bigger container.

Unblanched or Blanched?

The most important distinction between unblanched and blanched almond flour is that unblanched utilizes the whole almond, including the skin. Blanched almond flour is made from skinless almonds. However, unblanched may have a rougher texture, however this is not always the case.

How Fine?

Some almond flours are finer than others, depending on what you’re making and your particular tastes. A cake, for example, will benefit from extremely finely ground almond flour, whilst breads might benefit from rougher textures.


All almond flours are not made equal. Or should I say similarly priced? Some are just more costly than others, however the greater price tag is generally justified. Before purchasing, pay close attention to the final price.


All of these almond flours are wonderful selections, but my favorite is the Blue Diamond Almond Flour. It’s dependable, tasty, and healthy without being expensive. I also like how fine it is, with no coarseness interfering with my baked goods.


What is the best almond flour to bake with?

Blanched almond flour is the most popular kind of almond flour used in baking. Blanched almond flour is created by removing the almond’s outer shells and then grinding the nut into a flour texture. Please keep in mind that blanched almond flour is not the same as almond meal.

What is the secret to baking with almond flour?

Top Almond Flour Baking Techniques
Eggs may be used as a leavening agent. Baking powder cannot be used in almond flour baking since it includes baking soda.
Take Care Not to Overmix.
For a thinner batter, add more liquid.
Ratios of substitution.

Which brand of almond flour has lowest carbs?

Get Wholesome Yum Super Fine Blanched Almond Flour if you want a brand that is ideal for all low carb almond flour dishes – it has the greatest flavor and texture for keto baking with just 2 grams net carbohydrates per serving.

Which almond flour is most finely ground?

Delicious Yum Super Fine Blanched almond flour has the finest grind, resulting in moist baked items with a delicate crumb and no grainy or gritty texture. A coarse almond flour that hasn’t been finely milled enough, or one that contains skins, will spoil your keto cakes or breads.

Which nut flour is best for baking?

Almond flour, for example, has a deep, nutty taste that complements pancakes, breads, meatballs, burgers, and even breading for poultry or fish. The maple taste of pecan flour makes it great for muffins, cookies, and streusel.

Which is better blanched or Unblanched almond flour?

Blanched Almond Flour vs. Unblanched Almond Flour

Blanched almond flour is typically favored over unblanched almond flour since the skin has been removed and the color is free of speckles. It results in a smoother batter texture and a more vibrant color for the macarons.

Do I need to add xanthan gum to almond flour?

The Fundamental Baking Guidelines

Although it is not fully essential, our chef loves to add a little xanthan gum or cornstarch to the almond flour to aid with the texture. In that way, almond flour is rather forgiving.

Why do my almond flour cookies fall apart?

Because you’re eliminating the gluten that holds cookies together, almond flour cookies might come apart more quickly than other kinds of cookies. Instead, we’ll use an egg and a pinch of cornstarch to keep the cookies from falling apart.

What happens when you replace all-purpose flour with almond flour?

When you substitute part of the all-purpose flour in non-yeast recipes with almond flour, you’ll undoubtedly notice a change in how your baked products rise or spread. Cookies and scones may spread more than cake, biscuits, and muffins.

Can diabetics eat almond flour?

Diabetes Management

Almond flour is a food with a low glycemic index. Almond flour has less sugars and carbs than wheat flour. Switching to almond flour may help persons with diabetes better regulate their blood sugar levels.

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