8 Spicy Mexican Candies You Should Try

8 Spicy Mexican Candies You Should Try

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Mexican cuisine is recognized for being somewhat hot, but did you know there are a variety of great Mexican sweets that are just as fiery and tasty, if not more so? You’ve come to the correct spot if you’re looking for spicy Mexican candies that won’t let you down.

Hey! My name is Shea, and as someone who lives just a few hours from the Mexican border, I’ve had my fair share of Mexican treats. In middle and high school, they were among the most popular sweets.

You’re missing out if you haven’t tasted spicy Mexican candies. But don’t worry. I put up this must-see list of the top hot Mexican candies you should taste right now. Pick one or try them all!

Who’s up for some spicy Mexican sweets to wake up their taste buds?

Top 8 Spicy Mexican Candies

8 Spicy Mexican Candies You Should Try

These spicy Mexican sweets are perfect for individuals who can’t get enough heat in their lives. (Oh, and by the way, if spicy candies arent exactly your thing, you could try checking out these delectable French candy instead).

Lets dive in!

1. Vero Mango

Why settle for a boring lollipop when you can have one with a spicy Mexican twist? Vero Mango mixes the pleasant flavor of mango with a spicy chili powder coating to create one of the most thrilling lollipops you’ve ever tasted.

2. Vero Rebanaditas

Not a lover of mango but still want to try one of the most powerful and tasty lollipops available? Consider the case of Vero Rebanaditas.

These lollipops have a lovely watermelon form, but they are far from charming. In reality, they are regarded to be the more severe form of Vero Mango, so don’t be fooled by the adorable watermelon look and shape!

Vero Rebanaditas has a vivid watermelon taste that is enhanced by a chili powder and salt coating. The end result? A crazy lollipop experience unlike anything you’ve ever had.

3. Pulparindo

Pulparindo is an unmistakable crowd pleaser. It’s made from tamarind fruit and covered with sugar, salt, and chili powder creating a delicious sweet and spicy combination.

There are other flavor alternatives on the market to meet your demands, including an extra Picante version for those who want to crank up the heat. However, for those who like to play it safe, this combination pack is great. It comes in mango, watermelon, and more delicious tastes!

4. Lucas Gusano Chamoy Liquid Candy

What is liquid candy? I realize it appears strange and out of the ordinary. But after a few drips of this liquid heaven on your tongue, you’ll understand why it’s one of Mexico’s best-selling sweets.

Chamoy is one of Mexico’s most popular sauces. It’s made from sour pickled fruits that have been seasoned with chilis. Obviously, this results in an intriguingly hot sauce that goes well with a variety of foods.

The powerful hotness of the chamoy is partly tempered by the sweetness in the candy. So, although you won’t be setting your taste buds on fire when drinking this liquid candy, you will receive some nice sweet notes.

5. Rockaleta

Are you ready to launch your taste senses into next week? Then there’s Rockaleta, another excellent Mexican lollipop.

The primary attraction of Rockaleta is the sweet gum center. So, after sucking your way through the chili coating’s spiciness, you’re welcomed with a piece of gum to comfort your pleasantly sore taste senses.

6. Vero Pica Fresa

Do you like gummy bears? Then you’ll like this next spicy Mexican sweet!

Vero Pica Fresa is a gummy candy coated with chili powder and different tastes, with strawberry being one of the most popular. Chewing these candies will expose you to a variety of tantalizing sweet and sour flavors.

Vero Pica Fresa is like Sour Patch Kids on steroids. And they weren’t complaining.

7. Las Cucharitas Tapatías Sabor Tamarindo

Take a scoop of spicy Mexican sweets and choose Las Cucharitas Tapatias Sabor Tamarindo, a one-of-a-kind spicy Mexican candy.

There are a few things about this candy selection that stick out. For starters, the sweet paste is placed on a plastic spoon, a design that is seldom, if ever, seen. The spoon makes it simple to eat anywhere, at any time.

Second, the paste is formed from the tamarind fruit, which is a sour fruit that is crushed and combined with sweets to give the well-known taste.

I definitely suggest the Las Cucharitas Tapatis Sabor Tamarindo if you want to savor a spicy Mexican candy that is really one-of-a-kind!

8. Dedos Indy

Last but not least is Dedos Indy, a popular Mexican candy with a soft, chewy, and somewhat creamy texture that enhances the sour, salty, and sweet tastes. These little candies are ideal for the piñata during your next fiesta!


8 Spicy Mexican Candies You Should Try

Is your mouth already watering? I know mine is, and I can’t wait to create my next batch of spicy Mexican candy! If you want to understand more about this subject, I’ve included a number of commonly asked questions to assist you.

What is the most popular Mexican candy?

Are you seeking for popular Mexican sweets that aren’t spicy? Here are a few suggestions: Duvalin Strawberry-Vanilla Candy Creams, Marinela Choco Roles Swiss Rolls, Bubbaloo Mora Azul Blue Berry Mexican Chewing Gum, RICOLINO Paleta Payaso, and Obleas with Cajeta.

What makes Mexican candy spicy?

Chamoy and chili powder are the two most common substances used to make Mexican sweets spicy.

Is chamoy sweet or spicy?

Chamoy has a distinct combination of sweetness and spice, which accounts for its widespread use. Many people, for example, use chamoy to flavor their fruits and vegetables. It’s also a favorite rim for beer, cocktails, margaritas, and non-alcoholic beverages.

What is the difference between chamoy and Tajín?

Chamoy is a popular condiment that may be used in a variety of ways. It has a sweet, salty, and spicy flavor and is produced from pickled fruit. Tajin is a registered trademark. They offer a variety of chile-lime seasonings, including chamoy.

There Are Many Awesome Spicy Mexican Candies to Try!

Mexico, as expected, did not disappoint when it comes to tasty and savory hot candies. Whether you like lollipops, gummies, or other forms of candy, you may discover a fiery version to satisfy your sweet need.

Which of these fiery Mexican treats are you wanting to try? Do you have any suggestions to add to the list?


What is the most popular Mexican candy?

What is Mexico’s most popular candy?
De La Rosa Mazapan is ranked first. These delicious crumbly treats will melt in your tongue straight immediately.
Paleta Payaso is number two.
#3 Mango Vero.
Pelon Mini Tamarindo #4.
#7 Paleta Limon.
Diablo Chamoy Chili Seasoned Gummy Bears, No. 6.
Indy Dedos is ranked seventh.
Aldama Obleas is ranked eighth.

What is the spicy Mexican dish candy called?

There are several techniques to produce chamoy candy, but dulces enchilados (chile candies) are one of the most frequent in Mexico. This fiery Mexican delight is available from street sellers and supermarkets around the nation.

Does Mexico have spicy candy?

Many sweet foods in Mexico are spicy. This includes the many fruity varieties seen in today’s vibrant, colorful packaging of Mexican sweet sweets. Chili powder is a frequent flavor for many foods from this area, so prepare your taste buds for some extremely delightful heat!

What is a popular Mexican Christmas candy?

Chamoy peach rings are only one of the numerous varieties of this beloved Mexican confection. at Mexico, they are widely available at street vendor stalls, grocery stores, and even high-end confectionery shops. It’s spicy, sweet, sour, and acidic all at the same time—and very irresistible!

Is Tajin a candy?

WHY DOES IT SAY ON THE PACKAGING “THIS IS NOT CANDY”? TAJN® is so tasty that some children have been known to eat it directly from the bottle, as if it were candy. We want to ensure that the product is used as intended: to season fruits, vegetables, and other dishes.

What is the #1 most popular candy in America?

Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, which are white fudge, milk, or dark chocolate cups filled with peanut butter, are the best-selling candy in the United States.

Is all chamoy spicy?

Is Chamoy hot? It has a spicy taste since it contains chili powder. However, it is not “hot” since the sweetness of the prunes, apricots, and sugar balances it out.

Is there spicy candy?

Atomic Fireworks

A sweet with a name like that cannot be underestimated in terms of heat! Atomic Fireballs, created by the same firm that brought us Lemonheads, demonstrate that cinnamon-based candy can carry just as much heat as the rest of them.

What Mexican candy has a spoon?

This Mexican sweet staple is made with delicious tamarind-flavored chewy candy paste scooped into white plastic spoons! What exactly is tamarind (also known as tamarindo)?

What is the most spiciest thing in Mexico?

The hottest chiles in Mexico
Poblano peppers. This chili pepper is highly prized in Mexican cuisine.
Serrano peppers. The serrano chilli is one of the mildest hot chillies, so if you’re accustomed to spicy chillies, you’ll like this one.
Chile de roque.
Chilli from Manzano.
Chipotle Habanero.

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