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5 Pie Pan Substitutes

Ah, pie. The most popular Christmas treat. When it comes time to make your favorite pie recipe and you realize you don’t have a pie pan, you may worry. There are several fantastic pie plate options, including cake pans, tart pans, and even a DIY approach that requires no pans. Hi! My name is Shea, […]

Baking Basics

Why is My Buttercream Grainy and How to Fix it

Buttercream is one of my favorite frostings for cakes and cupcakes, but it is not without flaws. Buttercream disasters range from excessively runny nightmares to gritty blunders. If you have a grainy buttercream, the good news is that you can remedy it fast. When using too-cold butter or unsifted powdered sugar, buttercream often gets gritty. […]


Is it safe to microwave Kitchenaid plastic mixing bowls?

Kitchenaid items are popular among many individuals. Okay, I’ll confess it. I, too, am a fan. What more can I say? Kitchenaid creates dependable, practical, and amazing goods that will quickly become your go-to kitchen equipment. While customers have many queries regarding these goods, one of the most common is whether the plastic mixing bowls […]

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