Baking Poppy Seed Replacement

Baking Poppy Seed Replacement

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Poppy seeds are a vital element in a variety of recipes, including lemon cakes, banana bread, and plain old-fashioned poppy seed cake. But, if your recipe asks for poppy seeds and you don’t have any, you can always substitute roasted sesame seeds or chia seeds.

Hello there! My name is Shea, and if I’m being really honest, I like baked goods with poppy seeds. There’s something about those nutty, crispy nuggets that truly provide a pop of flavor to whatever baked dish they decorate.

Yet, unless they had purchased them for another baking recipe, few individuals have poppy seeds on hand. If you find yourself in this bizarre scenario, don’t be afraid to make a substitute.

Continue reading to learn more about poppy seed replacements for baking.

What Can I Substitute for Poppy Seeds?

If you don’t have any poppy seeds. In baking, there are a few excellent replacements for poppy seeds. You’re almost certain to have at least one of these subs on hand.

1. Toasted Sesame Seeds

Toasted sesame seeds are the ideal alternative for poppy seeds in baking or otherwise.

Sesame seeds have the same nutlike taste as poppy seeds and may be used in almost any dish. Nevertheless, gently toasting them intensifies the nutty taste, making them more comparable to poppy seeds.

They also have the same texture as poppy seeds.

You may recreate the color of poppy seeds by purchasing black or brown sesame seeds.

Needless to say, swapping roasted sesame seeds for poppy seeds will deceive virtually everyone.

Flax Seeds 2

Flax seeds don’t appear like poppy seeds, but their texture and nutty taste are quite similar. You’ll appreciate the flavor if you use them in any baking recipe.

3. Hemp Seeds 

Hemp seeds are more difficult to deal with. To be used in baking recipes, they must be ground down. Although you won’t be able to see the hemp seeds in your dessert, the nutty flavor will be there.

Can You Use Chia Seeds instead of Poppy Seeds in Baking?

Chia seeds have received a lot of attention in recent years as a result of its outstanding health advantages, so it’s not unusual for individuals to have them on hand.

Can they be used in place of poppy seeds? Absolutely.

When it comes to the texture and look of poppy seeds, chia seeds deliver. Their taste is milder than poppy seeds, but they still have nutty overtones that work nicely in a variety of cuisines.

When utilizing chia seeds in baking recipes, however, you must use extreme caution. When chia seeds come into touch with liquid, they expand. This might result in soggy and sticky seeds rather than the desired crispy and crisp feel.

Poppy Seed Substitute for Lemon Cake

The original Lemon Poppy Seed Cake is one of the most popular baked dishes using poppy seeds. (Just reading the title of that dish makes my mouth swim!)

That considered, it’s not unexpected that bakers are looking for the ideal substitute for poppy seeds in lemon cake.

Once again, roasted sesame seeds are the finest substitute for poppy seeds. If you just have flax seeds, go ahead and use them. Since flax seeds are not the same as poppy seeds, your lemon cake will have a distinct appearance. Nonetheless, the taste and texture will not change. Yum!


Toasted sesame seeds, chia seeds, hemp seeds, and flax seeds are the four finest poppy seed substitutes for baking. Do you want to know more? These are some important frequently asked questions you won’t want to miss.

What do poppy seeds add to baking?

Poppy seeds are often used in baking to offer a rich and nutty taste as well as a crunchy texture. They may, however, be used for more than that. They may also be used as fat substitutes, flour enhancers, or thickening agents in baking.

Are nigella seeds and poppy seeds the same?

Poppy seeds are not the same as nigella seeds. Although they may be used interchangeably in savory meals, they should not be utilized in sweet sweets.

This is due to the smokiness of the seed, which does not mix well with cakes, cupcakes, and other baked goods.

Should poppy seeds be soaked before baking?

While it is not required, poppy seeds may be soaked before baking. Before adding them to the rest of the ingredients, soak them in hot milk, water, or oil. Soaking softens the exterior layer, releasing more nutty flavor and scent into your baked products.

Final Words

Poppy seeds are a fantastic ingredient to many baked items, but roasted sesame seeds or chia seeds may simply be replaced. Flax seeds and hemp seeds may also be utilized, however they are less common.


Can I skip poppy seeds?

If poppy seeds are used as a garnish, in little amounts, or if you don’t like the taste, just leave them out. They have little effect on baking or cooking qualities, don’t contribute or absorb much moisture, and are most noticeable in the texture of your dish.

What can I use instead of poppy seeds for bagel?

Chia seeds are an excellent alternative for black poppy seeds. They have a similar flavor, texture, and appearance. The primary difference between these seeds is how they absorb moisture. If you combine chia seeds with fluids, they will absorb the moisture, puff up, and become softer.

What do poppy seeds do in baking?

Poppy seeds serve numerous purposes in baked foods, including: Flavor: offer a deep nutty taste that may be enhanced by toasting. Aroma: a faint nutty scent is provided. Texture: adds a crunchy texture.

What do poppy seeds add to cake?

Poppy seeds added to the beautiful lemon loaf cake provide a great crunchy texture.

Do poppy seeds add flavor?

Poppy seeds, which are most often linked with bagels and breads, are sometimes overlooked among the various seeds we use in cooking. Poppy seeds not only add taste and texture to meals, but they also have some excellent health advantages.

Are poppy seeds same as sesame seeds?

Poppy seeds are smaller in size and have a harsh flavor when compared to sesame seeds.

Why do people put poppy seeds in muffins?

The almond gives the meal a lot of sweetness. Poppy seeds offer a nice taste and texture to the luscious vanilla cake. This Almond Bread recipe is similar to Poppy Seed Bread. Poppy Seed Muffins are moist and bakery-worthy.

What herb is similar to poppy?

Corydalis, a Chinese poppy plant, offers many of the same pain-relieving properties as opium, but without the bad side effects. In fact, recent clinical research demonstrate that Corydalis may be utilized to treat acute, chronic, and even neurological pain.

Does everything but the bagel seasoning have poppy seeds?

This simple (yet exceptional) combination of sesame seeds (white and black), poppy seeds, dried garlic & onion, and sea salt flakes is all you need to add that crunchy, roasted, savory flavor to grilled chicken, buttered popcorn, baked potatoes, creamy dips, pizza dough, salad dressings, pasta, mac & cheese, or panko-…

What do poppy seeds do for flavor?

Quality poppy seeds, a baker’s hidden weapon, may give a nutty, musky earthiness to breads and pastries. Poppy seeds, like leftover confetti from a party, are sometimes seen as needless adornment on Kaiser rolls, bagels, and the often boring lemon-scented muffin.

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