Cake Replacement for Sour Cream

Cake Replacement for Sour Cream

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Cake with sour cream? That’s correct. Sour cream is a high-fat dairy product that produces a creamy, luscious cake that melts in your mouth. If you don’t have sour cream, substitutions like as yogurt, mayonnaise, and buttermilk will provide excellent results.

Hi! My name is Shea, and nothing beats a really moist cake. Yum! Sour cream is one component of the velvety richness, but it is not the only one. To be honest, I seldom have sour cream on hand, so I’ve tried several of these replacements.

Sour cream should be included in your cake mix if you want to achieve cake excellence. Yet I understand that life may get in the way. If you run out of sour cream, you can still make a wonderful cake that will go in seconds.

Let’s start baking!

Why Do Cakes Need Sour Cream?

Consider the most luscious, velvety slice of cake you’ve ever had. I’d venture an educated guess that there was sour cream in the batter. How did I find out? Because sour cream is the secret to creating luscious, rich cakes like you’ve never seen before.

I’ll be honest with you: sour cream isn’t always necessary. In truth, most recipes do not call for sour cream (although they should).

Cakes do not need sour cream, but they should contain sour cream. Sour cream keeps the cake moist and creamy while reducing the possibility of browning or thinning.

Substitutes for Sour Cream in Cake

I have another confession to make. I’m not a big fan of sour cream (please dont judge me). Unless I want to bake a better cake, I seldom have sour cream on hand in my kitchen. Hence, when I need to bake a cake on the spur of the moment, I use one of these substitutes.

1. Yogurt

When I need to replace sour cream, I always go for yogurt. Not only does it work well, but I am also a huge yogurt enthusiast. (Did I mention I could eat it on a regular basis? No? Ok.)

Since yogurt and sour cream have comparable qualities, they may be used as a 1:1 substitution for sour cream. Which yogurt, though, is the best?

  • Plain full fat – Remember, fat = an ultra-rich and moist cake. For the most richness and creamy texture possible, go for plain full-fat yogurt.
  • Plain Greek yogurt – Any health nuts in the building? If you want to give your cake a bit of a healthy boost, then consider Greek yogurt. It’s got lots of protein and other healthy ingredients your body will thank you for, plus it enhances cakey goodness.
  • Flavored full fat – Now, don’t always opt for flavored full fat yogurt. It can change the flavor. But if you want to enhance flavor, then choose a similarly flavored yogurt. For example, a pineapple cake would benefit from pineapple or coconut-flavored yogurt.

While using flavored yogurt, however, use caution. Since flavored yogurts include sugars and other components, they may somewhat modify the final result.

You can also use low-fat or nonfat yogurt, but I don’t suggest it. It will have no effect on the cake-baking process. Your cake will still be fluffy and delicious. It simply won’t taste as delicious as if you used full-fat.

2. Mayonnaise

Please don’t act as if you don’t have mayonnaise in your fridge right now. If you like sandwiches, this is probably something you always have on hand. It’s also an excellent substitute for sour cream!

Mayo and sour cream are similarly comparable, albeit mayo lacks the tang of sour cream. It may be used in cake batters at a 1:1 ratio. If you want to increase the tanginess, use equal parts mayo and plain full-fat yogurt.

3. Buttermilk

Using liquid as a substitute for sour cream? Yes, why not? Of course, utilizing buttermilk will not be the same as using yogurt or mayonnaise in a straightforward 1:1 ratio. Instead, use 1 cup of sour cream for every cup of cup.

Certainly, your batter will be thinner than you are used to. You can only rely on the process. (By the way, if you’re a new baker, you’ll have to get accustomed to that term; we use it a lot).

4. Kefir

I wanted to propose an out-of-the-box but fashionable and healthful alternative to sour cream kefir. If you’ve never heard of it or tried it, I recommend doing some research and tasting!

Kefir is just fermented milk with a sour taste. Since sour cream has a tangy flavor, kefir is an excellent replacement. It is, however, a liquid that, like buttermilk, should be used in a cup for one cup ratio with sour cream.

Thin batter is to be anticipated once again. Don’t be alarmed. Let the components to interact and do their thing. As you take the cake out of the oven, you’ll be amazed at how wonderfully it turned out.

What’s the greatest part? When you use kefir, your cake will get a lot of protein, phosphorous, and B12. Who said that succulent desserts had to be bad? (Wink)


Well, we now know that yogurt, mayo, buttermilk, and kefir are excellent sour cream substitutes. Yet there is still so much to learn! Check out these commonly asked questions to find answers to all of your inquiries.

What does sour cream do in baking?

We mentioned it previously, but it produces a luscious and creamy cake that will not brown or thin. Sour cream, on the other hand, isn’t only for cakes; it can be utilized in many aspects of baking. It will have the same impact as delectable baked items that always pleasure the palate.

How do you make sour cream without sour cream?

You may produce your own sour cream if you have a lot of time and the correct ingredients. 1 cup cream and 1 teaspoon lemon juice (or distilled white vinegar). Let the mixture to settle for 10 minutes. Stir with another cup of whole milk. Let to sit for up to 48 hours, covered.

Is sour cream and yogurt the same?

Lactic acid and bacteria are mixed into milk. Yogurt is milk that has been fermented with lactic acid and microorganisms. As a result, you may use them interchangeably in your cake recipe. While they seem similar, sour cream and yogurt are not the same. Sour cream is a kind of cream.

How do I make a moist cake?

There are several techniques to make a cake moist, ranging from using sour cream, butter, and oil to avoiding over-mixing or over-baking. With a little trial and error, you can quickly make delicious cakes that everyone will like.

Final Thoughts

Everyone wishes for a moist cake. Sour cream is well-known in the baking industry to be essential. Some useful substitutes include yogurt, mayonnaise, buttermilk, and kefir. These will provide comparable outcomes that will excite your taste senses.

Have you ever made a cake using sour cream or any of these substitutes? Did you like the outcome? Please share your baking tales with us in the comments section!


What can I substitute for sour cream in a cake recipe?

Plain yogurt (the BEST replacement) – By far the most similar to sour cream. Plain yogurt with fat (ideally whole or 2% fat) is optimal. You may use either Greek yogurt or normal yogurt as a one-to-one substitution in almost any recipe. Crème fraîche is the second best choice.

Can I skip sour cream in a recipe?

To make a comparable consistency and taste to sour cream, combine 1 cup cottage cheese (small curd is closest in texture) with 14 cup milk and 2 tablespoons lemon juice.

Can I use milk instead of sour cream in baking?

If you’re seeking for a sour cream replacement in baking, these are the finest options: entire buttermilk, whole milk, evaporated milk, milk powder, heavy whipped cream, plain kefir, Greek yogurt, plain yogurt, cream cheese, crème fraîche, ricotta cheese, Mexican crema, mayonnaise, coconut cream, and cashew cream are all ingredients.

Is sour cream necessary for cake?

According to Wilk, sour cream is one of the fattiest dairy products; the added fat content (for example, using sour cream instead of milk in a cake) will make the cake moister and richer. “Fat, in any form (butter, lard, milk, etc.), shortens gluten strands, resulting in the most soft baked products,” she continues.

Can I omit sour cream in cake?

Sour cream is a high-fat dairy product that produces a creamy, luscious cake that melts in your mouth. If you don’t have sour cream, substitutions like as yogurt, mayonnaise, and buttermilk will provide excellent results.

What can I use instead of sour cream in a cake recipe dairy free?

Coconut cream (the layer of cream that rises to the top of a can of coconut milk) may be used as a nondairy sour cream alternative, making it perfect for those with dairy allergies and dietary limitations.

How to make sour cream in 5 minutes?

In baking, yogurt may be used in place of sour cream. If it still lacks the acidity of sour cream, add 1 teaspoon lemon juice or 1 teaspoon apple cider vinegar to 1 cup full-fat active bio Greek yogurt. Mix well and set aside for 5 minutes.

What does sour cream do in baking?

Sour cream provides moisture without thinning the batter as a liquid would. Since sour cream adds moisture without thinning down the batter, the result is a cake with a very soft, fine crumb.

Can you use applesauce instead of sour cream in baking?

Applesauce Replaces Part of the Sugar and Fat – There is still sugar and butter in this coffee cake, but not as much as you would expect. Both may be replaced with applesauce. Sour Cream for Moisture and Texture – To make the cake more soft and moist, sour cream has been used.

How much milk do you use instead of sour cream?

1. Yogurt or sour cream. Sour cream or full-fat yogurt may be used in place of whole milk. This alternative may be used to make fast breads or to add creaminess to pan sauces.

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