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Baking Basics

Thawing Cool Whip

Did you know that Cool Whip was created to help people save time? Isn’t it a little counterintuitive? Because it is sold frozen and must be thawed before usage. It’s happened to me a few times: I need cold whip for a dessert and all I have is a hard frozen block. The aggravation was […]

Baking Basics

Baking vs Cooking: What’s The Difference?

Cooking and baking are two processes that may be used in the process of preparing meals. Even though the two may have the same goal in mind, which is to create tasty food, there are significant differences between them. These differences include the types of food that are produced, the appliances, tools, and equipment that […]

Baking Basics

Is Baking Powder Bad for You?

Baking calls for the employment of a variety of chemical leavening agents, the most common of which being baking powder. The chemical is fully safe for human consumption when it is used in concentrations that are considered to be low. It is possible to consume an excessive amount of baking powder, which might result in […]

Baking Basics

Can You Eat Fondant? (Why and Why Not?)

These days, I find myself watching baking programs a bit too often, and I’m constantly in awe of the beautiful patterns they produce with fondant that you might very well call art. When I was younger, I used to be able to make it through an entire season of a show without becoming bored. And […]

Baking Basics

Is Baking Soda an Acid or Base?

Due to its pH value of 9, baking soda is considered to be a basic. A base is defined as any material that has a pH level that is greater than 7 (neutral). My name is Shea, and for as long as anybody can remember, I’ve had a passion for baking. Well, that’s not really […]

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