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Is it safe to microwave Kitchenaid plastic mixing bowls?

Kitchenaid items are popular among many individuals. Okay, I’ll confess it. I, too, am a fan. What more can I say? Kitchenaid creates dependable, practical, and amazing goods that will quickly become your go-to kitchen equipment. While customers have many queries regarding these goods, one of the most common is whether the plastic mixing bowls […]


Is Water a Beverage?

There are several quandaries out there, particularly when it comes to eating and drink. Some individuals believe Oreos to be chocolate, while others do not. Another perennial conundrum is whether or not water constitutes a beverage. Is that correct? Personally, I believe water to be a beverage since it quenches thirst and is marketed and […]


Is Nutella Perishable, and Can You Eat Old Nutella?

Many folks are nuts about Nutella. Who could blame them? The combination of rich chocolate and delightful hazelnut is irresistible, and this product tastes great on everything. Nutella, on the other hand, spoils with time. Nutella has a 12-month shelf life once opened, however the quality starts to decrease after six months. Unopened jars of […]


Why is Smeg so pricey?

Smeg is well-known for its beautiful retro-style appliances. If you’re going for a 50s look, you’ll want (need) these gadgets in your kitchen. They are not noted just for their striking beauty. The exorbitant price tags have also earned them a reputation in the shopping world. Then why is Smeg so expensive? It all comes […]

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