Does Dairy Queen Have Chocolate Ice Cream?

Does Dairy Queen Have Chocolate Ice Cream?

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Dairy Queen is certainly one of the top ice cream shops. Their incredibly creamy soft serve melts in your tongue and transports you to ice cream nirvana.

But every chocolate ice cream enthusiast wants to know whether they can obtain chocolate ice cream at Dairy Queen.

The true answer is perhaps. It is determined by the location. Some Dairy Queens specialize on chocolate ice cream, while others specialize in vanilla. Even if the shop does not sell chocolate ice cream, there are a variety of chocolate-filled delights that will fulfill your chocolate hunger.

Hello there, everyone! I’m Shea, and if I’m being really honest, I visit Dairy Queen at least three times every month. It’s a great vacation for my kids and myself, particularly after a long and hot summer day in Southern California.

Continue reading to find out whether Dairy Queen sells chocolate ice cream.

Does Dairy Queen Have Chocolate Ice Cream?

Does Dairy Queen Have Chocolate Ice Cream?

Chocolate ice cream is available at several Dairy Queens. Others, however, do not. Because Dairy Queens are franchised, the owners and operators are not required to serve chocolate ice cream if they do not choose to.

Why would they not want to? There are two basic causes behind this:

  • It is possible that it will not be lucrative. The franchise owner may believe that by supplying chocolate ice cream, they would receive the most bang for their cash. As a result, they may just abandon it entirely.
  • There may not be enough space. Some Dairy Queen locations are extremely tiny. They may not have enough room to accommodate a brand-new piece of equipment to serve chocolate ice cream to their customers.

4 Chocolate Ice Cream Options at Dairy Queen

Yes, if your local Dairy Queen serves chocolate ice cream, you can have chocolate ice cream there. However, if your local franchise does not sell plain chocolate ice cream, you are not without options.

Dairy Queen provides a variety of chocolate delicacies to suit any chocolate appetite, large or little. Some of these alternatives are available all year, while others are only available during certain seasons.

Here are some of the greatest chocolate ice cream selections.

1. Chocolate Dipped Cones

Dairy Queen’s dipped ice cream cones are one of its key charms. Sure, you can go with butterscotch, fruity blast, or sprinkles. You may also go with chocolate.

A chocolate-dipped cone is delicious (believe me, my mom orders it every time we go to Dairy Queen, and I always steal a taste).

Image from Dairy Queen

The dipped portion is like a crunchy shell that is so immensely chocolaty that you will forget youre consuming vanilla ice cream underneath.

2. Sundaes

Do you dislike ice cream cones? Instead, order a sundae!

Dairy Queen sundaes are out of this world. What’s more, guess what? They are available in two flavors that every chocolate aficionado would enjoy: chocolate and hot fudge.

Image from Dairy Queen

Order one of these sundaes with vanilla ice cream swirled on top. Viola! You have an icy treat that looks and tastes just like your favorite chocolate ice cream. Yum.

3. Royal Treats

Choose one of the few Royal Treats available at most Dairy Queen stores to give yourself the royal treatment.

The Peanut Buster Parfait is a great option among the sweets appropriate for a queen and king. This decadent dessert blends the ideal combo of peanut butter with hot fudge. If you like peanut butter and chocolate, you won’t want to miss out on this delicious taste.

Image from Dairy Queen

There’s also the Brownie and Oreo Cupfection and the Triple Chocolate Brownie, which combine chocolate classics like brownies and Oreos with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. There’s so much wonderful things.

4. Blizzard Treats

If you’re going to Dairy Queen, you’re almost certainly going to get one of their renowned Blizzard desserts. Who would blame you? The finest ice cream desserts on the globe are Dairy Queen blizzards.

Image from Dairy Queen

Dairy Queen Blizzard flavors vary on a regular basis. However, some of the most chocolaty alternatives to look out for are:

  • Oreo Dirt Pie
  • Choco Brownie Extreme
  • Oreo Cookie
  • M&M
  • Snickers


So much great information regarding Dairy Queen’s chocolate selections! If you’re still curious in this subject, here are some interesting FAQs to read.

Did Dairy Queen get rid of chocolate ice cream?

Dairy Queen did not necessarily discontinue chocolate ice cream. They simply made it an option for franchise owners. As a result, it is no longer required for Dairy Queens. That doesn’t mean there aren’t lots of chocolate options. Just look at the lengthy list above!

Does Dairy Queen have chocolate ice cream cones?

Chocolate ice cream cones are available at certain Dairy Queen locations. If the shop offers chocolate ice cream cones, they will almost certainly also offer a variation that blends chocolate and vanilla soft serve. However, when chocolate ice cream is not required, vanilla may be the sole option.

Can you get a Dairy Queen Blizzard with chocolate ice cream?

If the Dairy Queen sells chocolate ice cream, you can have a chocolate Blizzard. Most Dairy Queens, on the other hand, only offer vanilla ice cream. However, since the chocolate components are combined with vanilla ice cream, most people cannot tell the difference.

Does McDonald’s sell chocolate ice cream?

McDonald’s hasn’t had chocolate ice cream in a long time. As a result, it is reasonable to conclude that McDonald’s no longer offers chocolate ice cream. They do, however, provide other chocolatey alternatives, such as Dairy Queen, so you can still get your dose.

Final Words

The franchise determines whether or not Dairy Queen serves chocolate ice cream, however most do not. However, chocolate-laden delights such as chocolate-dipped ice cream cones, sundaes, royal treats, and Blizzards are still available. You won’t miss the chocolate ice cream with these!

Is chocolate ice cream available at your local Dairy Queen? What is your favorite delicacy to order from this delectable eatery? Share your thoughts in the comments box below!


Why does Dairy Queen not serve chocolate ice cream?

Why does DQ not sell chocolate ice cream? Hi Ken! The bulk of our restaurants, as you may know, are independently owned and run. Chocolate Soft Serve is available, although it is not a mandatory menu item.

Can you get a blizzard made with chocolate ice cream?

Chocolate Chip Blizzard from Dairy Queen

The Chocolate Chip Blizzard is essentially vanilla ice cream that has been dipped in the chocolate that their ice cream cones are soaked in if you want a chocolate dipped cone. This famous DQ Chocolate Chip Blizzard doesn’t get any better than this!

Does Dairy Queen do chocolate soft serve?

Dairy Queen Chocolate Soft Serve Nutrition Facts • MyFoodDiary®

Does Dairy Queen have chocolate and vanilla soft serve?

Bar of Chocolate Dilly

Vanilla soft serve frozen and coated in our crispy chocolate cone coating from Dairy Queen.

Is Dairy Queen getting rid of chocolate ice cream?

They no longer serve it. Apparently, it is not a mandatory menu item for DQ franchisees.

Does Dairy Queen do chocolate blizzards?

Available at participating DQ® locations.

What are the new Blizzard flavors for 2023?

Your summer taste headquarters! Stop by your local DQ® Restaurant to sample the NEW DQ® Summer Blizzard Treat Menu, which includes two new flavors: Peanut Butter Puppy Chow and Oreo Brookie, as well as returning favorites like S’mores, Cotton Candy, and Choco-Dipped Strawberry.

Can you customize your Blizzard at DQ?

Did you know you could personalize your DQ blizzard? #dairyqueen #personalization…

Does Dairy Queen have to flip your Blizzard?

To this day, Dairy Queen reminds customers that their Blizzard is free if the staff who serves it does not successfully complete the flip first. Of course, it’s worth noting that a FAQ page states that the “flip or free” offer is up to individual DQ franchisees’ discretion.

Can you get a chocolate cone at Dairy Queen?

This is a DQ® classic. Enjoy our legendary soft serve. A little dipped cone is seen here; a kid’s dipped cone is not shown.

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