Egg Substitute for Cookies

Egg Substitute for Cookies

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Egg-free recipes are popular these days, so it’s no wonder that egg replacement for cookies is a popular search term. The good news is that substituting eggs in your cookies is a simple process. Applesauce, tofu, flaxseed, and other popular items are all suitable.

Vegan customer or baking cookies for a loved one with an egg allergy?Hi! My name is Shea, and I’ve certainly experimented with baking without eggs. It’s wonderful to take a vacation from eggs every now and again, particularly if I’m working for a vegetarian.

If you’ve ever wondered how to make egg-free cookie batter, you’ve come to the correct spot. You’ll discover plenty of excellent solutions below that will get the job done perfectly the first time.

Put on your aprons, and lets make some cookies!

Egg Substitute for Cookies

Egg Substitute for Cookies

When it comes to egg replacement for cookies, there are many of possibilities, so it’s simple to discover one that works for you. Most of these components are also stuff you probably already have on hand, so you won’t have to go to the shop to locate a substitute.

1. Flaxseed + Water

Anyone avoiding dairy will discover that flaxseed and water are promoted as a substitute for eggs. That being said, it’s no secret that the flaxseed and water combo is utilized in a variety of baking recipes, including cookies.

To substitute an egg with flaxseed and water, combine one tablespoon of ground flaxseed with three tablespoons of water. These substances, when combined, provide the same binding as a conventional egg.

The greatest thing is that flaxseeds will not change the taste of your baked goods. Furthermore, flaxseed is a healthful component that offers your very sweet cookie a nutritional boost. Who could possibly object to that?

2. Applesauce

Any baker will tell you that applesauce is their go-to substitute for eggs in cookie recipes. One of the major advantages of utilizing applesauce as an egg replacement is that it has a neutral taste that will not interfere with the outcome.

The easiest approach to substitute applesauce for an egg is to use a cup of applesauce for every egg called for in the recipe. Then, add a sprinkle of baking powder to give your cookies more leavening while also lowering the likelihood of weighed-down, flat cookies.

3. Silken Tofu

Is there anything this enchanted substance cannot do? Of course, I’ll eat tofu in whatever form it comes in, from baked to fried. However, I will puree silken tofu to add to specific dishes, like as cookies.

Silken tofu is an excellent substitute for eggs in cookie recipes. Why? Because of its creamy and rich texture, it may be used as a quick leavener. Furthermore, tofu has minimal flavor and absorbs the aromas and flavors of its surroundings.

As a result, silken tofu will not interfere with the taste in any way. If anything, the cookie taste will be more pronounced! In your batter, replace one egg with one cup of blended silken tofu.

4. Chia + Water

Another wonderful alternative for individuals looking to give their cookies a healthy boost of Omega-3s, protein, and fiber. The secret is to utilize pulverized chia seeds rather than whole seeds. If you’re like me and purchase whole chia seeds, be sure to ground them first!

To create a chia seed egg, just combine one tablespoon of ground chia seed with three tablespoons of water for each egg called for in the recipe. Allow the mixture to settle for about five minutes before adding it to the batter.

5. Oil + Water

Water and oil? So why not? This is maybe the simplest way for substituting eggs in a cookie recipe. Simply combine two teaspoons of water with one tablespoon of oil. This ensures moist, delectably soft cookies every time.

The important thing is to pick oils that will not alter the taste character. Use oils such as canola or vegetable oil. Coconut oil may have a coconut taste to it. Olive oil has a strong taste that might alter the outcome.

6. Aquafaba

If you appreciate baking industry lingo, you’ve probably heard of aquafaba. I haven’t tried this alternative yet, but everyone seems to love it. That is why I am including it here.

But what exactly is aquafaba, and how does it work? Aquafaba is the liquid that comes from canned or cooked beans. So, if you have a can of chickpeas or black beans on hand, pour the liquid into a cup and use it as a substitute.

The ideal method to utilize this liquid gold is to replace one egg with three tablespoons of aquafaba. And don’t worry, the taste profile will not change. You don’t have to cook the beans beforehand, but it’s a good idea if you’re using them in another dish.


Egg Substitute for Cookies

It is simple to substitute eggs in cookie recipes. From flaxseed and chia seeds to tofu and applesauce, you can usually find a substitute in your pantry. If you still have questions regarding egg alternatives for cookies, keep reading to get the answers.

What happens if you don’t put eggs in cookies?

If you don’t add eggs or an egg substitute to the cookie dough, you’ll get really thick cookies that are difficult to chew. There might also be concerns with dryness and a lack of leavening. Overall, eggless cookie dough is a nightmare waiting to happen, so avoid it at all costs.

Is Mayo a substitute for eggs?

Yes, mayo may be used in place of eggs. Is it suitable for baking cookies? Not quite. While mayonnaise includes eggs, its high oil content might cause cookies to be overly thick. Furthermore, since mayonnaise includes eggs, it is not a vegan-friendly option.

What does adding an extra egg to cookies do?

Adding an additional egg yolk to cookie dough improves the chewiness that so many cookie lovers like. Of course, adding more egg substitutes is unlikely to provide the same results, so bear that in mind while baking.

Can you make Betty Crocker cookies without eggs?

Sure! In fact, the Betty Crocker website recommends several of the items listed above as excellent egg substitutes. They go on to say that a can of diet Coke may likewise be used as an egg replacer. Please share your thoughts if you attempt this strategy.

Final Thoughts

Just because you’re going egg-free doesn’t mean you can’t make cookies. There are several possibilities available in your kitchen. Use a combination of flaxseed, chia seeds, oil and water, or a fruity option like applesauce.

Do you utilize eggs in your cookies, or do you replace something else? Share your favorite egg alternative for cookies in the comments so we can try it!


How do you bind cookies without eggs?

16 egg replacements
Banana mashed. When baking or creating pancake batter, mashed banana may function as a binding agent.
Applesauce. Applesauce is also a binding agent.
Pureed fruit. Fruit puree, like applesauce, will aid to bind a dish.
Xanthan gum is a kind of gum.
Baking powder and vegetable oil.

What is the best egg replacer?

Flaxseed Meal is the best egg substitute. Flaxseeds are high in omega-3 fatty acids and have an earthy, nutty taste.
Chia seed.
Banana mashed.
Tofu that has been silken.
Baking Powder + Vinegar.

What can I substitute for 1 egg yolk in cookies?

In a separate dish, add 1 tablespoon vinegar and 1 teaspoon baking soda to substitute 1 egg yolk. Mix until barely blended, then immediately add into the other ingredients.

What is a vegan substitute for 1 egg in cookies?

9 Best Flaxseed Egg Substitutes for Baking Egg. 1 egg equals 1 tbsp powdered flaxseed + 3 tbsp water.
The Chia Egg. 1 egg equals 1 tablespoon chia seeds plus 3 tablespoons water.
Applesauce. 1 egg equals 14 cup applesauce.
Pureed pumpkin. 1 egg equals 14 cup pumpkin puree.
Banana mashed.
Apple cider vinegar and baking soda.
Tofu that has been silken.
Unsweetened plant-based yogurt

Can I use oil in cookies instead of eggs?

Per egg, combine 2 tablespoons water and 1 teaspoon baking powder.2 tablespoons vegetable oil mixed with 1-1Oil is used for eggs in recipes where the egg is used as a leavening agent to help the baked products rise. To make the substitute, combine 1-1.

What acts as a binder in cookies?

Gluten in wheat flour acts as a binder for the elements in a recipe, holding everything together. In the absence of gluten, baking with nut flours requires the use of other binders to produce the same texture and fluffiness.

Can I use milk instead of eggs in cookies?

Eggs may be replaced with water, milk, or water combined with milk powder.

What is a commercial egg substitute for baking?

Pro Mix® egg replacement powder has been professionally formulated to replace up to 100% of egg usage in a broad range of applications. Cookies, doughnuts, cakes, biscuits, scones, cornbread, muffins, pancakes, waffles, béarnaise & hollandaise sauce, mayonnaise & salad dressings, and confectionery nougat are all examples of applications.

What is the product that is closest to replace eggs for vegans?

Silken and firm tofu

Firm tofu is an excellent substitute for eggs in savory meals such as eggless quiches, lasagne, vegan egg salad, or a morning scramble. One egg may be replaced with a quarter cup of pureed silken tofu. Tofu is widely accessible at supermarkets.

How much oil do I substitute for egg in cookies?

Per egg, combine 2 tablespoons water and 1 teaspoon baking powder.As a leavening agent, use 2 tablespoons vegetable oil with 1 egg.

For recipes that predominantly employ eggs as a leavening ingredient, consider a commercial egg substitute product (see above) or the following mixture: 1-1

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