How Big is a Quarter Sheet Cake

How Big is a Quarter Sheet Cake

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Are you planning a large celebration and require a cake but are perplexed by the sizes of sheet cakes? You are not alone, but we are here to help. Quarter sheet cakes are 9×13 in size and often 2 inches tall. The serving size might range from 12 to 54 persons.

Hello! Shea is my name, and I like cakes. Sheet cakes are among of my favorite baked and eaten treats, so I know a thing or two about cake sizes. I’ve been making cakes for over 10 years and enjoy every minute of it. I hope you like them as much as I do!

Sheet cakes come in a variety of sizes, including quarter, half, and whole. This page will describe how large a quarter sheet cake is, as well as some other useful facts, such as serving size capabilities.

Lets talk about sheet cakes, everyone!

How Big is a Quarter Sheet Cake

How Big is a Quarter Sheet Cake

When it comes to the size of a quarter sheet cake, the answer is simple: it is one-fourth the size of a full sheet cake. That’s fantastic. But what are the particulars? A quarter sheet cake, on the other hand, is normally 9 inches by 13 inches in size.

How Deep are Quarter Sheet Cakes?

Quarter sheet cakes are often two inches tall as well. However, the depth of the quarter sheet cake might vary depending on who bakes it and how it is cooked. Some pans are just deeper than others, and the results may vary.

How Many People Will a Quarter Sheet Cake Feed?

The number of serves is determined by two factors: the size of the cake and the size of the portions. Obviously, a deeper quarter sheet cake will be able to serve more people. More people will be served if the quarter sheet cake is cut into little pieces.

A quarter sheet cake typically serves between 30 and 50 people. But first, consider the number of servings based on the exact serving sizes of a 9x13x2 quarter sheet cake.

1”x2” Serving Up to 54 people
2”x2” Serving Up to 24 People
2”x3” Serving Up to 18 People
3”x3” Serving Up to 12 People

*These are just rough approximations. If you’re feeding 50 or more people, I suggest going with a half or full-sheet cake to ensure that everyone gets a nice chunk.

*Use the following calculation to get an exact estimate of how many people can be served: Number of servings = pan area (pan length X width) cake serving size area (a piece of cake length X width).


How Big is a Quarter Sheet Cake

A quarter sheet cake is one-fourth of a full-size sheet cake and may accommodate both a large and small crowd, depending on the size of the portions. If you have any more queries concerning quarter sheet cake size and information, please see the commonly asked questions below.

How much does a 1/4 sheet cake feed?

It all depends on the size of the portions. A good piece of cake may easily serve 30 people. Smaller portions may accommodate up to 54 people. Larger servings serve around 12 people. Choose a larger-sized sheet cake if you need to serve more party attendees.

What size is a 1/4 sheet cake pan?

A sheet cake pan will typically measure 13 inches by 9 inches and be one or two inches deep. A sheet cake pan, on the other hand, may be significantly smaller, measuring 12 inches by 8 inches and being two or three inches deep.

How much cake do I need for 25 guests?

A cake at least 12 inches in diameter is required to serve 25 guests. This implies that a quarter sheet pan can comfortably serve a group of around 25 people with reasonable portion sizes. Don’t be afraid to size up on your cake if you want larger-than-life servings of cake.

What does a 1/2 sheet cake look like?

Are you considering having a sheet cake instead of a sheet cake? This cake size is normally 15 inches by 11 inches, although it may be somewhat bigger, measuring up to 16 inches by 12 inches.

Final Thoughts

A quarter sheet cake is 13 inches by 9 inches and is one to two inches deep. You can easily serve up to 30 people with ample serving sizes. Smaller slices may be cut into up to 54 pieces. It’s a wonderful choice for modest and small to medium-sized parties.

Have you ever had a 1⁄4 sheet cake delivered? Was it large enough for your gathering? Let us know how huge the celebration was and whether it was enough in the comments section!


How much does a 1 4 sheet cake feed?

The 4 (Quarter) Sheet Cake serves about 25 people and is rectangular in form. It comes with your choice of delicious cake flavor, accent color, customized message, and simple adornment.This easy and pleasant, 1

How much cake do I need for 25 guests?

40 people (3 layer 5045 serves) 55 servings 12″ round – 2 layer cake serves 3530 (3 layer 4035 servings) 10″ round – 2 layer cake serves 2525 people (3 layer 309″ round – 2 layer cake serves 20)

Is a 9×13 cake a quarter sheet?

Quarter sheet pans are 9′′ x 13′′. Eighth sheet pans are 9′′ x 6.5′′. Jelly roll pans are typically 10′′ x 15′′ or 12′′ x 17′′ in size. Full sheet pans measure 26′′ x 18′′ and are intended for use in commercial ovens.

What size cake will feed 30 people?

Tiers of Cake and Serving Sizes

A typical 12″ wedding cake feeds 40-60 guests. The 10″ cake on top of that serves 30-40 people, and the 8″ cake serves 20-25 people. A traditional three-tiered cake with tiers of 12, 10, and 8 inches serves around 100 people.

What does 1 4 of a sheet cake look like?

A quarter sheet cake is 9 x 13, a half sheet is 12 x 18, and there are sizes in between for matching a sheet cake to a box.

How many servings can you get from a 1 4 sheet cake?

Is your pan smaller than mine? Don’t worry, we done the math for you. A half-sheet pan yields 58 servings and a quarter-sheet pan yields 30 servings.

What size cake for 40 people?

12 inch cakes may feed 40 people quite generously, with each slice measuring around 1 inch across the back. A normal fork is about one inch broad. Keep in mind that a 12 inch cake’s thinner slice is 6 inches long and 4 or 5 inches tall. Of course, a big, thin piece of cake may be hard to handle.

What size cake do I need for 50 people?

If you intend on preparing or purchasing a tiered cake, keep in mind that a single 12-inch cake will generate around 25 servings, while 50 people would typically need three 10-inch cakes.

What size sheet cake will feed 25?

The 2 Sheet Cake Pan is 11 by 15 inches and serves 18 to 40 people. This size is ideal for an anniversary celebration or an interoffice party. A complete Sheet Cake Pan measures 18 by 24 inches and serves 48 to 96 people.A 1

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