How Long Should Cookies Be Left to Cool?

How Long Should Cookies Be Left to Cool?

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After you’ve perfected your cookie recipe, you can finally take a step back and relax. Until you discover there are some little aspects to consider, such as how long to allow cookies to chill. How long is the appropriate length of time? The objective is always to finish in five to 10 minutes.

Hi! Shea is my name, and I like cookies! Cookies are delightful, whether they are chocolate chip, peanut butter, or an entirely unique taste. Allowing cookies to cool is vital, however I will confess that it is difficult for me since I want to dig right in!

If you’re a baker who’s wondering how long to let their cookies to cool, you’re in luck. I’ve been baking for a long time and have experimented with various timings. I’m here today to discuss my results with you.

Who’s up for baking and cooling?

Why Do Cookies Need to Cool?

Before we get into cookie thickness and placement, let’s go over why cookies need to chill in the first place. The short answer is that cookies continue to bake for a few minutes after they are removed from the oven.

Outside of the oven, the scientific process of cookie baking takes place. Basically, the cookie’s starches and proteins heat up while the water evaporates, resulting in the ideal bite.

If the baking process is not allowed to cool completely, it will result in less than flawless cookie delicacies.

How Long to Let Cookies Cool?

Most cookies need to chill for around five to ten minutes before being transferred and devoured. Yet the solution isn’t as simple as you would expect. A lot goes into determining how long to let cookies to cool. Let us investigate more.

Cookie Thickness Matters

The thickness of the cookie is much more important than you would believe. Those who want a thinner, crisp cookie will need to let their cookies cool for a little longer than those who enjoy a really thick cookie. Nevertheless, the thickness of the cookies will decide how long they should chill.

Cookie Cooling Location is Important

If you’ve been chilling your cookies on a rack, you’re doing it correctly if you want crispy cookies. It’s nearly as essential where you chill your cookies as it is how long you let them cool. This might be perplexing, so let’s break it down.

  • Rack The rack is the most common location for a cookie to cool off. This is due to the fact that air easily circulates throughout the whole biscuit, enabling moisture to escape. This is the greatest choice for crispy cookies that need the least amount of moisture.
  • Baking dish Do you leave your cookies on the baking sheet to cool? This isn’t technically a baking no-no, but it should be avoided if you’re worried about your cookies burning beneath. Since the pan is hot, the cookies will continue to cook for a little longer.
  • Wood A wood pan is ideal for chewy cookies because it retains moisture effectively, and chewy cookies need a lot of moisture. These may take a little longer to chill.
  • Glass A glass tray isn’t really suggested unless you’re not in a hurry. Glass may take longer to chill your cookies, but it is an excellent choice for the moisture-loving chewy cookie.

So, How Long Should Cookies Cool?

There is no one-size-fits-all solution. Some individuals have really thick cookies and want a chewy outcome, so leaving them on the baking pan is the best option. Others want crispy cookies, thus they must be chilled for as short as a minute before being placed on the rack.

Nevertheless, for most typical cookies, just wait until the cookies have cooled enough to transfer them to your choice chilling device, which might be a rack, wood tray, glass tray, or even a paper towel. This usually happens around five minutes after taking the oven out.


Cookies may be difficult little delights, but the effort is well worth it. If you stick to cooling for five to ten minutes using a cooling rack, you’ll be OK unless you want to experiment with alternative ways. If you still have questions, see the list of frequently asked questions below.

Do cookies harden as they cool?

Sure, however the degree of hardness depends on where you chill the cookie. A cookie left on the baking sheet, for example, will stay chewy, but those transferred to a cooling rack within minutes would be crisper.

Do you have to let cookies cool?

Yes. Have you ever attempted to move a cookie too quickly? The majority of the time, it’s a catastrophe. The cookie will most likely crumble or turn wet. Even if you just let them cool for a minute, it’s preferable than attempting to whisk them away from the baking sheet immediately out of the oven.

Can I leave cookies out to cool overnight?

Although cookies have a long shelf life at room temperature, they should not be left out over night. Cookies may dry out and turn hard when exposed to air. It’s best to store them in an airtight jar on the counter for up to three days.

Should cookies still be soft when they come out of the oven?

Absolutely! Well, that is the aim right there. The cookies will continue to bake on the baking sheet for a few minutes before being transferred to a rack or tray, resulting in the ideal cookie texture. Don’t be alarmed if it seems overly soft or fluffy!

Final Thoughts

To acquire the best cookie texture and taste, allow your cookies to cool for at least five minutes. But, consider the sort of cookie you want to make. Thin, crisp cookies may be transferred more quickly than thick, mushy ones.

How long do you let your cookies cool before transferring them? Where do you keep your cookies to cool? Share your thoughts in the comments section!


How long does it take to completely cool cookies?

You’ve worked hard to bake and decorate these cookies, so let the icing to dry. When your freshly manufactured decorations do not have enough time to set, they are prone to nicks and smudges. Follow this advice: Let the cookies to dry for at least 24 hours without being disturbed.

Will cookies harden as they cool?

When most cookies are done, they are still soft (they stiffen as they cool) and will continue to bake on the cookie sheet after being taken from the oven. Take cookies from the cookie sheet as soon as they are solid enough to transfer to a cooling rack or paper towels to cool completely.

How long to let cookies cool before putting them away?

Thus, let your cookies cool just long enough to keep their form (approximately 5 minutes on a cookie cooling rack) and enjoy them warm while you can. Hence, the quick answer to the question, “Do I need a cooling rack to chill cookies?” is that it’s better to have one than not.

Should cookies still be soft when they come out of the oven?

Tendering Center

The cookies should be golden brown around the edges but soft in the middle after approximately 10 minutes. If you leave the cookies on the heated baking sheet for one or two minutes before transferring them to a cooling rack, they will continue to cook somewhat.

Do cookies flatten as they cool?

Think About Your Pan

When you put the baking pan in the oven, it should be cold. Cookies will flatten when put on hot baking pans, so either change out pans or allow your one pan to cool between batches when baking batches of cookies.

Do you decorate cookies after they cool?

It’s time to decorate your cookies when they’ve cooled and your piping bags have been filled. Start with a foundation outline and flood for most common cookie patterns, then let it cure for 2-3 hours before piping more ornaments on top.

How do you cool cookies properly?

Rack: By placing the cookie on a rack, air may circulate around it, removing heat. This is usually the quickest method. Also, the air may remove any moisture that is still draining from the cookie. Tray: A metal tray (perhaps the same one used to bake the cookies) still cools fast.

Why do cookies go flat after cooling?

Sugar absorbs moisture, and as the cookies bake, the liquid is released, causing the cookies to spread out. The cookies will be flat and oily if you use too much butter.

Should cookies be cooled rapidly?

According to the website, you should leave the cookies on the baking sheet for about five minutes to allow them to harden somewhat before moving them to a cooling rack to cool completely. Of However, if you like your cookies to have a crisper bottom, letting them to cool on the baking sheet may be the way to go.

How do you keep cookies soft after cooling?

Place a piece of fresh white bread in the container with the cookies to keep them soft: fresh bread is moist, and that slice will give up its moisture for the greater good: preventing the cookies from drying out.

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