How Long to Bake Mini Cupcakes?

How Long to Bake Mini Cupcakes?

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Mini cupcakes should be baked for around 10-15 minutes at 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Otherwise, the cake may be overcooked or scorched, rendering it unappealing, too thick, or too dry to savor.

her name is Angie, and I’m a self-taught baker who began her own cupcake company from home. I am well-versed in the art of baking and appreciate simplifying the process to make it more accessible to anyone!

In this post, I will discuss the elements that influence how long mini cupcakes bake for and answer any more questions you may have on the subject.

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What are mini cupcakes?

How Long to Bake Mini Cupcakes?

Mini cupcakes are normal cupcakes that have been cut into bite-sized pieces. They’re just as good and entertaining, but they’re smaller, so you can eat more of them without feeling guilty or making a mess!

Adjusting Your Recipe

How Long to Bake Mini Cupcakes?

Mini cupcake pans often contain the same quantity of cupcakes as conventional cupcake pans. This implies that a standard cupcake recipe yielding a dozen (12) traditional-sized cupcakes will create three dozens (36) small cupcakes.

Mini cupcakes should bake in the same amount of time as regular-sized cupcakes.


Bake your small cupcakes at 350F (177C) if using metal or glass pans, or 325F (163C) if using dark or nonstick pans.

If your oven temperature is too high, a dome will develop on top of the cake, causing it to fracture. If your oven temperature is less than 325°F, your cakes will be underbaked and will deflate as they cool.

Size Matters 

The most common and widely used tiny cupcake pans are 1 by each hole and carry 0.5-0.7 ounces of batter. If the size and capacity of your mini muffin pan change significantly, alter your cooking time by adding or deleting a few minutes of bake time.

I would also suggest that you just bake one or two pans of cupcakes at a time. Overcrowding the oven with too many cakes may increase baking time by adding pressure to the oven. If you add more than two trays, your cakes may need to bake for a few minutes longer.


I’ll address some frequently asked mini cupcake questions shortly below.

How many mini cupcakes does a box of cake mix make?

A regular size box of cake mix yields around 72 small cupcakes.

How much batter should you use for each mini cupcake?

Always fill your cake pans halfway to avoid batter from overflowing as the cakes expand. That would be around one tablespoon of batter for regular tiny cupcakes.

Can I make mini cupcakes without mini cupcake liners?

Yes, you may create tiny cupcakes without liners by smearing some oil, butter, or baking spray on your pan.

How do you know when mini cupcakes are ready?

When a wooden toothpick inserted into the middle of the cake comes out clean, your tiny cupcakes are done. If the toothpick is still damp, return the tray to the oven for a few more minutes to dry.

Final Words

Mini cupcakes are entertaining and simple to create. They just need to bake for 10 to 15 minutes. Just bear in mind that you may need to make a few minor tweaks to your recipes, that the oven is set to the proper temperature, and that it is not overcrowded, and you’re good to go!

I can’t wait to see what you come up with! Please leave a comment below if you have any more queries regarding small cupcakes.

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How long does it take to bake mini cupcakes at 350 degrees?

Preheat the oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit.
Cupcake papers should be used to line your tiny muffin tray.
Make the cake mix according to the package guidelines.
1 Tablespoon of cupcake batter should be placed in each liner using a tiny cookie scoop.
15 minutes in the oven.

Does baking time change for mini cupcakes?

Mini cupcakes require less time to bake than full-sized cupcakes since they are smaller. The baking time is usually between nine and fifteen minutes. Insert a toothpick or cake tester into a cupcake and remove it after nine minutes to check for doneness.

Do you bake cupcakes at 325 or 350?

Most cupcakes bake nicely at temperatures ranging from 325°F to 375°F. Conveniently, these are also the temperatures at which cakes are often cooked. You may usually use the temperature specified in the cake recipe, or you can change it if you want particular results.

Do smaller cakes take less time to bake?

Cakes baked in bigger pans bake quicker (approximately. 9 minutes per ounce of batter in a 10-inch pan), whereas cakes baked in smaller pans take longer (up to two minutes per ounce in a 6-inch pan). Cakes cooked in a tube or Bundt pan, on the other hand, may only need a minute per ounce of batter.

How do you adjust baking time for a small cake?

If your recipe asks for an 8-inch cake pan but you only have a 9-inch, don’t worry. Simply raise the oven temperature by 25 degrees Fahrenheit and cut the baking time in half.

Do you spray mini cupcake liners?

Should I oil the cupcake paper liners? Nope! The oil prevents the cupcake batter from sticking to the pan, and the paper liners do the same thing, so you don’t need to grease them as well.

How much cake mix for mini cupcakes?

3 full. Fill a food storage bag halfway with batter, snip a corner, and squeeze batter into cups.Mini cupcakes are delightful and simple to create. One box of Betty Crocker cake mix yields about 60 small cupcakes. Fill the cupcake pan halfway.

What happens if you bake a cake at 325 instead of 350?

Lower the baking temperature.

Lowering the temperature of baking slows the spring in the leavening, preventing a dome from developing on your cake. The majority of cakes are baked at 350 degrees Fahrenheit. To make a flat-topped cake, just reduce the temperature to 325 degrees.

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