How Much Is a Sheet Cake?

How Much Is a Sheet Cake?

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Sheet cakes are a common sight at most events. Single-layer cakes are often less costly than other types of cakes and may be presented to a large number of visitors. A sheet cake may cost anywhere from $25 to $150, depending on size, icing type, décor, and other factors.

Hi! My name is Shea, and sheet cake is one of my all-time favorite foods. They’re not only fun and simple to make, but they always come out tasty. Having a lot of sheet cake experience under my belt, I’m well aware of the expenditures involved.

Understanding how much a sheet cake costs is essential, particularly if you’re throwing a huge party. The good news is that sheet cakes are often less expensive than other, fancier, triple-tiered fondant choices. This essay will teach you all there is to know about expenses.

Get out your wallet and let’s chat about how much a sheet cake costs!

How Much Does a Sheet Cake Cost?

It is not a question that can be answered simply. Sheet cakes may range in price from $25 to $150, which is a significant difference. What’s going on? When purchasing a sheet cake, how much will you really pay?

There are several factors that will influence the ultimate cost. Let us investigate more.

Size of the Cake

The size of the cake will have the greatest influence on the ultimate cost. Sheet cakes are normally available in three sizes: quarter, half, and whole. Below are the serving sizes for each cake:

Quarter (9×13) 30 People
Half (11×15) 50 People
Full (16×24) 96 People

*Remember that the number of people each size sheet cake can serve is determined by the size of the pieces. You may be able to accommodate a few more people if you cut the pieces into 1-inch slices. Serving three-inch pieces reduces the serving size by half.

Naturally, a smaller quarter sheet cake will be less costly than a full sheet cake.


Many sheet cakes are available in two basic flavors: chocolate or vanilla. Several establishments also provide marble as a basic taste. Although these tastes are sure to be tasty, not everyone likes to stick to the basics.

Does this describe you? Then you’ll have to move on to the premium taste options. Premium tastes, as you would expect, will be more expensive. Thus the $25 quarter sheet cake may become a $50 quarter sheet cake because you chose red velvet rather plain chocolate.

Frostings and Fillings

Practically every sheet cake on the world will be decorated with buttercream or whipped cream. Remember, these are simple choices that come with the base pricing. Most individuals will be satisfied with these alternatives since there are generally a variety of tastes to pick from.

But what if it isn’t true? What if you want your icing with cream cheese? Although I am a major admirer, I can warn you that certain bakers may demand a premium cost for utilizing unique frostings other than the standard selections.

The same may be said about fillings.


Decorations are another (expensive) component of sheet cakes. A simple sheet cake with the words Happy Birthday may be inexpensive. But, adding decorations like sugar balloons or chocolate flowers would cost you money.

Depending on the amount of intricacy and ornamentation you want, the price might range from $50 to $300. (You read it properly). When you consider how time-consuming and complicated the decorating process is for the baker, it makes sense.

Cake Toppers

Is a cake topper required for your cake? And prepare to spend some more money. Bespoke cake toppers may easily cost between $25 and $100. Again, it all boils down to the kind of cake topper you’re looking for.


The majority of sheet cakes will have a single layer. That’s simply the way things are done. Nonetheless, this does not imply that some bakers do not like experimenting with their sheet cakes.

If you discover a shop that sells layers and want to purchase a layered sheet cake, expect to pay a premium. One additional layer might easily cost $40 or more.


Not all bakeries provide delivery. So, even if they do, don’t expect to see the free delivery option when you check out. Cakes may be finicky and need additional care to ensure safe delivery.

But, depending on the cake and where you live, bakers might charge $20 or more. The good news is that you know your cake will arrive in pristine condition, with no bumps, scratches, or flaws.

Where You Buy It

You should also examine where you will get your sheet cake. A major, big-box retailer, such as Walmart or Sams Club, will price less for cake, but a smaller grocery store, local bakery, or home baker would charge somewhat more.

It all comes down to what you’re searching for. Do you want greater customizability? Do you want to help out your local businesses? Do you wish to shop at a store with hundreds of different design options? It all comes down to your requirements and what works best for you and your party!


As you can see, determining the price of a sheet cake is not as simple as it seems. If you’re still curious about how much a sheet cake costs, join me as we look at some intriguing, commonly asked topics.

How much is a full sheet cake at Walmart?

A simple full sheet cake at Walmart will cost roughly $43, depending on the type and design you choose.

How much should I charge for a sheet cake?

Everything is dependent on your ability level and the factors outlined above. Consider the size of the cake, the taste, icing, and contents, as well as any extras like complex decorations or bespoke cake toppers. Begin with a half sheet for $25 and work your way up.

How much is a Costco Sheet Cake 2020?

The price varies according on the size and features, but Costco sheet cakes start at $19.99 and go higher from there.

How much does a full sheet cake feed?

A whole sheet cake may easily serve up to 96 people, however it all depends on the size of the pieces. Extra-large slices of three inches or more will halve this amount!

How large is a full sheet cake?

A whole sheet cake can serve up to 96 people, making it ideal for large events. Whole sheet cakes are often 1624 or 1824 in size, depending on where you get them.

Final Words

In the realm of sheet cakes, keeping things basic will keep the price cheap, however adding decorations, cake toppers, and gourmet fillings will up the price. While shopping for sheet cakes, you should expect to spend anywhere from $25 to $150+.

What is the average price for a sheet cake? Post a photo of your favorite sheet cake and how much it cost in the comments!


Are sheet cakes cheaper?

The price difference between this dessert and a wedding sheet cake is startling. A standard grocery store sheet cake serves 117 people with 2′′ by 2′′ pieces and costs roughly $50. Hence, if you buy one sheet cake to serve 115 people, you would save more than $700.

How many does 1 2 sheet cake feed?

The 2 Sheet Cake Pan is 11 by 15 inches and serves 18 to 40 people. This size is ideal for an anniversary celebration or an interoffice party. A complete Sheet Cake Pan measures 18 by 24 inches and serves 48 to 96 people. A 1

How much is Costco half sheet cake?

Costco Cakes Are Reasonably Priced

A half-sheet cake may be purchased at Costco for $24.99. This is already a good bargain, but when compared to other shops’ pricing, it’s much better. When you compare the price of a half-sheet cake at BJ’s versus Walmart, you can readily tell who wins.

How big is a 1 2 sheet cake?

Half-sheet pans are exactly half the size of full-sheet pans, measuring 18-by-13 inches and having one-inch-high edges. These are the pans we use the most in the Epicurious test kitchen, and they’re perfect for those sheet-pan feasts you’ve been hearing about.

How much is a full sheet cake size?

Following are some typical sheet cake pan dimensions: Whole sheet cake measures 18″ x 26″ Half sheet cake measures 13″ x 18″

How big are Costco sheet cakes?

To begin, Costco sheet cakes come in just two sizes: 1013 inches and 1218 inches. Second, Costco sheet cakes are only available online; they cannot be purchased in-store. Lastly, since Costco sheet cakes are created to order, at least 24 hours notice is required.

How long will a sheet cake stay fresh?

A cake will often only keep fresh for three or four days before the moisture is taken out and the texture gets dry. Once a cake has been frosted, it will stay in the fridge for a little longer since the frosting maintains the moisture in the sponge.

What size cake for 50 people?

If you intend on preparing or purchasing a tiered cake, keep in mind that a single 12-inch cake will generate around 25 servings, while 50 people would typically need three 10-inch cakes.

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