How Much Should Chocolate-Covered Strawberries Cost?

How Much Should Chocolate-Covered Strawberries Cost?

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Making chocolate-covered strawberries is nearly as much pleasure as eating them. If you want to turn your strawberry-dipping hobby into a company, you’ll need to know how much to charge every chocolate-covered strawberry.

You may often charge $1 to $2 each chocolate-covered strawberry. Nevertheless, bear in mind that the pricing might vary based on a variety of aspects such as decorating, packing, and so on.

Good day, there! Shea here, and I like chocolate-covered strawberries. For the last 10 years, it has been an annual Mother’s Day present from my father to my mother. Isn’t it wonderful? But what about me? Chocolate-covered strawberries are something I manufacture and sell.

Let’s talk about price, ladies and gentlemen!

How Much Does it Cost to Make Chocolate-Covered Strawberries?

We must first examine our expenditures before deciding how much to charge.

The good news is that chocolate-covered strawberries are inexpensive. Strawberry pots are usually available for a buck or two at most supermarkets. Then all you need are some baking chips, which are usually less than a dollar.

You may either stop there or buy more products like as sprinkles, icing, and so on. You may make your chocolate-covered strawberries as basic or as extravagant as you choose.

Don’t overlook the package! These boxes cost less than $1 each, allowing you to sell a large quantity of chocolate-covered strawberries without breaking the bank.

In the end, you pay less than $5 per box of chocolate-covered strawberries. You may easily sell ten of these in a package for $10 to $20.

How Much to Charge for Chocolate-Covered Strawberries?

If you opt with a simple chocolate-covered strawberry, such as utilizing ordinary strawberries and dipping them into a dish of chocolate, you may charge $1 to $2 per strawberry.

But, there are a few important elements to consider before settling on a final pricing.

1. Decorations

Although a basic chocolate-covered strawberry is delicious, you can elevate the experience by adding embellishments. Ornaments will not only improve the attractiveness and aesthetics of your dipped fruit, but will also provide some additional sweetness to satisfy any sweet craving.

Decorating on a chocolate-covered strawberry are more restricted than on a cupcake or cake, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be inventive. Sprinkles and striped drizzles are popular, but some people have gone above and above with elaborate patterns and designs.

If you want to add décor, the price will go up by $0.10 to $0.50, depending on how intricate it is.

2. Colors

Brown is the color of a normal chocolate-dipped strawberry. Nevertheless, by combining white chocolate and food coloring, you may create magnificent hues to fit any occasion. At a baby shower, for example, you may bake pink or blue strawberries.

If you just use one color, you may raise the price by around $0.10. Increase the price each box by a dollar or two if you’re making a rainbow of chocolate-covered strawberries.

3. Price of Chocolate

Not everyone will buy baking chips from the grocery store. Some people may use imported, high-quality chocolate that is well worth the hefty price.

Those that use pricey chocolate will need to inform their customers. After all, depending on the initial price of the chocolate, they will have to pay a few additional dollars (or more).

4. Packaging

A standard box of chocolate-covered strawberries is reasonably priced. But what if your buyer wants a unique package? Certainly, you will need to charge extra to cover the additional costs and time required.

Apart from that, some consumers may just prefer more opulent wrapping for their chocolate-covered strawberries than a plain old box. Does this describe you? So you should anticipate to charge an additional $0.50 to $1 per strawberry to your clients.

5. Extras

Accessories aren’t required, but they are something to think about. Offering fruits other than strawberries is a fantastic example. You may make a chocolate-covered fruit box with strawberries, orange slices, blueberries, pineapples, and other fan favorites.

You may make one-of-a-kind boxes that include your chocolate-covered strawberries, a wine bottle, and personalized wine glasses. You should anticipate top price in this situation since it will cost a significant amount of money and take up a significant quantity of time.


Chocolate-covered strawberries are inexpensive (and enjoyable!) to produce, and they might be a profitable business for you! If you want to learn more, go through these commonly asked questions.

How much in advance can you make chocolate-covered strawberries?

It is better to create chocolate-covered strawberries on the day you want to sell them. They’ll be at the height of their freshness! But, if you are in a hurry, you may create them a day ahead of time. Just keep in an airtight jar in the fridge until ready to use.

How many hours do chocolate-covered strawberries last?

Chocolate-covered strawberries are at their best 48 hours after being made. As a result, it is preferable to eat them within 48 hours. That’s why it’s best to sell them the same day they’re made, so they don’t go bad too quickly.

Can you freeze chocolate-covered strawberries?

When kept in an airtight container, chocolate-covered strawberries may be frozen for up to three months. (You may want to discuss storage solutions with your purchasers so they don’t bite into a musty, old strawberry yuck!).

Final Words

Chocolate-covered strawberries are delicious, inexpensive, and simple to manufacture, making them an excellent business venture. You should expect to get $1 or $2 for your strawberries. Nevertheless, several variables, such as the quality of chocolate used and any embellishments required, may influence the final pricing.

Do you offer or intend to sell chocolate-covered strawberries? How much do you expect to sell or sell your strawberries for? Do you believe $1 to $2 is a reasonable price? Please leave a comment!


How much are strawberries covered with chocolate?

Chocolate-covered strawberries often cost $1 to $2 per piece.

How many chocolate covered strawberries per person?

This recipe yields 1 pound of chocolate-covered strawberries, which is around 16 strawberries. The recipe feeds 8 people, assuming 2 strawberries per person. Aside than milk and white chocolate, other varieties of chocolate may be utilized. Before dipping the strawberries in chocolate, make sure they are completely dry.

How many strawberries are in a pound of chocolate covered?

A half-pound contains around 5-6 berries, a pound includes about 10-12 berries, and a pound contains about 22-24 berries.

How many days do chocolate covered strawberries stay fresh?

You may store your chocolate-covered strawberries in the refrigerator for up to 48 hours. You may be able to keep your berries for many days, although they are normally best eaten within two days.

How should I package chocolate covered strawberries?

Shipping Chocolate-Covered Strawberries
Refrigerate the strawberries.
Package and ship after the product has cooled.
Wrap each chocolate-covered strawberry individually.
Put the strawberries in a strong container with a tight-fitting cover.
Place your strawberries in an insulated box.
More to come…

Should chocolate covered strawberries be refrigerated or frozen?

After you’ve had your fill of chocolate-covered strawberries, don’t put them in the fridge. In fact, keeping chocolate coated strawberries at room temperature is the best method to preserve them since they retain the greatest taste.

Should I refrigerate chocolate covered strawberries?

If you want to keep your chocolate-covered strawberries for longer than a day, they must be refrigerated. Sadly, this means they will perspire somewhat. Place a couple of sheets of paper towels in the bottom of an airtight container to reduce perspiration.

Why do people buy chocolate covered strawberries?

Humans like textural contrast in food, and chocolate is excellent for this since it can be chewed into but then melts in the tongue. Crunchy goods with a soft interior are really popular. This might also explain why a chocolate-coated strawberry is so appealing.”

How big is 1lb of strawberries?

1 pound strawberries is 15 to 20 medium berries.

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