How Should Cupcakes Be Filled?

How Should Cupcakes Be Filled?

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Filling your cupcakes quickly improves their appearance. Filling your cupcakes adds a layer of surprise and intricacy, making them ideal for gender reveal parties and other surprise events.

But I should warn you: it’s a rabbit hole. After you’ve filled your first cupcake, it’s difficult to go back to your humdrum empty cupcakes; at least, that’s what many of my customers told me when I first began selling my cupcakes filled and crusted.

Don’t worry, it’s not as difficult as it sounds. You’ll just need your filling, a piping bag, and a tool to core the cupcake. There are several resources available to assist you with the process. You’ll receive a terrific outcome regardless of whatever path you choose!

I’m Angie, and I’ve been baking since I was a youngster. As a side venture, I’ve created a little cupcake company. In this essay, I’ll tell you all I know about filling cupcakes.

Let’s get started!

Tool #1: Apple Corer

To begin, I’d like to introduce you to the apple corer, the greatest and most versatile cupcake coring instrument ever created. This is clearly a particular favorite. It gets the job done perfectly every time, leaving almost no mess behind.

The apple corer, as the name implies, is designed to rapidly and conveniently core apples. To do this, the apple corer must be built of strong material and have a serrated edge that can cut through the apple.

Coring a cupcake is no different; in fact, it is much simpler! With your corer pointing to the middle of the cupcake, use a spinning motion to dig it in. You may do this lightly since it is just a cupcake.

The advantage of using an apple corer for this is that you can core many cupcakes at once without having to remove the filling each time. They will also fall out on their own without the need for you to probe at it with a toothpick or your finger. That certainly helps to keep things clean!

Tool #2: Piping Tip

I was using piping tips to core my cupcakes before I bought my first apple corer. I swore by it until I discovered my real love, the apple corer.

Insert the back end of your piping tip into the middle of the cupcake, rotating it as you draw your piping tip back up. The centre of your cupcake should either become trapped in your piping tip or fall out when you remove it from your cupcake. Push the bigger piping tip into the

It doesn’t matter which piping tip you select since you’ll only be cutting with the larger round end. Using a circular nozzle, however, will make extracting the core the simplest.

Tool #3: Knife

If you’re new to filling cupcakes, you may not have an apple corer or a piping tip on hand. But you will undoubtedly have a knife.

Make a 45-degree cut with your knife, ideally a tiny one with a sharp edge, and rotate the cupcake. You should finish up with a circle in the center of the cupcake to contain the filling.

Tool #4: Fill Before Baking

Another interesting method for filling cupcakes is to do it before the cake is cooked. This approach works well with a temperature-insensitive filling, such as pudding, ganache, or jam.

As usual, make your cupcake batter. Fill your cupcake pans halfway with cupcake batter, then top with a teaspoon of your filling. Your cakes should be completely filled.

When your cake has been cooked, you should have a cupcake with a surprise in the middle.

Tool #5: Piping Nozzle

If we choose to coring our cupcakes, we will end up with a slew of little cupcake cores. It’s always such an uncomfortable quantity that you’ll feel bad throwing it out, but it’s never enough to create even three cake pops.

You’re OK if you’re like me and are surrounded by people who will consume them as soon as I pop one out. But, if that is not the case, I recommend that you look into purchasing a piping nozzle.

Sure, there are sharp-tipped piping nozzles designed expressly for piping filling into baked items. Instead of removing each core, just pierce your cupcake in the centre and release the contents into it.

If you don’t mind getting your hands filthy and are filling an airy, not-so-dense cake with air pockets that can contain your filling, this is the way to go.

Tool #6: Syringe

This was something I did for Halloween. I placed little needles into my cupcakes, which had a red strawberry jam filling.

This, like the piping nozzle, is an easy method to get the filling into your cupcakes. For starters, you won’t have to touch or core anything. Second, you are not required to do the filling.

When utilizing a liquid filler, this works best. Just draw your liquid filling into the syringe, punch a hole in the cupcake, and inject it.

You may also choose not to release it and instead use it as decoration, allowing anyone consumes it to participate in this interactive process.


The following are some frequently asked questions about cupcake filling. I’ve responded to them below.

What filling can you put in cupcakes?

In reality, you can put whatever you want in a cupcake. Chocolate ganache, jam or compote, pudding, sweets, icing, caramel, and dulce de leche are among my faves.

How do you fill a cupcake without a piping bag?

You can easily substitute a Ziploc bag! If you don’t have it, a tiny teaspoon may be used to fill the cupcakes.

Can I fill cupcakes the night before?

You can usually fill your cupcakes the night before. The flavors will mix to make the cupcake more moist and delicious. If your cupcake has a highly liquidy consistency, it may absorb it completely, creating a wet sponge with a hole in the middle.

Final Thoughts

Filling cupcakes is a simple and enjoyable way to spice up your baking. It allows you to explore and play with it, and the results are nearly always intriguing.

I hope that after reading this post, the thought of filling your cupcakes is no longer intimidating. I can’t wait to see all of your cupcake creations. Is there another way you stuff cupcakes? Tell me in the comments!

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Can you fill a cupcake without coring it?

Fill the middle of the cupcake with a piping bag or a spoon. Filling the cupcakes without coring them is also an option. Just insert the piping bag with your filling into the cupcake and fill. Fill a cream puff in the same way you would a cream puff.

What can I use instead of a cupcake corer?

Apple corers and melon ballers are also useful; just twist the apple corer into the center of the sponge to remove a piece, or use the scoop of the melon baller to drill a hole in the center of the cupcake.

Should you fill cupcakes warm or cold?

Let your cupcakes to cool fully after baking.

Filling the cupcakes while they are still warm will cause the filling to melt and render the cupcakes mushy. You may make the cupcakes from scratch using your favorite recipe or using a commercial mix.

How up to where do you fill cupcake liners?

Fill the cupcake pans approximately two-thirds of the way with batter. Fill them just enough to produce round cupcake tops, but not so much that they overflow. You don’t want all of the cupcakes to merge at the top of the pan!

Will filled cupcakes get soggy?

Let the cupcakes to cool fully and reach room temperature to prevent soggy cupcakes. The filling will melt if they become too hot. If the filling is overly liquidy, the cupcake may get soggy as well. Check that the filling is not too thin or runny.

How much mix do I need to fill cupcakes?

Do you know how much batter to use for each cupcake? Fill cupcake liners 2/3 to 3/4 filled with 14 cup batter for normal 212-inch cupcakes. If you add too much batter, the cupcakes will overflow and make a mess while they bake.

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