How to Bake Cookies Without a Cookie Sheet

How to Bake Cookies Without a Cookie Sheet

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So you’re preparing to make some cookies, but you don’t have a cookie sheet handy. What should I do now? Fortunately, there are several methods for baking cookies without a cookie sheet. To bake, you may use a baking sheet, a muffin pan, a glass casserole dish, or even a handmade tinfoil dish.

Hi! My name is Shea, and I’ll be honest: I’m always prepared with a cookie sheet. But I also like being really creative. So, if somebody needs a cookie sheet, I’m the first person they contact. I’m going to show you how to bake cookies without a cookie sheet.

Surprisingly, a cookie sheet is not required for baking cookies, but it does make the process much easier. There are numerous of options, and you probably already have the things you need to bake cookies without a cookie sheet in your kitchen.

Lets bake some cookies!

How to Bake Cookies Without a Cookie Sheet

When it comes to baking, sometimes you have to think outside the box. A cookie sheet is the ideal choice for cookies, although it is not required. You can still reach cookie awesomeness by utilizing one of the fantastic substitutes listed below.

Baking Sheet

Many people confuse the phrases cookie sheet and baking sheet, although they are not interchangeable. A cookie sheet has a single raised edge and is flat. The thinness ensures that the cookies bake uniformly and retain their shape, while the single raised edge makes removal simpler.

A baking sheet has higher edges and a broader base, yet it is a highly adaptable pan that practically everyone has. So, can you make cookies with it? Sure thing. Because they are so similar, this is the simplest option to baking on a cookie sheet.

Muffin Tin

Who doesn’t like muffins? While baking cookies in a muffin tray may not produce the usual round cookie form, the flavor will be same. In addition, you will get lovely cookie balls instead, which may be better than a conventional cookie.

Use a regular-sized muffin tray or a small muffin mould to create super-cute little cookies. Make sure to adequately oil the pan, just as you would any other pan. Then bake your cookies for the time specified. Keep an eye on them since the timing may change.

Microwave (Plate and Wax Paper)

Did you know you could make cookies in the microwave? Talk about ease of use! And you can succeed as long as you have a microwave-safe plate and some wax paper.

Place wax paper on a dish to create microwave cookies. Press the cookie dough into the wax paper gently. Allow adequate space for cookie growth. Then, heat them in the microwave for about 1 minute. Continue in 30-second intervals, checking in between.


Cookies in a skillet? Yes, why not? You’re already using your skillet for everything, so why not add cookies to the mix? Preheat the oven to 375°F for the skillet cookies. Then, add a massive amount of cookie dough to the pan. The idea here is to produce large cookies rather than little circles.

Bake for 20 minutes when your cookie dough is secure in the pan. When you’re finished, eat one XL cookie or cut it into pieces or triangles for a fun cookie bar. (Try it sometime; cookie bars are among of the best things you’ll ever taste).

DIY Tin Foil Sheet

Did you know that if you have aluminum foil on hand (which I’m sure you have), you can construct your own cookie sheet? It’s all about the layers (if you’ve watched Seinfeld, imagine Kramer shouting layers, Jerry, layers, and we’ll all giggle for a second).

On a more serious note, you’ll want to stack so many layers of foil that it forms a strong cookie sheet that can withstand the weight of cookie dough. Pinch the edges together so the foil looks like a baking sheet and doesn’t unravel when you take it out of the oven.

Waffle Maker

Waffle makers have recently become quite popular, and for good reason. In a waffle machine, you can create almost anything. For example, the other day I cooked tuna cakes for lunch and chaffles the next morning. So adaptable!

Keeping this in mind, you may also prepare cookies in your waffle maker. Close the cover on the waffle machine and add a spoonful of cookie dough. Allow a few minutes for the cookies to bake. If you have a helpful green light like mine, wait for it to light up, which signals you’re done.

Check on your cookies every few minutes if you don’t have a convenient green light. Just as your cookies may burn in the oven, so can your waffle machine.

Pizza Stone

Another excellent option is a pizza stone, which is fully flat with no raised sides and resembles a cookie sheet. You may use a pizza stone in the same way that you would a cookie sheet. It couldn’t be easier!

Glass Casserole Dish

Last but not least, a glass casserole dish might be used. However, this is not the best solution since glass may shatter in high temperatures. Furthermore, glass dishes hold heat for a longer amount of time, which is not ideal for cookie baking.

That doesn’t mean you can’t be successful. Reduce the temperature by about 25 degrees Fahrenheit and bake for an additional 10 minutes.


You’re now a cookie guru who can make delectable cookies without using a cookie sheet. But we’re not finished yet. To learn more about baking cookies without a cookie sheet, read the frequently asked questions below.

Yup! As I previously said, building your own cookie sheet out of layered aluminum foil is a terrific option when you don’t have anything else to make cookies with. It also works brilliantly!

Can I use a glass pan to bake cookies?

Yes, however the outcomes may not be as excellent as if another approach was used. However, the cookies will still be delicious!

What can I use if I don’t have baking paper?

If you don’t have baking paper, there are plenty of other options. Parchment paper, aluminum foil, and a Silpat mat are all great cooking tools. Alternatively, skip this step entirely and adequately oil your baking pan before baking.

What pan do you use to bake cookies?

The ideal location to bake cookies is on a cookie sheet or jelly-roll pan. It has the right structure for uniform baking and flawless cookie structure, resulting in wonderfully textured cookies that are baked evenly and precisely.

Final Words

A cookie sheet is a perfect spot to bake your cookies, but it is not required. There are several alternatives to cookie sheets, the finest of which being a baking sheet or a pizza stone. However, some entertaining alternatives include muffin pans, waffle machines, and a DIY tin foil sheet.

Have you ever attempted to make cookies without a baking sheet? Share your thoughts in the comments section!


Is it okay to bake cookies without baking paper?

butter. Even if you don’t have any of them, you can still manufacture them. Simply keep an eye on your cookies and flip your tray on a frequent basis to avoid unevenness.To create cookies, you don’t need parchment paper. Aluminum foil, a silicone mat, baking spray, and oil are all you need.

Can you bake cookies directly on pan?

In a pinch, baking straight on an ungreased baking sheet will do; the cookies have enough fat to avoid severe sticking — but you may need to pop some of them off with a thin metal spatula.

Can you bake cookies on just aluminum foil?

Finally, the scientific reason you should never bake cookies on a baking pan coated with foil is straightforward: Because of aluminum’s inherent conductivity, the sections of your cookie dough that come into close touch with the foil are subjected to more concentrated heat than the remainder of your cookies.

Can I bake cookies without parchment paper or foil?

Pan Grease

Greasing the pan will achieve the same benefits as using parchment paper to produce a nonstick surface. Cooking spray, butter, or oil should be used to coat your cookie sheet or pan. After that, place the meal straight on the pan. Except for the most delicate or sticky delicacies, this method will work.

What can I use instead of a baking sheet?

There are several safe alternatives to baking paper sheets, such as parchment paper, silicone mats, aluminum foil, waxed paper, or even coating your pan with butter or oil.

What happens if I bake cookies without parchment paper?

The fat, like a greased baking sheet, may have a subtle effect on how your meal cooks. There is also a potential that part of the food may cling to the pan. In this Food Network cookie test, cookies cooked using foil had a darker, crispier edge than cookies baked with parchment paper.

What can I use instead of parchment paper?

Top Four Parchment Paper Alternatives
Wax Paper: A Low-Cost Alternative for Non-Heat Projects.
Baking using a Silpat Baking Mat.
Aluminum foil is excellent for insulation.
Grease: Simple, but powerful.

Can you bake cookies in a Pyrex dish?

If you don’t have a cookie sheet, you may use a tempered glass baking dish instead, however the results won’t be as excellent. Cookie sheets are thin and very conductive, allowing them to heat and cool fast, which is ideal for baking cookies.

Which side of aluminum foil to use when baking cookies?

The variation in appearance between the two sides of aluminum foil, according to Reynold’s Kitchen, is purely a consequence of manufacture and serves no functional use. That is, whether you prepare your meal with the shiny side up or the dull side up, you are doing it correctly.

Can I bake on aluminum foil instead of parchment paper?

Many baking recipes for cakes, muffins, and quick breads omit the paper completely, instead instructing you to grease and flour the pan to avoid sticking. Aluminum foil is a wonderful choice for roasting or baking savory items since it is easy to clean.

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