How to Cover a Dummy Cake With Buttercream

How to Cover a Dummy Cake With Buttercream

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A mock cake is useful for a variety of reasons, including exhibitions and practice. It is the same as frosting a normal cake to cover a mock cake with buttercream. However, you avoid the necessity for a crumb layer, which saves time and effort.

Hello there! My name is Shea, and I like baking. I’ve had to build a few dummy cakes in my time, so I consider myself an expert in covering dummy cakes with buttercream, and I’m eager to share my knowledge!

Covering a dummy cake with buttercream is a simple approach to learn how to frost a cake. This post will show you how to properly cover a mock cake with buttercream. It simply takes a few materials and a few pieces of equipment.

What is a Dummy Cake?

How to Cover a Dummy Cake With Buttercream

You’ve probably previously heard of a dummy cake if you’ve come across this page. But if you were searching the web at 3 a.m. and came across this item, you may be wondering what a dummy cake is.

A dummy cake is also known as a phony cake. That’s because it’s made of Styrofoam and is designed to seem like a genuine cake. It can be frosted and decorated much like a real cake, including buttercream, which we are currently working on.

Dummy cakes may be used for a variety of things, including:

  • Displays for places such as bakeries
  • Props for photoshoots
  • Expensive cakes, such as five-tiered wedding cakes, may need additional layers.
  • Experimenting with various frosting and decorating approaches

What You Need

How to Cover a Dummy Cake With Buttercream

The greatest thing is that you only need a few materials and tools to create your false masterpiece. You’ll need the following supplies:

  • A good turntable
  • Cake board
  • Angled spatula
  • Buttercream (purchased or handmade, crusting suggested)
  • Cake smoother
  • Dummy cake (Whichever size you need)
  • Dowel rod (for multiple tiers)
  • Tape (Optional)

Don’t be concerned if you must purchase all of the necessary equipment. You’ll probably need these components again in the future, particularly if you want to bake cakes.

How to Cover a Dummy Cake with Buttercream

When covering a dummy cake with buttercream, employ the same approach as when covering a real cake. However, you are not need to begin with a crumb layer. You may omit the first layer totally since fake cakes will not crumble.

1. Attach the Cake Board to the Turntable

The first step is to use tape to secure the cake board to the turntable. This will keep your cake from flying off midway through the icing process. Because styrofoam is so light, it has a larger possibility of falling off than a genuine cake.

2. Attach the Dummy Cake to the Cake Board

Connecting the dummy cake to the cake board is just as crucial as attaching the cake board to the turntable. You may also use tape for this reason. However, you may melt chocolate and use it as adhesive instead.

It is critical to keep the fake cake fixed to the cake board. You may provide extra security by placing a small weight on top of the cake. A can of beans or a water bottle, for example, may be useful.

3.  Start Frosting!

Now comes the fun part: icing! on begin adding the frosting on the mock cake, use an angled spatula. This video demonstrates how to use a piping bag to apply the frosting in layers before smoothing, which is always a good idea.

Turn the turntable often to ensure that the frosting coats the mock cake evenly. This will result in a smoother, more uniform application and a more accurate finish.

4. Smooth the Frosting

Once you’ve successfully coated the mock cake with buttercream (don’t forget to remove the weight and cover this area as well), it’s time to smooth it out.

This step’s purpose is to remove any nicks, flaws, or defects. You want a cake that is flawlessly smooth. Even if the eventual aim is to add textures, you should begin with a smooth basis. For this stage, use your cake smoother!

5. Decorate (Optional)

It’s okay to stop at icing the fake cake every now and again. If it’s perfectly coated and smoothed, you may display the fake cake in the store window and enjoy.

You may, however, embellish your fake cake. Add additional tiers with dowel rods and buttercream in the same manner. Pipe various motifs and embellishments onto the cake. Fill in the blanks with candy and other delicacies, or spell out words and phrases.

The options are limitless, and anything is conceivable on a fake cake!


There! You now know how to buttercream a dummy cake like a pro. However, if you’re still curious in this subject, here are some often asked questions you may want to know the answers to. Let’s get started, shall we?

Can I decorate a dummy cake with buttercream?

It’s a great idea to decorate a mock cake with buttercream icing. Buttercream is simple to use and will give your faux cake a lifelike look. Buttercream also lasts a long time, so it won’t need to be renewed for a long time.

Can you put buttercream on styrofoam?

Buttercream is an excellent choice for styrofoam mock cakes. That’s because buttercream, particularly hard crust buttercream, has little trouble clinging to Styrofoam.

How do you preserve a dummy cake?

A fake cake may be preserved by keeping it away from sunshine and other direct heat sources, which might cause the buttercream to melt. Some bakers also recommend spraying the whole cake with hairspray to keep the buttercream intact and looking great.

Can you reuse a dummy cake?

One of the numerous advantages of utilizing dummy cakes is that they may be reused! To repurpose a mock cake, remove all icing and decorations from the styrofoam. The dummy cake should then be washed with mild soap and water. Allow to dry before reapplying.

How much does a dummy cake cost?

Dummy cakes are quite inexpensive, making them an excellent investment for novices and bakery operators. One layer normally costs $5-7 and may be utilized several times. So, even if you have to purchase 10 levels right away, you know you won’t have to pay any more for a time.

How far in advance can you cover a dummy cake with fondant?

You may cover a mock cake with fondant up to three months ahead of time. To prevent any mistakes, just keep it in a cold and dry location.

Final Words

Dummy cakes serve an important function in the baking industry, whether you want to practice your icing abilities or put your cakes on show. In any case, a dummy cake is frosted with buttercream in the same manner as a genuine cake, without the crumb layer.

Have you ever used buttercream to frost a mock cake? How did you find the experience? Share your thoughts in the comments section!


Can you put buttercream on dummy cake?

You may decorate a dummy cake using the same frosting you’d use on a real cake, such as buttercream, fondant, or royal icing. When using buttercream, there is no need to crumb coat or level the sides, and the final coat may be applied straight on the dummy cake.

What is the fake frosting for dummy cakes?

Deco-Frost is a one-of-a-kind substance that may be used in the same way as actual icing. When Deco-Frost dries, it stays pliable, unlike royal icing, which hardens. The possibilities for employing Deco-Frost are unlimited; foam forms may be turned into artificially adorned cakes, and Deco-Frost can be hand piped like genuine icing.

How far in advance can you cover a dummy cake with fondant?

Fruit cakes and dummies may all be iced and adorned ahead of time. Three weeks is a decent amount of time to complete them and keep them somewhere cool.

Can I frost dummy cake?

A dummy cake is sometimes known as a “fake cake.” That’s because it’s made of Styrofoam and is designed to seem like a genuine cake. It can be frosted and decorated much like a real cake, including buttercream, which we are currently working on.

Can you cover a dummy cake with ganache?

Cake Dummies are ideal for practicing methods or adding additional layers to cakes without baking the cake. This Round Straight Edged Polystyrene Cake Dummy is 5″ deep, pure white, and has a straight edge for easy covering. Covered with Royal Icing, Buttercream, Ganache, Fondant, and other confections.

Can you spray paint a dummy cake?

As a lovely way to showcase cake pops at a party, spray paint Styrofoam cake dummies any color and tie them with ribbons. Can be embellished with feathers, flowers, or pretty much anything:) As a lovely way to showcase cake pops at a party, spray paint Styrofoam cake dummies any color and tie them with ribbons.

Can you put a dummy cake on top of cake?

How do you put a fake cake on top of a real cake? Dowels must be inserted into the genuine cake to support the mock cake. It is preferable to place the genuine cake on top and the fake cakes on the bottom.

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