How to Cut Brownies

How to Cut Brownies

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It’s confession time. I’m terrible at cutting brownies. I usually plunge my fork directly into the steaming pan of brownies. Yes, I always burn my tongue, but I don’t mind. It’s ooey-gooey bliss.

This is impossible for me to accomplish when I want to sell my brownies. So, how exactly do you cut brownies?

Allow the brownies to cool fully (or freeze) before cutting with a hot knife, plastic knife, or ordinary knife sprayed with cooking spray. Use a ruler if you want to be *extra* exact.

Hi! My name is Shea, and I’m a huge lover of brownies (my favorites contain chocolate chips, M&Ms, and almonds!). While I often bake brownies for my family, I also prepare them for profit on occasion. It is critical to cut the brownies correctly during these periods.

Keep reading to find out how to cut brownies!

How to Cut Brownies

How to Cut Brownies

Yes, this is a sequential procedure. Is it, however, absolutely necessary? No. As I already said, I dig in with my fork half of the time and leave a crumbly path behind me. However, if you want to sell your brownies, whether for a company or a bake sale, you must cut them appropriately.

Follow these easy steps to cut brownies correctly.

1. Line the Brownie Pan

Line your baking sheet with parchment paper or aluminum foil before adding your delectable ingredients. This will enable you to simply remove the brownies from the pan with no mistakes.

2. Let the Brownies Cool Completely

This is quite important. Do not attempt to cut your brownies while they are still hot. You will end up with a disintegrating mess that does not seem professional. However, before trying to cut your brownies, allow them to cool in the pan.

You may also make your brownies ahead of time and freeze them. Don’t worry, your brownies will not be damaged by freezing. Freezing ensures no mess while slicing through, making the operation fast and uncomplicated.

Allow your frozen delicacies to defrost at room temperature once you’ve finished slicing them. The taste and texture will be restored, and they will look fantastic!

3. Measure the Brownies

Once the brownies have cooled, remove them from the pan using the aluminum foil or parchment paper. They should be able to do the task without incident. Then take out your ruler.

Are we conducting any calculations? So, kind of. Determine the size of your brownies. When I sell brownies, I usually make 2-inch squares, but you may have any size you like.

Use the ruler to measure out your brownies in any size you like. For example, if you want 2 inches, measure two inches and cut a slit on both sides of the brownie block to indicate where to cut.

It is advisable to begin measuring near the center. If you can’t measure well, you can cut off the excess (and eat it without anybody knowing, of course).

4. Slice!

It’s time to cut those brownies. You have a few alternatives, and they are all excellent.

  • Method of the hot knife When it comes to baked foods, heat equals simple cutting. However, do not run your lighter over the blade. Take precautions. Get some boiling water and immerse the knife in it. Cut with it. Clean, then reheat before adding the next piece.
  • Plastic knife technique Did you know that a plastic knife can be used to make brownies? You can slice and dice without making a mess since plastic knives are nonstick. Of course, for the greatest results, wipe clean before each cut.
  • Using cooking spray Coat the blade of a standard chefs knife with cooking spray. This will cut down on stickiness and disintegration. Wipe clean after each cut and recoat before slicing.
  • Method of the cookie cutter Who said brownies had to be rectangular? Don’t be a jerk. Instead of a (square) box, try utilizing amusing cookie cutter shapes. It is advisable to warm cookie cutters in hot water before using them and to clean them after each cut.

When using a knife (whether hot, plastic, or coated with cooking spray), good technique is essential. Press the blade into the brownie to do so. Make use of the marks you established before to determine where you should cut.

Then, in a single action, draw the blade back. Avoid utilizing the seesaw approach since it will make a large mess and ruin your professional-looking brownies.


I’m sure you didn’t think brownie-cutting was that strange! Do you still have questions about how to cut brownies? Continue reading to discover out.

How do you cut brownies cleanly?

It all boils down to whether or not the brownies have cooled, the sort of knife you’re using, and your slicing style. For flawless results, follow the steps outlined above.

How do you cut perfect brownie squares?

Even after years of expertise, I’d suppose eyeballing exactly square brownies would be difficult. That is why I still use a ruler to this day, and you should as well. A ruler with precise marks will serve as a guide for making beautiful brownie squares.

How long should brownies cool before cutting?

At the very least, 30 minutes. But, in my opinion, the longer you can wait, the better. Alternatively, put them in the freezer!

What knife should I use to cut brownies?

A chefs knife is a fantastic choice, but cookie cutters or plastic knives may also be used. Before using a chefs knife, brush it with cooking spray or soak it in hot water. Between slicing, wipe the knife clean.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to brownies, you have to be a little cautious about how you cut them. That’s because brownies break quickly, producing a huge (and unsightly) mess. Instead, correctly line, cool, measure, and cut.

Do you cut your brownies this way? What method do you use to cut your brownies?


How do you cut brownies without destroying them?

Cut the brownies with a disposable knife.

Plastic forks are inherently nonstick and will not rip the brownies when slicing. When you cut brownies with a metal knife, the fudgy middle sticks to the knife.

Is it better to cut brownies hot or cold?

The most crucial step in cutting neatly is to make sure the brownies are absolutely cold before attempting to cut them. We have ways for excellent brownies, but none of them will work if you are eager and cut hot or even warm brownies.

How do you cut a brownie into 12 pieces?

By using a ruler and a serrated knife dipped in hot water, you can cut your brownies into beautiful squares. Try using a brownie divider or baking your brownies on a brownie bar pan for a unique twist. Whether cooked in a standard or customized pan, your brownies may be simply sliced to the size you need.

How long should you let brownies cool before cutting?

We understand how tempting it is to delve into a pan of freshly baked brownies. However, if you want to cut your brownies neatly, let them cool for at least 30 minutes before cutting into them. (Here are three other methods to cut brownies.)

Should you let brownies sit before cutting them?

Allow your brownies to cool fully to room temperature. Because brownies firm and set up as they cool, cutting into them too soon might result in brownie squares that break apart or become a mess very fast.

What causes brownies to crumble when they are cut?

Brownies with Crumbs

Overbaking, underbaking, cutting the brownies too soon, and a lack of oil and fluid content in the recipe are all possible culprits. Brownies that are underbaked or overbaked are crumbly.

Why do you cut brownies with a plastic knife?

It will make a cleaner cut than a metal one.

How do you evenly cut brownies in a 9×13 pan?

For a 139 pan, begin on the shorter side facing you. Cut away from you after measuring to the center point.
Cut all the way down to the midway point between the edge and the center cut. Rep on the other side of the main cut.
Turn the pan lengthwise.
Rep on the other side of the main cut.

Can you cut brownies the next day?

Cut brownie squares should be stored in an airtight container at room temperature for 1 to 2 days. Uncut and tightly wrapped in plastic, a complete pan’s worth will keep at room temperature for up to 4 days or in the freezer for up to 3 months. Before serving, cut the cake into squares.

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