How to Cut Ice Cream Cake

How to Cut Ice Cream Cake

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Many cake enthusiasts avoid ice cream cakes because they are intimidating. You have no idea when it will melt, how you should store it, or how to chop it. We’re here to show you how to cut ice cream. A knife, hot water, and a clean towel are all you need.

Hi! My name is Shea, and I’ve always loved ice cream. When I was a girl, it was my first pick, and I requested it on every birthday. I can understand why individuals would struggle with ice cream cakes since they are sliced differently than conventional cakes.

Those contemplating an ice cream cake for their next party should know how to cut it properly to prevent a mess and difficulty. Everything you need to know about cutting ice cream cake is covered in this article. I swear it’s simple.

Ice cream cake lovers, unite!

How to Cut Ice Cream Cake

How to Cut Ice Cream Cake

Although it may seem difficult (and it is a little more unusual than other types of cakes), cutting an ice cream cake is quite simple. We just need a few tools to get started, which include:

  • A glass of hot water
  • A serrated knife with a pointed tip
  • Clean towel
  • The ice cream cake!

We can begin cutting into this tasty, lovely gift once you have all of your equipment ready. This is how.

1. Let the Ice Cream Cake Thaw for 10 Minutes

Many people believe that they must wait a long time for their ice cream cake to melt. However, this is not the case. In fact, if you wait too long for the thawing process, you will end up with a large tangle that is difficult to cut.

10 minutes is the magic number for me. It allows the cake to defrost enough so that it can be readily sliced while still allowing me enough time to slice and serve all of the party attendees.

2. Dip the Knife in the Hot Water

It’s no secret that heat is ice cream’s worst enemy. With that in mind, putting your serrated knife into hot water will heat it just enough to allow it to slide easily through the ice cream cake.

3. Wipe the Knife Before Cutting

After you dip the knife into the hot water, it is imperative to wipe it off before slicing. The hot water might ruin your ice cream cake by wetting the edges and making a messy mess.

Instead of a wet, mucky cake, just wash the knife clean before slicing your ice cream cake.

4. Cut, Serve and Repeat

When it comes to ice cream cake (or any cake, really), go one piece at a time. Repeat the following steps between each slice:

  • Dip the knife in the glass of hot water
  • Wipe off the knife
  • Cut and serve

It will be tough to cut if you do not dip and wipe it in between servings. Not only that, but the slices will appear unappealing since the crumbs and ice cream will mingle and produce a jumbled mess.

Another serving tip: while serving ice cream cake, you’re practically under a time crunch. Whether you’re ready or not, the cake will continue to melt. To prevent presenting melting ice cream cake pieces, act swiftly.

5. Slice the Rest of the Cake and Freeze in Portions

One common blunder is refreezing the whole cake. Then, whether you want a tiny slice or not, defrost the whole item on the counter for 10 minutes. The simplest method to prevent this is to freeze the cake in sections.

To do this, cut the rest of the cake into slices (using the proper method above). Wrap each piece of cake in plastic wrap and put it in the freezer for up to six months. The sooner you consume, the better the quality.


Ice cream cake is delicious, and you’ll have no trouble cutting it for your guests as long as you have hot water, a clean towel, and a serrated knife. If you’re still wondering how to cut ice cream cake, have a look at some of the commonly asked questions below.

How long do you leave ice cream cake out before you can cut it?

Everyone has their own golden time frame, but 10 minutes is all you need for me. If you wait much longer, the ice cream cake will be melted before you can finish serving it. Don’t let the ice melt!

Can you put an ice cream cake in the fridge?

Sure, for thawing. No, not for long-term storage. Simply said, the fridge isn’t cold enough to prevent the ice cream from melting. So, unless youre thawing for around 30 minutes, the best storage option for ice cream cake is right in your freezer.

Do I put ice cream cake in the freezer?

Yup. You must keep your ice cream cake in the freezer, just as you would other ice cream goods. Ice cream cake can be stored in the freezer for up to six months as long as it is wrapped properly with plastic wrap and stored in an airtight container.

How do you transport ice cream cake without melting it?

Place the ice cream cake in a cooler (of any sort) and surround it with ice, rock salt, or anything else that will keep it cold for a lengthy amount of time.

Final Thoughts

While it may seem difficult, cutting an ice cream cake is really rather simple. Simply defrost it for about ten minutes, then put your serrated knife in hot water and clean it off before each slice.

Do you like ice cream cakes? How do you slice it? How will it be transported? Please leave a comment!


What is the easiest way to cut an ice cream cake?

Ice Cream Cake Cutting

A long, serrated knife with a sharp tip is ideal. For the smoothest cut, it also helps to place your knife in warm water for a few moments before you begin. You should also rewarm your knife after few cuts.

How long to let ice cream cake sit out before cutting?

As a general rule, let your ice cream cake at room temperature for 30 minutes before cutting it.

How do you cut a DQ cake?

– USE A KNIFE: For clean slices, use a long, serrated knife. Warm the knife in hot water, then dry it off with a warm towel before digging in! – RE-DIP THE KNIFE: After every few slices, re-dip the knife in warm water. This will guarantee that each slice looks its best when presented.

What is the best way to serve an ice cream cake?

Because ice cream cake may be rather heavy, it’s best to serve it on a strong dish. At this point, you may add decorations like as fresh fruit or melted caramel or fudge. Make forks and spoons available so that your visitors may select which they like. Again, work rapidly to protect the cake from falling apart.

Can I cut a frozen cake?

When it comes to trimming and cutting, a frozen cake is also simpler to deal with. When a cake is frozen, leveling and torting it produces less crumbs and the layers are simpler to manage. When freezing a cake, make sure it is absolutely cold before putting it in plastic wrap.

How do you cut ice cream into slices?

You can serve ice cream to a large number of people quickly by slicing rather than scooping. Allow a 12-quart carton to defrost on the counter for five minutes before snipping off the edges with kitchen shears. Cut the cylinder of icy bliss in half from top to bottom with a sharp knife and slice into half-moon slabs.

Should I put ice cream cake in the fridge?

Yes, ice cream cake should be kept in the refrigerator. Ice cream cake is composed of layers of cake and ice cream, with a layer of icing or whipped cream on top. If you leave it out on the counter for too long, the ice cream will melt and the cake will get soggy.

Should you chill cake before cutting?

Wait until the cakes have fully cooled before cutting, or refrigerate the layers for the best effect. The cake is less prone to break or rip when it is cold and solid.

Does cake ice cream go on the bottom or top fridge?

As a result, the cooler is cold enough to keep the ice cream frozen for an extended period of time. Follow the steps below to ensure that you completed the whole procedure successfully. Because heat rises and cold sinks, place the ice cream at the bottom of the cooler to keep it frozen. Surround the ice cream container with ice cubes.

How long should ice cream sit out before serving?

Here are a few more tips from our ice cream experts to help you get the most out of every delicious spoonful. 1. To optimize flavor and improve your overall taste experience, ‘temper’ your ice cream by removing it from the freezer and allowing it to rest for 5 to 10 minutes before serving.

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