How to Eat a Cupcake Properly?

How to Eat a Cupcake Properly?

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I remember the first time my dad tried a cupcake I made. Its good, he said, but isnt it a bit too hard to eat? he seriously questioned as he wiped away that dollop of buttercream on the tip of his nose.

Theres no denying that cupcakes are delicious and the perfect party treats, but they can get really messy. To combat that, people get creative! Making a sandwich out of a cupcake is by far the most recognized as the proper way of eating a cupcake.

My name is Angie. Having made cupcakes for over 10 years, I can say Ive seen just about all the different cupcake eating methods people have come up with.

In this article, I will share with you several different ways to eat a cupcake so that you can stuff your face with cupcakes as gracefully or strategically as you want.

Lets get started!

1. The Cupcake Sandwich ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

How to Eat a Cupcake Properly?

For this method, youll need to first peel off the cupcake liner Cut the cupcake in half horizontally next. You can also do this with your bare hands (sanitized of course) if you dont have a knife at hand. At this point, you should be left with a top cake layer with frosting on it and a bottom cake layer.

Now take the bottom layer and stack it on top of the frosting and you have yourself a cupcake sandwich.

This, my friends, is the so-called proper way of eating a cupcake.

What makes this the correct method? Among other reasons, it is a method that gives you the best cake-to-frosting ratio, meaning that every bite you take, you will get an equal amount of both in your mouth for maximum satisfaction.

Moreover, covering the frosting with a layer of cake means your nose wont stick right into it. Its also less likely to stain your face. You still get that awesome sensory experience of eating with your hands, but it saves you from the unnecessary mess.

2. Traditional  ⭐️⭐️

How to Eat a Cupcake Properly?

If youre like most people, all youd simply do is remove the cupcake paper on one side, hold the cupcake on its other side and try to open your mouth as widely as you can bite into the cupcake without getting frosting on and up your nose.

Now unless you have the mouth of a lion and the nose of a pug, I assure you this is not going to work out in your favor. But I mean, it can be a cute look?

Or you can try this slightly less messy alternative.

The Romantic ⭐️⭐️⭐️

Similar to before, youre still holding your cupcake half peeled. But this time, youre tilting your head to one side as you would going in for a kiss, but better, cause its a cupcake.

This method is when you want to keep it traditional but a little smarter, and with a romantic twist.

When you tilt your head, you get a nice big bite with the cupcake securely out of your noses way. That said, many have done this wrong and end up tilting the cupcake with or instead of their heads.

If you do this, your frosting will fall off and youll feel like that raccoon that tried to wash its cotton candy. ????

3. A Little OCD ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

For this method to work youre going to need utensils. The goal is to not have any physical contact with your cupcake outside of your mouth. Using your fork and knife, carefully peel off the cupcake liner and set it to one side.

There are many approaches to this. Some like to first separate the frosting and the cake then spread their desired amount on each small individually cut piece. Or if youre less meticulous, you can simply eat it as one would eat steak, piece by piece.

If youre one of those people who cant bear the thought of your hands getting dirty, this method is for you. This is also popular amongst mothers because lets face it, the only thing worse than getting frosting all over our hands is frosting getting all over our kids hands.

Gloves it ⭐️⭐️⭐️

If a knife and a fork are a little much, try disposable gloves! Yes yes I know, its definitely not the most environmentally friendly method out there but at least it gets the job done.

Put on a pair of disposable gloves and freely devour your cupcake, You can break it into smaller pieces, stuff the whole thing in your mouth, whatever your heart desires. Let your hair down!

Disposable gloves are commonly offered at bakeries where Im from but they may be less accessible in other countries. Otherwise, a very convenient option!

The Asian ⭐️⭐️⭐️

A pair of chopsticks is all you need for this, that is, assuming that you know how to use them. The goal is the same, to avoid getting any cupcake grease or frosting on our hands. To begin, you should remove your cupcake liner.

Poke one chopstick in the cupcake to secure it to the surface, then run the other chopstick around the cakes edges while applying some pressure downwards to flatten the cupcake paper.

Once youve undressed your cupcake, you can cut it into bite-sized pieces with your chopsticks and put them in your mouth.

This is an alternative I like to use not just for cupcakes but to pick up cheetos, fruits, tissue, anything and everything really. I promise you it works wonders, the only thing is you are going to be adequately good at using chopsticks.

But you know what they say, practice makes perfect

4. Save the Best for Last ⭐️⭐️

This isnt so much a method per se, more like a preference. Some people prefer to eat their cupcakes upside down, getting through the cake layer and eating the frosting afterward.

After removing your cupcake paper, flip it upside down to have better access to the cake. You can also scrape off the frosting and place it on the side to avoid it falling off of your cake. Eat the cake, saving the frosting till the end.

The opposite of this is also an option, which is where you eat the frosting first and then the cake. I dont know why one would do such a thing because after tasting the sweetness of the frosting, the cake will just taste bland. To each his own, I suppose.

Im giving a two-star rating to this method because you simply cannot get a good cake-to-frosting balance. It can get messy and I cant imagine eating frosting by itself.


Here Ill answer some commonly asked questions related to eating cupcakes properly.

1. Do you eat a cupcake with a fork?

I don’t, but you absolutely can. Using a fork can help you gain better control over the cupcake and avoid making a mess, getting your hands sticky.

2. How many cupcakes should you eat?

As much as we hate to admit this, cupcakes are not the healthiest. Theyre very high in calories, fat and sugar and should definitely be eaten in moderation. A cupcake comprises around 400 calories and 50g sugar on average.

The AHA recommends an added-sugar limit of no more than 25g a day for most women and 38g for most men. You can see how even one cupcake exceeds this limit, so I recommend not going over one cupcake a day.

3. Is it okay to eat cupcake wrappers?

Cupcake wrappers are generally made of parchment paper or foil. They are both unpalatable.

Final Thoughts

There are countless ways to eat a cupcake. Ive listed four that I see regularly but theyre by no means the only ways. If it works best for you, its the proper way!

How do you like to eat your cupcakes? Please share it with us in the comments section!

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How do most people eat cupcakes?

Traditional Eating Habits

Set the cupcake on a plate and peel the wrapper off slowly, trying to keep the cake itself upright. Leave the wrapper on the bottom of the cupcake to catch any crumbs as you eat. If you have a small plate, you can unwrap your cupcake there. Otherwise, just hold the cupcake in your hands.

Do you eat a cupcake with spoon or fork?

Cake with a dry, crumbly texture, such as pound cake or a cupcake, is broken into small pieces and eaten a bite at a time with the fingers. Eating moist cake requires proper table manners. Cake with a moist, gooey texture, such as cake with a custard filling, is eaten with a fork.

How do you eat cupcakes without getting messy?

The trick is to break off the bottom half of the cupcake and put it on top, so you’re creating a sort of “sandwich” with the frosting in the middle. You’ll still have to open your mouth pretty wide, but it becomes much easier to eat without getting frosting all over your face or fingers.

How unhealthy is a cupcake?

Cupcakes are high in sugar and saturated fat, two nutrients that should be consumed in moderation. Women should stay under 24 grams of added sugar per day, and men should aim for less than 36 grams per day. Added sugar is any sugar that’s not found naturally in foods (like the natural sugar in fruit or milk).

What is the most common cupcake tip?

The 1M is the most popular piping tip. It’s often referred to as the Wilton 1M tip, but you can use any brand of 1M tip, such as Loyal or PME. It’s a perfectly sized star tip that is fantastic for piping rosettes on cupcakes or adding detailed borders onto your cake edges.

What is the proper manner to eat cake?

‘ She continued: ‘If you are served a dry cake, such as a pound cake, you would tear it into small bitesize pieces with your fingers, and then neatly eat with your hands. ‘A moist cake, for example, a cheesecake, you would use a fork and a spoon if required.

Is it normal to eat a cupcake with a fork?

It’s acceptable to consume it anyway you like. Plus I know a lot of people who eat cupcakes with forks. It’s pretty normal to me.

What is the right way to eat cake?

According to Etiquette Scholar, the way you eat your cake is all about the texture. Dry cake, for example, should be “broken into small pieces and eaten a bite at a time with the fingers”, while moist cake or cake with a gooey texture should be eaten with a fork.

What is the toothpick trick cupcakes?

For the vast majority of baked goods, we want a toothpick inserted in the center to come out clean, indicating that the crumb is fully set and no excess moisture remains. This ensures that the item will slice neatly and hold together when cool.

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