How to Keep Baking Soda Safe

How to Keep Baking Soda Safe

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Is there anything baking soda cannot accomplish? From being an all-star cleaning solution to disguising smells and leavening cookies and cakes, it’s no surprise that baking soda is a kitchen staple. But, are you keeping it properly?

I’m Shea, and like you, I’ve been keeping my baking soda in the same cardboard box for years. But as I progressed in my baking career, I discovered the proper methods to store baking soda, and I’d want to share that knowledge with you!

Keep reading if you’re wondering how to store baking soda and be prepared to say goodbye to the iconic cardboard box!

How to Store Baking Soda in the Pantry

If you’re anything like me (and I’m assuming you are, given that you’ve found this site), you used your baking soda and then tossed it back into the cupboard. Yet you always kept it in the traditional cardboard box.

What if I told you you were doing it incorrectly? The issue with keeping baking soda in a cardboard box is that it does not have an airtight seal. This signifies two things: your baking soda is absorbing all of the aromas surrounding it, and it is becoming less effective.

Consider doing the following instead to extend the life of your baking soda and ensure it is ready for anything:

  1. Open the new cardboard box of baking soda and use it for its desired purpose.
  2. Store in an airtight container.
  3. When ready to use again, use a spoon or scooper to scoop out the necessary baking soda. 

Yep, it is that simple to keep baking soda in the cupboard. An airtight container can keep it fresh for many years.

Which Containers Are Best?

Everyone has a distinct interpretation of the term “airtight container.” Some people use Tupperware or a glass jar. Some believe it is a plastic bag. Although these are both excellent suggestions, the empty spice container or grated Parmesan cheese bottle is the clear winner.

Why? Because these containers allow you to easily pour out the baking soda without having to open and seal a bag or container. You won’t have to use anything to scoop out the baking soda, which helps to preserve it even more.

Whichever airtight container you choose, the most important thing to remember is that it should be absolutely odor-free. The jar should also be put in a cold, dry location, away from spices and other odors.

Recall that baking soda absorbs odors. If you place the baking soda in a container with a strong odor, it will absorb it quickly. No, thank you!

How to Store Baking Soda in the Fridge or Freezer

The same guidelines do not apply when using baking soda in the refrigerator or freezer. If you use baking soda in these locations, keep in mind that it will absorb any unpleasant scents that may be present.

As a result, never use a package of baking soda that has been opened and kept in the fridge or freezer for baking. It may result in a very unpleasant treat!

Just do the following to keep a box of baking soda in the refrigerator or freezer:

  1. Open the box 
  2. Sprinkle some baking soda in the bottom of the crisper bins
  3. Place the baking soda box inside of the fridge/freezer
  4. Replace every three to six months


Some of the most frequently asked questions regarding storing baking soda correctly are answered here. Let’s get started!

Can you store baking soda in a glass jar?

Yes! A glass jar is a good choice for storage. Nonetheless, the same restrictions apply to this sort of container. It must be airtight and free of any pre-existing scents.

Can baking soda be stored in a clear container?

Yes, baking soda may be stored in a transparent container.

Where do you put baking soda in the fridge?

The position of the baking soda is not critical. But, if you discover that particular regions have more scents than others, add the baking soda near the stinky objects.

How long is baking soda good for once opened?

Although baking soda boxes carry expiry dates, they are not usually accurate. A box of baking soda is often only good for six months to a year after it has been opened. Of course, this amount varies depending on aspects such as how and where data is kept.

Final Thoughts

Handling baking soda like a jewel is essential for extending its life and preventing it from absorbing unwanted smells. The easiest approach to accomplish this is to keep it in an airtight container in a cold, dry, and odor-free environment.

Do you keep baking soda in the refrigerator or the pantry? How do you keep it? Please share your method and leave a comment!


How do you store baking soda for long term storage?

Baking soda may be stored in an airtight, moisture-proof container in a cold (40°-70°) and dry place forever. Baking soda absorbs moisture and scents, thus the storage container is crucial.

Should you refrigerate baking soda?

Baking powder, soda, and corn starch should be kept in a cool, dry place away from heat and moisture. Just use a dry utensil to measure, and replace the cover immediately after use.

Can I store baking soda in plastic container?

Baking soda may be stored in sealed plastic containers in your cupboard without refrigeration.

Should baking powder and baking soda be refrigerated?

Baking powder and baking soda are both shelf-stable, which means they may be stored in your kitchen cabinets without being refrigerated.

What is the best container to store baking soda?

A spice jar is recommended since it not only improves the life of the baking soda but also makes it more usable. Nevertheless, before transferring the baking soda, make sure the container is clean and odor-free so that the baking soda does not absorb the scent of whatever was previously put in the container.

How do you keep baking soda from getting hard?

It should not be kept in the refrigerator.

Baking soda should be kept in a container that keeps moisture out, according to Taste of Home. Otherwise, you will get clumping or, worse, mold.

Why put baking soda in toilet tank?

A mixture of white vinegar and baking soda in equal parts is a cheap and effective way to remove smells from a toilet. Put them to the tank, mix them in, and then gently clean the tank with the toilet brush. Let it to rest for a few hours before scrubbing the tank again and flushing.

How long does baking soda last once opened?

According to the Food Marketing Institute’s “The Food Keeper,” unopened baking soda should be stored at room temperature for 18 months. For optimal quality, keep at room temperature for 6 months after opening.

Why is baking soda in a cardboard box?

Baking soda, unlike baking powder, requires an acid to be activated. Merely collecting moisture from the air will not cause it to bubble. It is for this reason that baking soda is offered in cardboard containers with a loose flap rather than sealed canisters like baking powder.

Is it OK to store baking soda in a glass jar?

As a result, I suggest keeping the baking soda in its own sealed container. Since my pantry is dark, I just use a glass jar.

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