How to Make a Better Boxed Red Velvet Cake Mix

How to Make a Better Boxed Red Velvet Cake Mix

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If you’re in a hurry or just don’t want to mess with a lengthy list of ingredients for handmade cakes, a boxed cake mix is a great option. Yet, convenience may occasionally lead to a loss of taste and texture. Who would want that?

There are several methods to elevate your red velvet cake mix. The addition of espresso powder, for example, will enhance the chocolate taste. Use vegetable oil for butter and add two eggs for a richer, more decadent flavor and texture. You may also substitute milk for water.

Hey! My name is Shea, and my elder brother like red velvet cake. And guess what? I don’t always want to make the handmade version. If I’m in a hurry and need red velvet cake fast, I’ll use a cake mix with the necessary modifications to make it taste like the genuine thing.

Let’s get that boxed red velvet cake mix going!

How to Improve Boxed Red Velvet Cake Mix: 7 Ways

Sure, there are seven wonderful ways to improve on a boxed red velvet cake mix. You may utilize one, part, or all of these fantastic enhancements. At the end, you’ll have a delicious cake that tastes like it came straight from a high-end bakery. Yum.

1. Add Espresso Powder

My favorite tip is to use espresso powder. In fact, whether you’re creating red velvet cake from a boxed mix or something else completely, I suggest adding espresso powder to all of your chocolate dishes. But why is this so?

Espresso powder is well-known for enhancing chocolate tastes. Additionally, while red velvet cake has a milder chocolate flavor, espresso powder is vital for giving it a significant pop.

A teaspoon or two will enough. Don’t go overboard. Not to transform your favorite Starbucks drink into a cake, but to enhance the chocolate taste (although their cake batter frappuccino is quite delicious).

2. Swap Oil for Butter

When using a boxed cake mix, always replace the oil with butter. It is necessary for two reasons:

  • Cake that is moist. The first advantage of incorporating butter into your cake is that it will become enormously moister. I’m not sure about you, but I like a light, delicate, and lovingly moist cake. Butter is the key to achieving the appropriate texture.
  • More taste. When I think of butter, I think of a deliciously creamy and decadent flavor. So, how about you? Add it to your boxed cake mix now. The end product is tasty and obviously rich.

3. Swap Water for Milk

Water in a cake, let alone a red velvet cake? Thank you, but no thanks. That has nothing to do with water. I adore water and recognize that it is very necessary for life to exist. I simply don’t believe it belongs in the majority of baking recipes.

Thus, instead of water, use milk in your boxed red velvet cake mix. Milk, particularly buttermilk, will provide an irresistibly moist and rich red velvet cake with a handmade flavor.

4. Use Two Eggs

Most cake mixes call for one egg, which is OK. Don’t worry if you only have one egg for your red velvet cake mix. Nevertheless, if you have additional eggs on hand, I strongly suggest adding a second one to your boxed cake mix.

An additional egg will only improve the thickness, moistness, and tenderness of your red velvet cake. And those are the three words I choose to use to describe cake. If you agree, don’t be afraid to add another egg.

5. Underbake Ever So Slightly

I seldom recommend underbaking cake. But I’m not sure about red velvet or other chocolate desserts. Underbaking makes the cake richer, moister, and more smoldering. That is the aim!

Now, I’m not suggesting that you bake your cake for 10 seconds and then call it a day. Your cake must still be baked. Nevertheless, if you reduce the baking time by a few minutes, you may end up with an astonishingly delicate red velvet cake with bright tastes.

6. Toss in Some Mix-Ins

Using some mix-ins is often the simplest method to hide the packaged flavour. You may be as creative or as plain as you like with this choice.

Someone who loves a fruitier and more sweet taste, for example, may add some coconut to their cake mix. If you want to add some heat, mix in some cinnamon and cayenne pepper. For those who want salt and crunch, crushed peanuts or pretzels would suffice.


It’s simple to transform a packaged red velvet cake mix. But if you’re still intrigued, take a look at the frequently asked questions below.

Can I add cocoa powder to the red velvet cake mix?

It is optional to add cocoa powder to the red velvet cake mix. Adding espresso powder is a great approach to enhance the chocolate taste. Too much cocoa powder might give your cake an unpleasant powdery flavor.

What can I use instead of oil for the cake mix?

Butter is the finest oil substitute. If you don’t have butter, you may use pureed or mashed fruit such as applesauce or banana. Margarine, mayonnaise, and yogurt may also improve the flavor of a cake mix.

What can I use instead of cake flour?

Cake flour is, of course, the ideal choice for handcrafted cakes. If you don’t have cake flour on hand, you may use all-purpose flour.

Final Words

It doesn’t have to taste like a commercial red velvet cake mix. Easy substitutions such as using butter instead of oil and buttermilk instead of water may elevate your cake to the next level. You may also add espresso powder and other mix-ins, like as coconut and pretzels, to increase the taste.

What can you do to improve the flavor of a boxed red velvet cake mix? Comment below so that we may all try!


How do you make boxed red velvet cake taste like homemade?

Use equal parts melted butter for the oil for a deeper taste. Adding an additional egg is one method for increasing density. In the case of red velvet cake, replace the water with equal parts milk or buttermilk. Instead, use half water and half sour cream.

What can you add to a box cake mix to make it more moist?

Packaged cakes sometimes ask for water, but substituting equal parts milk, coffee, or even soda will result in a moister, more delicate, more delicious cake. You may use whole milk or your preferred nondairy milk in place of the white cake mix.

How to make a cake mix taste like a bakery cake?

8 Easy Techniques & Strategies to Improve Box Cake
Ingredients should be at room temperature.
Use milk or buttermilk for the water.
Substitute Sour Cream for the Butter…. Increase the number of eggs…. Add Vanilla Extract.
Make It a Chocolate Lovers’ Cake… Decorate It Like A Pro.

What can I add to store bought cake mix to make it better?

Add an additional teaspoon of vanilla essence to enhance the taste. Vanilla is usually a good option, but any extract may improve a taste. Why not add a teaspoon of almond extract to the strawberry cake mix? Incorporate some pudding into the mix: Combine the cake mix with a small package of pudding mix.

How do you make a box cake taste richer?

Substitute half of the vegetable oil with melted butter for a richer flavor. Before you replace all of the vegetable oil with melted butter for improved taste, bear in mind that oil helps to make a cake moist. If you want a richer taste, use half oil and half melted butter.

How do you moisten a dry red velvet cake?

Here are five suggestions for moistening a dry cake that has already been baked.
Glaze with a basic syrup glaze. If your cake layers come out too dry, Velez suggests glazing them with simple syrup.
Soak the cake in milk…
… Fill the cake with mousse or jam.
Decorate the cake…
Place it in the refrigerator.
Apr 27, 2021

What does adding an extra egg to a box cake mix do?

Include an Extra Egg

The extra fat in the egg yolk contributes to a more soft, moist, and flavorful cake. The additional egg also contributes to a more firm texture in the cake, which is ideal if you want to bake it as a layer cake rather than a sheet cake or cupcakes.

Is it better to use water or milk in a box cake mix?

When your box mix specifies for liquid, add MILK, not water. The milk gives your combination solidity, fat, and, most importantly, taste.

How to hack box cake mix?

Hack for Creating Boxed Cake Mix

Replace the water in the package instructions with milk. DOUBLE the quantity of butter and replace the oil in the package instructions. Add one more egg than the package directions ask for. Combine the ingredients and bake according to the package instructions.

How do you make a box cake taste like homemade?

Try using a couple of these ideas to make your box cake mix taste better!
Instead of water, use milk….
Add more eggs…
To the dry ingredients, add the sugar and flour.
For chocolate cakes, use coffee instead of water.
Sour Cream is ideal for providing moisture and taste.
Pudding gives moisture as well as taste.
More to come…
•Jan 20, 2021

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