How to Prevent a Cake from Doming

How to Prevent a Cake from Doming

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A cake with a dome? Let us just refer to it as a doomed cake. Nobody likes to look at an unpleasant dome on top of their newly made cake, particularly if they’re attempting to make a costly pattern or layers. So, what’s the issue? What is the purpose of the domes, and how can you stop them?

Domes often form when the outside corners of a cake bake before the center, which might be caused by a hot oven, a tiny cake pan, or bad luck. Reduce the temperature, use the proper-sized cake pan, or use accessories like cake strips or baking cores to change the destiny of your cake.

Hey! Shea is my name. It’s a pleasure to meet you! I’ve been making goodies for the last 10 years, and cakes are among my favorites. They’re simply so adaptable! Despite my expertise, I’ve had some scary cake mishaps, such as domes. I’m here to show you how to put a stop to it.

It’s time to say goodbye to domes for good.

How to Stop a Cake From Doming: 4 Ways

A domed cake is just not appropriate in any manner. A crowned cake indicates that something has gone awry. It is nearly often caused by the borders baking quicker than the center, most likely due to an overheated oven. Yet, this is not always the case.

These are the top four methods for preventing a cake from doming.

1. Lower the Temp, Increase the Baking Time

The simplest option is to reduce the baking temperature by 50 degrees Fahrenheit. Yeah, it may seem to be a lot, but if you’re continually left with a dome catastrophe, you’ll need to reduce the temperature.

This will imply various things for different cake recipes since all cakes bake at different temperatures, the most common of which being 350F. In any case, reduce the temperature by 50°F and extend the baking time by 30-60 minutes (check on the cake every ten minutes to be on the safe side).

If you achieve excellent results by reducing the temperature, that’s fantastic. The only problem is that you may have had to reduce the setting since your oven was not showing the right temperature. Get a low-cost oven thermometer to check that your range is properly calibrated.

2. Use Baking Strips

When the outside edges of your cake are cooking quicker than the center, it is doming. So, what is the best course of action? Wrap your cake pan with baking strips.

What exactly is a baking strip? Baking strips are just lengthy pieces of cloth that are dipped in ice-cold water before being wrapped around your pan. They keep the border from overbaking, resulting in a consistent bake with no domes every time.

Don’t want to spend money on baking strips? Several individuals have had success using moist towels or aluminum foil. I am not a lover of DIY, so I purchased the baking strips and can definitely tell they work well.

3. Use Baking Cores

A baking core is at the heart of every properly cooked and leveled cake. (Alright, I realize that was corny, but tell me you didn’t laugh!)

A baking core is a little device that is inserted in the middle of your cake. It transfers heat to the center of your cake, ensuring that it bakes at the same time as the outside edges, resulting in a dome-less masterpiece.

4. Use the Right-Sized Baking Pan

Are you attempting to work with a little cake pan? I would advise against it. It is vital to choose the correct-sized pan for your cake recipe. Otherwise, you’ll wind up with a strangely shaped and very unevenly cooked cake.

How to Fix a Domed Cake (3 Tips)

Is your present domed cake too late? Don’t get rid of it just yet. You may still make and eat your domed cake as if nothing happened (it’ll be our little secret, okay?). Here are a few suggestions to make it better.

1. Cut and Frost

The simplest technique to repair a domed cake is to cut off the domed piece and cover it up with icing and embellishments. Just make sure the cake is completely cool before attempting to cut it. Otherwise, you’ll wind up with a crumbly mess that may or may not be salvageable.

Are you worried that your cut will be uneven and awkward? With a cake leveler, you can put an end to the fight. These are reasonably priced. Thus, although I hope you never have to use it, it’s a great investment to have on hand.

2. Cool Upside-Down

Let the cake to cool in the pan before flipping it over. It’s a bit unusual, but the weight of the cake plus the heat retained within should help to level the dome. This tip works well with small domes.

3. Utilize the Dome

Who said you had to remove the dome? Embrace it and turn it into something wonderful. For a summer celebration, you may construct a lovely flower, a brilliant sun, or a beach ball. Folks, sometimes you have to be resourceful!


Cake domes arise when the outside edges of the cake cook too rapidly, leaving the center uncooked. The good news is that you now know how to stop and repair it! Here are a few more similar questions for you to consider.

What can you do with the cake dome?

You do not have to remove the dome from your cake if you cut it off. If the dome is large enough, it may be transformed into anything else. For example, you may make a milkshake by blending it with ice cream, cake pops, or small biscuits.

Do you level a cake when it’s hot or cold?

When a cake is cooled, always level it. It should be at room temperature, preferably cold. This reduces the possibility of crumbly messes, ugly cracking, and even rips.

How do you level a cake?

Leveling a cake is a straightforward process. I use a thin, sharp knife. Other individuals, however, employ unusual techniques such as dental floss to cut off the caps. A cake leveler is the simplest method to level a cake and produces flawless results every time, so consider purchasing one!

Final Words

Do you have trouble with cake domes? Reduce the temperature by 50 degrees Fahrenheit and increase the baking time by 30-60 minutes. You may also experiment with useful extras like as baking strips or cores. Furthermore, make sure you’re using the correct-sized pan!

Do you ever make dome-shaped cakes? Did you repair it? How? Please share your experiences in the comments section!


How do you make a cake rise evenly?

In order to bake a cake evenly, the edges must be insulated. By preventing the temperature of the batter near the edge from rapidly rising, the cake may rise for a longer period of time before setting.

How do you make a cake flat on top?

Reduce the oven temperature.

Most cake recipes include preheating the oven to 350°F. Reduce the temperature to 325°F instead. Reducing the oven temperature inhibits the rise of the leavening ingredient, resulting in a cake with a lovely flat top instead of the dreaded dome.

Why do cakes rise high in the middle?

or baking powder, having more time to react before the surface hardens. The cake rises in the center, but the sides cannot rise as much since the crust has solidified due to the rapid heating. Since air is a poor heat conductor, the top and centre take longer to bake. This signifies that the leavening agents, baking soda, and baking powder

How do you fix a cake that rises in the middle?

How to Restore a Sunken Cake
Step 1: Remove the outside ring of the cake. Cut the ridge from around the sunken centre of your falling cake so that the top of the cake is level.
Step 2: Fill in the cake gap. Fill the sunken centre with the extra cake and smooth it out.
Step 3: Drizzle with icing.

What prevents a cake from rising?

If the oven temperature is too high, the cake will set too quickly before the air bubbles have formed. If the oven isn’t hot enough, the cake will rise too much and then collapse in the middle before it’s done. Make a cake mix cake as a test to determine your oven temperature. (Make sure your oven is also preheated.)

How do you flatten the top of a cake without cutting it?

Give your cake a pat on the back.

Then cover the cake with a kitchen towel or tea towel. A microfiber cloth, our favorite cleaning tool, will also work! Using a flat palm, gently pat the middle of the cake. When your cake dome cools and sinks, apply little, equal pressure to begin the leveling process.

Why do cakes dome and crack?

The temperature in the oven is too high. If the top crust develops and solidifies before the cake has completed rising, the center will attempt to push through the crust as it bakes, causing the cake to crack and perhaps dome.

How long does a cake last in a cake dome?

Q: How long can a cake be kept in a cake dome? A: The cake may be stored in a dome for 4-5 days. You may also cover the cake in plastic wrap to keep it fresh.

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