How to Put a Picture Onto a Cake

How to Put a Picture Onto a Cake

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One of the best ways to decorate a cake is to put a picture on it. Not only is it cool and clever, but it makes the cake distinct. There will be no second-guessing whose special occasion it is when their face is plastered all over the cake!

Whether you want to put a picture on a cake for a birthday, graduation, anniversary, or another event, youre likely wondering how to do it. After all, regular photographs arent exactly edible. So, how does it work?

There are many alternatives. The most popular choice is to print a picture on a specialty printer using edible paper and ink. However, you can also lay a photo wrapped in plastic on top of the cake or trace it using wax paper and icing.

Hello! Im Shea, and Ive been baking for years. One of my favorite things to do is put pictures on cakes. Its just so cute! And today, Im here to show you how its done.

Lets put a picture on a cake!

How to Put a Picture Onto a Cake (3 Ways)

How to Put a Picture Onto a Cake

Did you know there are three successful ways to put a picture on a cake? And the best part is that all of the methods are relatively simple. Even newbie bakers wont have trouble translating an image onto a cake.

Method 1: Edible Paper and Ink

Did you know that you can print a picture thats 100% edible? It might sound like some kind of new age phenomenon, but its all too real. All you need is a specialty printer that can print edible pictures the same found in most bakeries that make picture cakes.

Once you have your printer, simply do the following:

Step 1: Select your digital image in JPEG format. If youre using a physical photo, you will need to scan it and save it as a JPEG document.

Step 2: Print using edible paper and ink. There are several options, including wafer paper and frosting sheets. Dont forget the edible ink, too. The last thing you want is to whip up a toxic cake.

Step 3: Allow the picture to dry for five minutes. This will give the ink time to soak into the paper, creating a vibrant image.

Step 4: If desired, cut the borders. If your photo has a little extra, go ahead and use your kitchen scissors to cut off the excess.

Step 5: Transfer the picture on the cake. It’s that easy and it looks wonderful.

Note: If you do not want to purchase all of this equipment for a one-time cake, many bakers will do the hard work for you. Call your local bakeries to see if they can print an edible image for you.

Method 2: Plastic Wrap/Laminate

Not everyone wants to go out and purchase special equipment to put a picture onto a cake, and thats okay. If you want to use a physical photo or print a digital image using regular paper and ink, you can still use it.

Obviously, you wont want to put the picture directly onto the cake and people should not consume it. Not only will the photo not taste very good, but it can be toxic. What are your options?

You have two choices:

  • Wrap the photo tightly with plastic wrap. The plastic wrap will protect the image from being overrun with delicious frosting.
  • Laminate the photograph. You can be extra safe by having the photo laminated before placing it on top of your cake.

Either way, you can place the photo directly onto the cake. Be gentle, as you do not want the picture to penetrate the icing. When its time to consume the cake, remove the photo and enjoy it as usual!

Method 3: Trace the Photo

If you want to test your creativity, you can always trace the image instead of using wax paper and a photo. Using this method, its best to keep the image more uncomplicated with minor detail. Otherwise, important nuances may be lost in translation.

Heres how to do it:

Step 1: Place a sheet of wax paper over the image.

Step 2: Trace the image.

Step 3: Flip the wax paper over, so the ink is facing down.

Step 4: Use icing to create the image. Its best to work from the top and move downward.

Step 5: When youre done, flip the image over and press the frosting side down into the cake.

Step 6: At this point, you can perform any necessary touch-ups until youre happy with your cake.

Serve and enjoy!


How to Put a Picture Onto a Cake

See? I told you putting a picture onto a cake was a cinch! If you still have some questions, dont worry Ive got you covered. Here are a few commonly asked questions people have asked.

Can you print edible paper on a regular printer?

Canon and Epson printers are said to be able to handle edible ink. The only issue was when the printers were used for regular ink. Before printing something edible, you would have to perform an extensive cleaning job to ensure there are no leftover chemicals or toxins.

Can you refrigerate a cake with an edible image?

Are you thinking about refrigerating your cake with an edible image? The good news is that you can successfully refrigerate a cake with an edible image. The only potential downside is that the image may lose quality. However, its still 100% safe to consume.

Does Walmart make edible images?

Walmart should be able to make edible images. However, this could vary by location. While its more common than not, its best to give your local Walmart a call to see whether or not they make edible images.

Is an edible printer worth it?

If you regularly bake cakes with edible images, then yes, an edible printer can be an excellent investment. On the other hand, if you only need an edible image once or twice a year, it might be best to use another option or have the image professionally printed.

Final Words

Putting a picture onto a cake is surprisingly simple. The best way to do it is with a printer, edible paper, and ink. However, you can also test your creativity by tracing the image with frosting on wax paper or going the simple route by laminating or wrapping the photo in plastic wrap.

What is your favorite way to put a picture onto a cake?


Can I print a picture and put it on a cake?

All you require is an edible printing-compatible printer that has edible ink cartridges, unlike the usual ones. You just have to connect the printer to your computer, load it with edible sheets, hit print, and voila, your edible image is all set to be designed on your cake!

How do you print edible images for cakes?

Printing Instructions for the Edible Cake Topper:

Place the frosting sheet in the printer with the frosting side up (plastic on the back). Ready your edible printer with edible ink cartridges and blank frosting sheets. Give the command to print and it will slowly print on your frosting sheet.

How do you transfer a picture on baking paper?

Once printed, put the parchment image-side down on your encaustic painting and rub the back of the parchment with a spoon. The ink will come off very easily and you will be able to see through the parchment to ensure that the entire image has transferred.

How far in advance can you put an edible image on a cake?

If you are concerned about fading, place the sheet on the cake within an hour of the event. If you are using a cake bought at a bakery with the harder frosting, the image can be placed on at your convenience, but not more than 48 hours prior to the event.

How do bakers put pictures on cakes?

Instead of paper, the image is printed on edible “icing paper” or “rice paper” sheets. These special sheets are 100% edible, non-toxic, and safe to eat. The paper is made from a mixture of cornflour, potatoes, and rice. The edible ink used in the printer is made from food colouring.

How do they put images on a cake at Walmart?

The photo cakes are made with a machine that prints the photo on a very thin sheet of sugar. That sheet is then placed on the top of a plain iced cake. Other decorations, like roses, can be added after the sugar sheet is placed.

What is the best photo editing app for cake?

PhotoDirector, available for iOS and Android devices, is the best photo editing app for food photography. With this app, you can quickly make professional edits to your food photos or cake photoshoot. Swap backgrounds, clean up the image, and adjust the color of your image, all with one easy-to-use app.

Can any printer print edible images?

Only Canon and Epson brand printers are compatible with food safe refillable edible ink cartridges. Canon has the advantage that its printhead can be removed for cleaning or replacing, whereas the Epson does not have a removable or replaceable printhead, so cleaning would be a very messy job.

How do you make edible images for cakes without a printer?

Making Use of Edible Markers

All you need to do is to make the desired shapes and figures on the sheet with edible ink markers, cut out that shape or figure, and use it on the cake surface in the similar way you would paste a printed frosting sheet on the cake by peeling off the backing paper.

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