How to Put Icing on Cupcakes with a Ziplock Bag

How to Put Icing on Cupcakes with a Ziplock Bag

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Who said you needed sophisticated frosting equipment to decorate cupcakes? A Ziplock bag may be used to make beautiful cupcakes. It’s inexpensive, effective, and consistently produces excellent results. This post will show you how.

Hello there! My name is Shea, and I like baking. I’ve been practicing for ten years and can honestly claim that baking is 100% my passion. Using a Ziplock bag for icing is certainly a favorite of mine that I’ve attempted several clever contraptions to get things done.

You’ve come to the correct spot if you’ve just made a fresh batch of cupcakes and want them to look like the ones in the bakery store window. This helpful how-to tutorial will teach you how to accomplish it. The greatest thing is that it is quite simple (and inexpensive, which is always a plus!).

Are you up for making Instagram-worthy cupcakes?

How to Put Icing on Cupcakes with a Ziplock Bag (4 Easy Steps)

How to Put Icing on Cupcakes with a Ziplock Bag

It doesn’t have to be costly or difficult to wow your pals at the next birthday party with perfectly-decorated cupcakes. All you need to adorn your little cakes with icing is a Ziplock bag, a pair of scissors, and your favorite kind of frosting.

Then, follow these simple steps for success:

Step 1: Add Frosting to the Bag

Any product, such as a little silicone spatula or ice cream scooper, may be used. Scoop the frosting into a Ziplock bag and seal it. The idea is to concentrate the icing on one side of the bag as much as possible.

Some bakers recommend putting the baggie inside a cup and folding the top over the sides if this is difficult. This allows you to concentrate the frosting in a specific spot, making it significantly less messy and difficult.

Don’t overfill the bag! If you use too much icing, you will be unable to adequately release extra air and close the bag, leaving your DIY piping bag ineffective. Is it possible that you’ll need to fill another bag to frost all of your cupcakes? True, but it’s not a huge issue!

Step 2: Let the Air Out and Close the Bag

After you’ve properly put the frosting to the Ziplock bag, be sure to let all the air out before closing and sealing it. Make certain that the seal is completely closed. The last thing you want is for icing to return and slap you in the face when you’re decorating!

Some individuals may apply tape to the top of the zipper to form a secure seal, while others will tie off the end with a rubber band. You may also just twist the bag’s end till it’s nice and tight.

Step 3: Snip the Tip of the Bag

Cut a hole in the tip of the Ziplock bag where the frosting is most concentrated using your scissors. Take care not to make the hole too large or too tiny. Otherwise, you won’t receive the desired outcomes.

Not sure which size to choose? The most critical factor to consider is your intended outcome. If you wish to create elaborate patterns, go to the smaller size. If you’re going to splatter icing over top haphazardly, a larger hole will come in handy.

Step 4: Frost the Cupcakes

That’s all! You’re finally ready to start making those cupcakes for the big party. Obviously, you’ll want to use a swirling motion to squeeze the icing over the cupcake. Make careful to apply constant pressure so that your cupcakes all appear the same.


How to Put Icing on Cupcakes with a Ziplock Bag

See? Using a Ziplock bag to apply frosting on cupcakes is a piece of cake. (However, I’m now wanting a batch of lemon cupcakes with vanilla icing). If you want to understand more about this subject, see the frequently asked questions below.

How do you attach a frosting tip to a Ziplock bag?

Did you know that frosting tips may be used with Ziplock bags? Simply snip off one bag tip (make sure it is not too large for your frosting tip). Insert the tip into the bag and gently press it into the hole, but not so far that it falls out.

How do you Frost cupcakes with store-bought icing?

It’s not much different from making homemade icing. Check that the store-bought frosting is at room temperature and properly combined. Then, using your piping bag or DIY Ziplock bag, frost it as normal.

How can you ice a cupcake without a bag?

Is there no piping bag or standard Ziplock bag? Not to worry. Scoop some frosting over the top of each cupcake and swirl it around with a knife. It may not seem professional, but it will still look (and taste) fantastic.

Should frosting be cold before piping?

You do not need to cool the frosting before piping it. The temperature in the room is suitable. However, do not attempt to frost warm cupcakes. Before adding the frosting, the cupcakes should be completely cooled (or cold).

Final Words

You don’t need expensive equipment to produce beautiful cupcakes. You just need a Ziplock bag and a pair of scissors to wow your party attendees. The most difficult part is determining the proper size hole for your desired end appearance. Enjoy your gorgeous mini cakes without going too large or too small!


Can you put icing in a Ziploc bag?

Secure the line with duct tape from the bottom corner of the bag to the opposite corner of the top of the bag. After you’ve completed this step, fill the bag with icing.Yes, the answer is YES! A gallon Ziploc bag, duct tape, and scissors are required. Simply fold the bottom.

What happens if you put dry ice in a Ziploc bag?

Dry ice sublimes quite slowly when put in a sealed bag at room temperature (demo 3). Gaseous CO2 escapes and fills the bag. As more gas is created in a certain amount of space, the pressure within the bag rises.

How do you put icing on cupcakes?

2 to 2 teaspoons icing on a cupcake. Spread the frosting to the edge and remove any excess using the back of a spoon, a non-serrated butter knife, or a tiny offset spatula.Decorating Ideas: Dollop roughly 1 12 cup using a cookie scoop or a big tablespoon.

What is the best tip for frosting cupcakes?

My favorite cupcake frosting tip is the Wilton 1M (seen in the frosting how-to photographs above). No matter how rapidly you are frosting, it generates a lovely, thick swirl and looks quite consistent (read: mistake-free). The Wilton 2A is the last tip I use for cupcake decorating.

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