How to Store Baking Pans

How to Store Baking Pans

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If you bake as frequently as I do, you know how aggravating it can be to deal with a disorganized pile of baking pans. Now you can put an end to that annoyance. This post will teach you how to arrange baking pans so that your kitchen appears neat and organized.

Hi! My name is Shea, and I’ve been baking for a long time. That really is a hobby of mine. That being stated, you can imagine how many baking pans have ended up in my kitchen. It seemed to be a baking pan explosion a few years back. Yet, with appropriate organization, it works flawlessly.

If you have a seemingly infinite number of baking pans and can’t seem to locate the correct one, it’s time to organize. A number of ideas and tactics for superior baking pan storage options are provided here.

What exactly are we waiting for? Let’s get your kitchen organized, bakers!

How to Organize Baking Pans

There are several methods to arrange baking pans. Thus, for those of you who are skilled not only in the cooking but also in little modifications, you may create something remarkable. If you’re like me and don’t trust yourself with DIY projects, there are alternatives listed below.

Whichever technique you choose, the main thing is to start by getting rid of old baking pans or pans you no longer use. I have more outdated baking pans than I’d like to confess. I observed that my baking pan storage area was better tidy once I tossed them.

After you’ve gone through your pans and can’t part with anything else, you can get down to the nitty-gritty of organizing using one of these fantastic approaches.

Method 1: Store Vertically

I used to keep my baking pans below my oven in the little storage space. Such a dreadful nightmare! I was astounded when I saw the notion of storing vertically. It’s such an obvious method to arrange baking pans, yet it never occurred to me.

Vertically storing baking pans is a terrific alternative since you can see all of your pans without having to rummage through everything and make a huge mess. All you have to do is find a cabinet big enough to hold your baking pans and stack them.

You may make your room more useable by simply putting baking pans upright. Yet, if you want to become even more organized, you might put up a file organizing rack. This ensures that the pans remain upright regardless of which baking pans are removed from the row.

You may install a pull-out drawer in the cabinet for skilled DIYers who don’t mind a renovation undertaking. Put your file organizing rack on the pull-out part so you can clearly view all of your baking pans and retrieve precisely what you need without having to dig through your drawers.

Method 2: Store Horizontally

I appreciate that not everyone has a tall enough kitchen cupboard to accommodate vertically stacked baking pans. Fortunately, I have several storage alternatives for individuals that need to store horizontally.

In contrast to vertical positioning, I do not propose stacking baking pans and calling it a day. It will irritate you for the rest of your life!

Alternatively, be creative and build shelves inside one of your cabinets. There are a lot of procedures and supplies needed, but it’s really rather simple to execute on your own. If you are not comfortable with drills and other power tools, you may always have shelves professionally placed.

If your cupboard is big enough, you could also fit a lazy susan inside and sparsely arrange your baking pans around it. You may then spin the lazy susan around until you find the baking pan you need and call it a day.

Tip: Whether you store your baking pans horizontally or vertically, arrange them according to their function and frequency of usage. For example, your muffin tins may be at the rear while your baking sheets are in the front.


Now that you understand how to arrange baking pans like a master, have a look at some of these commonly asked questions. You’re going to discover even more fantastic storage alternatives!

How do you store pans?

Your baking pans are lovely, but what about your pans? If you need to arrange your pans, consider a pot rail on the wall, a pot rack on the ceiling, a standing vertical pot rack, an organizer, or creatively nest them in the cabinet.

How do I organize my deep kitchen cabinets?

Deep kitchen cabinets may be difficult to work with since items can quickly go lost in the back. Thus, keep bulkier goods that will not go missing at the back of deeper cabinets. Employ drawer dividers to keep everything in one place, and stack goods vertically if necessary.

How does Martha Stewart organize kitchen cabinets?

Martha Stewart is the queen of cooking, and we should surely heed storage advice from her. She suggests a bulletin board to keep track of stuff, containers for goods like rice and cereal, and little mesh storage boxes to organize the infamous trash drawer.

How do you store muffin pans?

Since muffin pans are so large, they may be inconvenient. That is why it is recommended that they be stored upright. This keeps them out of the way while yet allowing you to view your other baking pans when you need them.

Final Thoughts

Good baking pan organization can make you feel less stressed in the kitchen and will also make it appear prettier. The best solutions are to store vertically with a file organizing rack or to perform some woodwork in your kitchen cabinets and create shelves or a pull-out drawer. It’s simple!

How do you keep your baking pans organized? Do you use any of these techniques? Please share your organizational solutions with us in the comments section!


How do you organize muffin pans?

Muffin tins and baking pans should be stored on their sides.

This is a brilliant concept since it is the stacking of these objects that generates the large mess when you have to retrieve one at the bottom. Utilizing the vertical space might make getting the pan or sheet you need simpler and less of a problem.

How do you store baking trays and cake tins?

Instead of stacking the trays on top of each other in the kitchen cabinet, the lady slipped them in vertically. The office folder organiser wonderfully holds and keeps everything in order, from cupcake molds to flat trays.

How do you organize pots and pans in kitchen cabinets?

Pots and pans should be hung.

Hanging your pots and pans is an excellent method to organize them and conserve room! Pots and pans may be conveniently hung by connecting hooks to the top of a cabinet. I like this concept since you can still utilize the base of your cabinet to store lids or other pots and pans!

How do you organize pots and pans drawers?

Distinguish drawers

Add bars or thin pieces of plywood big enough to accommodate your cookware and lids vertically to your pots and pans drawer to keep it orderly. Next, in a tidy little “file” system, slide in clean pans to keep them apart.

How do I organize my kitchen baking supplies?

10 Ingenious Ideas to Arrange Your Miscellaneous Baking Supplies
Consider using a tackle box…
Sort your cookie sheets…
Load up a drawer with containers.
Make use of a spice rack.
Organize your cookie cutters in a cookie jar.
Make use of a pegboard.
Fill a kitchen cart…
Fill Mason jars with cupcake liners.
Additional information…•June 4, 2019

How do you store pans vertically?

Use a Tiered System

A basic tiered holder is ideal for vertically holding pans. This way, they won’t be scratched, and you’ll fill up area that would otherwise be vacant. Storage racks like these may be found online or at most businesses or home goods shops.

How many cookie sheets should you have?

Two half-sheet pans of commercial quality

You will need at least two professional grade half sheet pans. Baking sheets are not a place to scrimp: use hefty ones and avoid nonstick and dark-coated pans. (Why? Nonstick is ineffective, and darker pans brown baked items too quickly.)

How do you store kitchen trays?

Pan, tray, and cutting board storage in a drawer

A shallow roll-out atop a deep drawer may assist in dividing drawer space into two storage tiers. The top layer is ideal for muffin pans, baking trays, and other similar items, while the bottom section of the drawer is ideal for strainers, mixing bowls, and pots.

How do you store cookie sheets in cabinets?

Tension rods may be used to keep baking sheets erect in your cabinets! Since you’ll file them vertically rather than horizontally, this strategy allows you to use the whole cabinet height. And you’ll be able to get what you need without having to dig through other items.

How do you display pots and pans in the kitchen?

Hang them from a wall’s pot rails.
Hang them across a window from pot rails.
Hang them from the ceiling on a pot rack.
Stack them and keep the lids separate.
They should be surrounded by defenders.
Place them on a vertical pot rack.
Place them on a mobile cart.
Put them on an organizer in a cabinet.
More to come…
•Aug 10, 2021

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