How to Store Cupcakes and Keep Them Fresh

How to Store Cupcakes and Keep Them Fresh

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If you purchased too many cupcakes or don’t need to frost and serve them until later, you may be wondering how to preserve them so they remain lovely and fresh.

Short-term storage should be in a box on the counter, while long-term storage should be in a freezer with cupcakes wrapped separately.

Hello there! My name is Shea, and I am a huge admirer of cupcakes. There’s simply something so adorable about a cupcake. Cupcakes and tiny cakes may be adorned simply or extravagantly. In any case, I needed to figure out how to keep mine fresh.

If you’re thinking of saving cupcakes for later, make sure you do it correctly. The last thing you want is to wind up with sticky, dry, stale cupcakes, or a mix of the three. This post will tell you how to properly store and keep cupcakes fresh.

Whos ready to store some cupcakes?

How to Store Cupcakes and Keep Them Fresh

How to Store Cupcakes and Keep Them Fresh

Depending on whether your cupcakes are frosted or unfrosted, your storage choices may vary. However, both strategies are rather simple to implement. So don’t be concerned about how to preserve cupcakes and keep them fresh.

Its simple.

Storing Unfrosted Cupcakes on the Counter

Why would anybody want to keep unfrosted cupcakes? Consider this: if you’re giving a party and don’t want to mess with baking and icing on the big day, you may create cupcakes ahead of time and frost them before the big event.

When it comes to preserving unfrosted cupcakes, follow these steps:

  • Bake your cupcakes according to the package directions. Try one of these delectable and delicious meals.
  • Allow them to cool on a wire rack. A wire rack will help to speed up the cooling process and prevent sogginess.
  • Place in an airtight jar after totally cooled. It doesn’t really matter what container you choose as long as your cupcakes have enough room to sit.
  • Allow to sit on the counter for up to five days. When it comes to freshness, remember that the sooner the better. The optimal period is two or three days, although you may get away with as few as five.

Avoid keeping in the refrigerator. The fridge will suck the moisture out of your cupcakes, resulting in a sticky top that is difficult to frost. If you must use the refrigerator, let the cupcakes out for approximately an hour (uncovered) before icing. This will enable them to dry somewhat before icing.

Tip 2: If you don’t have an airtight container, you may store unfrosted cupcakes in a plastic bag or a bowl wrapped in plastic wrap or aluminum foil. The idea is to keep the cupcakes away from air, which will cause them to dry out faster.

Storing Unfrosted Cupcakes in the Freezer

If you require long-term storage, you should utilize the freezer rather than the fridge. The freezer, unlike the refrigerator, will not dry out your cupcakes. You can eat your unfrosted cupcakes for months after they’ve been frozen as long as they’re properly packaged.

To store, completely cool the cupcakes. Wrap each item separately. Wrap the cupcakes and place them in a bigger airtight container or freezer bag.

When you’re ready to eat some delectable little cakes, just remove the uncovered cupcakes from the freezer and set them on the counter for approximately an hour. Frost as normal and enjoy.

Storing Frosted Cupcakes

It’s not much different when it comes to storing frosted cupcakes. However, you must use caution since you do not want to disrupt the icing or embellishments. That being stated, when it comes to keeping frosted cupcakes, follow these steps:

  1. Bake cupcakes as usual.
  2. Let them cool completely on a wire rack
  3. Frost and decorate
  4. Place the cupcakes in an airtight container with enough height and space for each one.
  5. Leave on the countertop for up to three days

If your cupcakes contain a perishable interior or exterior (such as a cream cheese filling or fresh fruit topping), keep them in the refrigerator. Otherwise, the refrigerator, like unfrosted cupcakes, is a no-no.

Tip 2: For frosted cupcakes, a customized cupcake container or storage box might work wonderfully. They will make a home for each cupcake so that the icing and decorations do not overlap or get spoiled. Plus, the box is both professional and entertaining!

Storing Frosted Cupcakes in the Freezer

A freezer is also an option for frosted cupcakes, but you must be particularly cautious, much more so than if you left them on the counter.

Putting frosted cupcakes in a freezer bag will result in a frosted, crushed nightmare. Instead, try this:

  1. Freeze the cupcakes uncovered or wrapped in plastic wrap. Yes, you will put your cupcakes right into the freezer since the icing must freeze before it can be stored.
  2. Wrap each cupcake separately.
  3. Wrapped cupcakes should be stored in a bigger airtight container or plastic sealable freezer bag.

Frosted cupcakes may also be stored in the freezer for many months. When you’re ready to eat them, just remove them from the freezer and lay them on the counter until they’re thawed and ready to go.


You now know how to effectively store cupcakes, whether they are frosted or unfrosted, and whether they need short-term or long-term storage methods. Continue reading to learn about some of the often asked questions you may wish to know the answers to.

Does refrigerating cupcakes keep them fresh?

No, in a nutshell. It keeps them fresh enough to consume, but not in the light, fluffy, and delightful way. The refrigerator will dry them out. However, if your cupcakes include perishable fillings or toppings, you may need to utilize the refrigerator.

Is it better to freeze cupcakes with or without frosting?

There is no superior method. I find that freezing unfrosted cupcakes makes storage much simpler, although it isn’t always convenient. Frosted cupcakes come out of the freezer ready to go, which saves time in the long run.

How long do cupcakes last in an airtight container?

Cupcakes may potentially survive up to five days if kept at room temperature and not exposed to extreme humidity. They will, however, lose their moistness and taste after approximately three days. Having stated that, I advocate eating before three days.

Should I refrigerate cupcakes overnight?

You can store cupcakes in the refrigerator overnight, but you don’t have to. The refrigerator is a major source of dried-out cakes, cupcakes, and other treats. Use the refrigerator only when absolutely necessary.

Final Words

Cupcake storage to keep them fresh is self-explanatory. They must be stored in an airtight container or in a plastic freezer bag. They may then be stored on the counter for up to five days (three preferable) or frozen for many months. If at all possible, avoid using the refrigerator.

How can you keep your cupcakes fresh for as long as possible? Do you ever use the refrigerator, or is it a no-no in your house as well? We would be delighted to hear from you! Please leave a comment!


How do you keep cupcakes fresh longer?

As a general guideline, keep your handmade cupcakes in an airtight container on your countertop away from sunlight for a day OR in the fridge for 4-6 days. Keeping your cupcakes in a closed container keeps them fresh and avoids drying out, as well as infection.

Should you refrigerate cupcakes to keep them fresh?

In most circumstances, you may leave them out on the counter, but if your cupcakes are filled with cream or covered with cream cheese icing, keep them in the fridge.

Can I make cupcakes 3 days in advance?

Cupcakes may be stored in the fridge, icing and all, for up to seven days ahead of time. To keep them from drying out, just store them in an airtight container.

How in advance can I make cupcakes?

Cupcakes may be baked up to two days ahead of time; just lay them (unfrosted) on a baking sheet, cover the whole sheet in plastic wrap, and keep at room temperature. Before serving, frost the cake. To freeze, line a baking sheet with unfrosted cupcakes and cover the whole sheet in plastic wrap, then foil. Freeze for up to 3 months.

Will cupcakes stay fresh in a cardboard box?

Cupcakes may last 2-5 days, but by utilizing appropriate cupcake packaging, they can preserve their freshness for up to a week. Plain cupcakes may be stored on your kitchen counter for up to a week, but decorated cupcakes or those with a sweet filling will only last 2-4 days.

How long will cupcakes stay fresh in Tupperware?

A simple cupcake can keep at room temperature for 3 to 4 days if packed in an airtight container or resealable bag.

Can I store cupcakes in a plastic container?

To keep the moisture in, place the cupcakes in a plastic container with limited air space and cover with plastic wrap for added protection. This will guarantee that your cupcakes not only stay longer, but also retain all of their moisture and delectability.

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