How to Transport a Cake

How to Transport a Cake

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People believe that all bakers have to do is bake. What they don’t realize is that transporting the completed product may be just as stressful (if not more so).

This is particularly true if the cake is expensive and produced for a special occasion. You know that one incorrect move will result in a lengthy line of unhappy faces.

After a few failed efforts to have my cakes delivered by a delivery service, I’ve decided to permanently devote myself to delivering all of my cakes.

With proper planning, a decent container, and a reliable mode of transportation, you can move a cake with little to no difficulty!

My name is Angie, and I’ve been baking for over ten years. I began my own cake company from home. Since I began baking professionally, I’ve learned a lot about not just baking and decorating, but also preserving and shipping cakes.

As a baker, I think it is my obligation to ensure that a cake is in the finest possible condition when it is delivered to my customers. In this post, I will share my finest cake transportation methods with you so that they reach safely and tastefully at your customers’ doors.

Time to get into it!


How to Transport a Cake

All excellent things begin with careful planning. Here are a few things to think about and put in place before you begin carrying your cake.

Chill The Cake

freezer.The cake can cool down, but not you! After you’ve finished decorating your cake, the first thing you should do is place it in the refrigerator.

The frosting has an opportunity to solidify. When it hardens, your piped pattern and cake surface will be less prone to smudge and will stay in place better.The goal of cooling your cake is to allow the buttercream to set.

Prepare a Cake Board

If you did not lay your cake on a cake board when decorating but need to carry it, use a cake board that is somewhat larger than your cake. An inch or two larger is preferable. A cake board that is too large will cause your cake to wobble, while a cake board that is too little can smear your beautiful decorations.

If you’re using a typical cardboard cake board, I recommend you double, treble, or even quad up for added stability, particularly if your cake is multi-tiered or just hefty. We do not want the board to bend or collapse.

Get a Box

As you would think, packing your cake is an essential component of preparing it for delivery. It keeps dust at bay and prevents scratches from occurring.

A perfect container for your cake, such a cake board, is neither too large nor too little. You want the length and breadth to be the same as your cake board, and the height to be somewhat higher than your cake.

Bring The Extras

Always carry some additional ingredients to the location where you will be putting up your cake. Bring additional buttercream to repair any cracks that may have formed during travelling.

You may also bring some cookie crumbs, almonds, sprinkles, and cake decorations with you for a fast and simple touch-up.

Communicate with The Venue Provider

I recall bringing several cakes to the restaurant at the request of a customer. It was a massive and hefty cake, and when I arrived, I was informed that there was no room for it and that I would have to return it. You can image how aggravating it must be.

The lesson of the tale is that before carrying your cake to the venue, call and clarify that there is enough storage room for your cake and for how long. To be sure, give them the dimensions of your cake.

Different Ways to Transport a Cake

The four methods for transporting a cake are as follows.

1. Cake Box

A cake box is the most popular and apparent method to carry a cake. Cake boxes are used to package and transport cakes. They are strong and give enough support for your cake. Carrying a 6-8 cake box by its handle or strings should be no trouble.

You may still use a cake box if your cake is on the thicker side. Simply raise your cake from the bottom and maintain one hand on the bottom to prevent it from separating and falling.

2. Cake Carrier

If you often serve cake at friends’ houses or parties and don’t mind bringing a box back, I recommend getting a cake carrier.

They come in a variety of sizes and are a terrific eco-friendly alternative to traditional paper cake boxes. They’re also far more durable.

Cake carriers are often constructed of plastic. They will not discolor or get soiled, and they are readily washed and reused. It may be difficult to obtain cake carriers for cakes larger than 9 inches in diameter, but I believe a cake carrier is the ideal alternative for smaller basic cakes.

3. Cake Stand

If you don’t have a carrier or a box, you may set your cake right on the cake stand and transport it to the location.

Cake stands are attractive, and many of them have a glass cover. When you use a cake stand, you won’t have to worry about last-minute setup since your cake is already in place.

Cake stands, on the other hand, might be hefty and awkwardly designed. Remember this if you’re hauling a bigger or larger cake!

4. Plate

It is not every day that you are required to create a five-star bakery-level cake. If you’re baking for a friend or family member and need a fast, simple, and affordable method to carry your cake from one location to another, a plate is all you’ll need, along with some toothpicks.

Choose a platter with a greater circle than your cake. Next, insert toothpicks throughout the surface of the cake to provide support for the cling foil that will be placed on top.

The toothpick will keep the cling foil from making direct contact with the cake surface while still acting as a barrier between the cake and airborne contaminants.

To make it even more secure, set your dish of cake on top of an anti-stick mat.


Here are some frequently asked questions concerning cake transportation that you may still have. I’ve responded to them below.

How to transport a cake in a car?

To carry a cake in a vehicle, locate a flat, level area on which to set your cake. Always keep one hand (better both) on your cake container to prevent it from sliding around too much.

I like to put the cake on my lap, one hand holding the top handle and the other at the bottom for stability. This enables me to elevate the cake when I anticipate a bump or a sudden halt, giving me greater control over how much the cake travels.

Also, put on your air conditioning and try to maintain the temperature in your vehicle as low as possible so your cake does not melt.

How to transport a cake on a bike?

If you have a back rack, you may set the cake on it. Have I used this strategy before? No. Do I recommend riding a bike to carry a cake? Certainly not.

But if you must, I recommend strapping the cake box to a helmet positioned between his legs, as seen in this video. It should improve cake security and reduce the chance of cake damage on uneven routes.

How to transport a cake without it melting?

pockets in the bag to prevent them from being flung and spoiling your cake.Put a couple of ice packs in an insulated delivery bag. Insert the ice packs into the pockets.

How to transport a tiered cake?

Transporting a tiered cake in sections is the most dependable method. Prepare all of the levels, package them, and secure them in their containers. Bring your decorations and extra buttercream for assembling at the start. Put the cake together in the area where it will be presented.

Final Thoughts

As previously said, transporting a cake might be difficult. The preceding suggestions are based on my previous experience delivering cakes. I hope you found them helpful!

Have you ever experienced any problems shipping cakes? What tips and techniques have you picked up along the way? Share your thoughts in the comments section!

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What is the best way to transport a cake in a car?

Instead, set the cake on a level, flat surface, such as the trunk of your vehicle. To keep the boxes from sliding about, use a non-skid mat (or even that yoga mat in your trunk) for increased stability. Consider the temperature both inside and outside the vehicle. Cakes must be kept cold to avoid melting.

What is the best way to travel with a cake?

Set the cake box on a level surface. When traveling alone, this might be in the trunk or on the floor in front of the passenger seat. Check that the cake box is securely fastened without placing too much pressure on it (particularly the top and sides) so that it does not move or slide about in the vehicle.

How do you stack a cake for transport?

Using a Central Dowel to Securely Stack Your Cakes

The most stable and robust way to stack your layers is to dowell each individual tier (excluding the top one, of course). These levels are then erected around a core dowel framework that keeps the whole structure together.

How do you transport a cake 5 hours away?

A silicone baking surface, such as this one, that is slightly bigger than your cake is the ideal alternative. Place the mat down first, and then the cake on top. The non-slip pad will keep your cake from sliding around while you travel, ensuring that it arrives safely!

How do you transport a decorated cake?

10 Ways to Store and Transport a Frosted Cake
Frost the bottom to keep it in place.
Chill the cake ahead of time.
Separately pack the decorations.
Take a look at the weather.
Make sure you have adequate fridge space.
Choose a box that fits well.
Bring the essentials.
Put the cake on a flat surface.

How do you transport a wedding cake with a cake stand?

Cakes should be carried in robust cardboard boxes or plastic carriers that are tight enough that the cake board does not slide around and touch the box’s edges. Cardboard cake caddies that can accommodate 2-3 layer cakes are available at cake supply shops.

How do you travel 4 hours with a cake?

To absorb some of the stress from the vehicle journey, place a non-slip shelf liner beneath the towel or yoga mat, as well as under the cake box or cake board, to protect anything from sliding about.Make use of cushioning and nonslip materials:

Include a nice towel and

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