Is Dove Chocolate and Dove Soap the Same Company

Is Dove Chocolate and Dove Soap the Same Company

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If there are two things I adore, they are delicious chocolate and a fragrant bar of soap. And, although I prefer Irish Spring soap, I must confess that Dove soap has an incredible smoothness and a nice aroma that I like. And what about Dove chocolate? It’s difficult to defeat.

But, as I walked through the aisles of Target the other day, I began to wonder: Are Dove chocolate and Dove soap made by the same company? They have the same name, so it wouldn’t be surprising if they were the same person.

The fact is that Dove soap and Dove chocolate are not owned by the same business. Mars owns Dove chocolate, while Unilever owns Dove soap.

Keep reading if you’re an inquisitive cat like me and want to learn about Dove chocolate and Dove soap.

Is Dove Chocolate and Dove Soap the Same Company?

Is Dove Chocolate and Dove Soap the Same Company

Despite having the same name, Dove chocolate and Dove soap are not owned by the same corporation. Given that there is no distinction between the two nouns, this may be perplexing. What’s the story?

Dove chocolate is owned by Mars. This firm is in charge of making chocolates (and ice cream), which is not unexpected given that Dove chocolate is one of the most well-known chocolate delights.

Unilever, on the other hand, owns Dove soap. Unilever creates and manufactures beauty items such as soap.

How Can Dove Chocolate and Dove Soap Have the Same Name?

If you’re anything like me, you’re definitely shouting trademark in your mind. After all, I thought stealing another product’s name was a big no-no. That is largely correct, however there is a catch with these two Dove products.

The regulation does not state that two items cannot have the same name. Rather, two goods with the same name are permitted as long as they are allocated to different categories. The two items may then be discriminated and clearly identifiable.

So, since Dove chocolate is a food item and Dove soap is a cosmetic product, both goods may legally use the brand.

Did Dove Soap or Dove Chocolate Come First?

To be honest, I don’t believe it matters which came first. Regardless of whether or not another product with the same name existed, the two firms were likely to call their goods Dove.

Nonetheless, many individuals ask this popular question. So I decided to conduct some investigating to find out which firm arrived first. Here’s what I discovered.

  • Dove soap was established in 1957
  • Dove chocolate was established in 1939

Based on these dates, it seems obvious that Dove chocolate preceded Dove soap.

Story About Dove Soap

In 1957, chemist Vincent Lamberti introduced the first Dove beauty bar (soap bar) to the United States. Dove soap bars (and other Unilever goods) are now made in over 25 firms and marketed in over 150 countries.

Dove soap, like other Unilever beauty products (lotion, hair care, deodorants), is noted for its wonderful smells and tenderness on the skin. They are mostly made from a combination of synthetic surfactants, oils, and animal fat salts.

Story About Dove Chocolate

Dove has a long history dating back to 1939, when Leo Stefanos founded it as Dove Candies & Ice Cream. It began as an ice cream company that quickly grew in popularity in the United States. It made its way to the United Kingdom under the moniker Galaxy in 1960. Mars bought the firm in 1986.

Dove has been a huge success since its modest origins. You know you’re in for a treat when you bite into a creamy, smooth milk chocolate bar or sample the sweets, pastries, or ice creams.


So, although having the same product name, Dove soap and Dove chocolate are not owned by the same corporation. Wouldn’t you agree that it’s rather fascinating? Here are a few additional questions you could be considering.

Is Dove chocolate Galaxy?

Galaxy is not available in the United States, although it is available in other countries such as the United Kingdom and the Middle East. Dove chocolate is the same as Galaxy chocolate. The only difference is that they are made in separate areas. You still receive the same delicious taste.

Who owns Dove Ice Cream?

Dove ice cream is owned by Mars. Remember that Dove began as Dove Candies & Ice Cream. Mars bought the company in 1986, but they continue to make the same fantastic, tasty, and high-quality items, including ice cream.

Is Dove chocolate a good brand?

Almost everyone will agree that Dove is a no-nonsense chocolate bar that provides silky smooth and delectably chocolaty candy bars. They’re also made to be shared, with easy-release squares to swap with a pal. Yum!

Final Words

Dove chocolate is not the same as Dove soap. Mars, which makes chocolate and ice cream, owns the chocolate. Unilever, a major beauty product distributor, owns the soap.

Do you love Dove products?


Are Dove chocolate and Dove soap two different companies?

Despite having the same “Dove” moniker, both goods are registered trademarks held by distinct firms. Because the two trademarks are connected with separate commodities, this is possible. One is linked to soap and beauty items, while the other is linked to chocolate.

Does Dove soap brand make chocolate?

DOVE Chocolate would like to welcome you.

Find your favorite goods, attempt amazing (and extremely simple!) recipes, and enjoy our silky-smooth chocolate and luscious ice cream.

Who owns Dove soap?

Unilever should be contacted regarding Dove.

Please visit our contact page if you have any questions or comments about Dove.

What brand makes Dove soap?

Dove is a hygiene brand owned by Unilever, a global consumer products corporation. The items are marketed in over 150 countries and are available for both men and women, as well as newborns and children. The Dove logo is a profile silhouette of the brand’s namesake bird.

Are there two Dove brands?

Dove soap and Dove chocolate are two distinct products that have nothing in common. Dove soap was created in the United States in 1957 with the release of its first Dove soap. Dove Chocolate began as Dove Candies & Ice Cream in Chicago in 1939. In 1986, Mars bought it.

What are the best Dove soap?

Dove’s Top 10 Soaps And Body Washes for 2023
Dove Beauty Bar for Sensitive Skin.
Dove Body Wash with Soothing Care.
White Beauty Bar by Dove.
Dove Body Wash with Deep Moisture.
Dove Coconut Milk Purely Pampering Beauty Bar.
Dove Moisture Nourishing Body Wash with Dry Oil.
Go Fresh Cool Moisture Beauty Bar by Dove.

What happened to Dove chocolate?

Originally made and sold as the Chicago Dove Chocolate Bar by the Chicago-based Dove Candies Company in 1939, it is currently manufactured and marketed by the Mars Company. Dove goods are divided into two categories: Dove chocolate and Dove soap.

What type of Dove soap is good for chocolate skin?

Dove also offers a variety of product lines for various skin types and problems. If you have chocolate skin and want to use a product to maintain it hydrated and healthy, Dove’s Deep Nourishment Rich Moisture Cream is a good choice.

Is Dove chocolate made in China?

Mars became one of China’s biggest chocolate makers after entering the country in 1990. Mars has successfully introduced its renowned brands DOVE, SNICKERS, M&M’s, and CUIXIANGMI in China. Mars Chocolate employs about 2,000 people in China and operates two facilities.

What has happened to Dove soap?

Dove is the latest large company to cut down in the face of rising prices. In supermarkets, the Unilever brand’s 100g Beauty Bars have been replaced with smaller 90g bars, yet costs have remained the same or increased.

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