Substitute for Vegetable Oil in Brownies

Substitute for Vegetable Oil in Brownies

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Brownies are intended to be rich and luscious, with a somewhat thick texture that you can dig your teeth into. All of this, of course, would be impossible without the presence of vegetable oil. But what happens if you run out of this essential oil? Are your brownies doomed to fail?

If you don’t have vegetable oil on hand and want to make brownies, there are many options. The most straightforward solution is to use a different kind of oil. You may also use butter, ghee, or other fats. In addition to vegetable oil, yogurt, mayonnaise, and fruit may be used.

Hello there! My name is Shea, and brownies are among my favorite foods (well, maybe I say that about everything). But there’s something about a rich, ooey-gooey brownie that just makes me happy. I had to discover decent vegetable oil substitutes, and I’m here to offer my favorite selections.

Who’s up for some brownies without the use of vegetable oil?

Top 6 Substitutes for Vegetable Oil in Brownies

The oil of choice for most brownie recipes is vegetable oil. That doesn’t mean you can’t succeed without it. Many plausible substitutes will perform flawlessly. Make excellent brownies with whatever of these you have on hand!

1. Oil

Oil may be substituted for oil. Isn’t it straightforward? Until you open your pantry and discover the several sorts of oils hidden there. Can they all be used in place of vegetable oil in brownies? Let us investigate more.

  • Oil from canola. This is the greatest option since, like vegetable oil, canola oil is flavorless. As a result, utilizing canola oil yields the same precise taste profile as using vegetable oil.
  • The oil of olives. Olive oil is popular for its health advantages, and it may be used in brownies. However, be sure to use a light or extra light olive oil to avoid overpowering the taste.
  • The oil of coconut. Coconut oil is another excellent alternative. Remember that using coconut oil will give your brownies a coconut flavor. (But is it truly a problem?)
  • The oil of avocado. This is a fantastic alternative since it has a very subtle taste that will not overpower your brownies. The most significant disadvantage is the high cost of avocado oil.

2. Butter/Ghee/Margarine

You probably think of butter when you think of baked goods. Butter is used in a wide range of dishes, including cakes, pastries, cinnamon buns, and pancakes. Why not make brownies as well?

Whether you like butter, ghee, or margarine, you may use it in lieu of vegetable oil in brownies. If you choose one of these substitutes, your brownies may need to bake for an additional minute or two to get the same results.

Brownies made with butter or margarine may be more cake-like and crumbly than thick and brownie-like.With butter, ghee, and herbs

3. Fruit

Fruit has recently become a popular substitute for oil in baking recipes. This is because it is less fattening and calorie-dense, resulting in a lighter and more nutritious finish. When it comes to fruit substitutes, you have a few alternatives.

Applesauce is the most often used oil substitute in recipes. It’s simple to use and requires no preparation (unless you prepare homemade applesauce). For brownies, you may also add mashed bananas or mixed dates.

The idea is to pick fruit that has a subtle taste that will not overshadow the brownies. It should also be of the proper consistency. A mashed orange, for example, will provide orange juice rather than a rather thick binder for brownies.

4. Yogurt

While other oils, butter, and fruit purees are the greatest options for brownies, yogurt can suffice. Unless you don’t mind a little additional taste in your brownies, make sure the yogurt is plain. Strawberry brownies, for example, would go great with strawberry yogurt.

It doesn’t really matter what kind of yogurt you use. Greek yogurt will provide protein and other nutrients to your brownies, but it is not required. Regular unsweetened yogurt would suffice.

5. Mayonnaise

Who said mayonnaise had to be limited to sandwiches? Mayonnaise has a creamy texture and is high in fat. As a result, it is a good substitute for vegetable oil in brownies. Mayo will provide the same texture and taste. You could even like creamier, more delicious bits.

6. Cauliflower

Cauliflower can be used to manufacture almost anything nowadays. Why wouldn’t you? Cauliflower is a nutritional powerhouse, including fiber, choline, sulforaphane, and antioxidants. It may lower your risk of cancer, promote digestive health, and enhance your immune system.

Cauliflower may also be used in lieu of vegetable oil in brownie recipes. Cauliflower must be cooked and processed until smooth before use. Then, just substitute it for vegetable oil in your brownie batter.

The taste and texture may be somewhat affected, although not necessarily in a negative manner. This may be the most convenient approach to begin enjoying cauliflower-based snacks and commodities!


You now know the finest vegetable oil replacements for brownies. Still unsure if you’ve learnt enough? Not to worry. Explore these commonly asked questions to discover more about vegetable oil replacements in brownies.

Can I make brownies without vegetable oil?

Technically, brownies may be made without the use of vegetable oil (or any other kind of fat). It is, however, not advised. Fat aids in the binding of components, resulting in the luscious taste and texture of brownies. It will be difficult to blend without it, and the product may be too crumbly.

Can I use olive oil instead of vegetable oil for brownies?

You may substitute olive oil with vegetable oil. Because of the health advantages, it is one of the top options. Olive oil, on the other hand, may change the taste of the brownies. To minimize the taste shift, use light or extra-light olive oil.

Can I substitute peanut butter for oil in brownies?

Yes, it is doable, particularly if you are a peanut butter aficionado and want your brownies to have a peanut buttery finish. The brownies may get thicker and chewier as they bake. However, different varieties of butter, such as sunflower, cashew, and almond, may be used in brownie recipes.

Can you use milk instead of oil in brownies?

Milk will not have the same impact as oil in brownies and should not be used as a substitute. However, in brownie recipes or when using a commercial brownie mix, I recommend replacing milk for water. This results in a more rich and luscious taste.

Which oil is best for brownies?

Vegetable oil, primarily because it has a moderate taste that will not interfere with the final product. As a result, canola oil is the most popular oil substitute.

Final Words

Don’t worry if you don’t have any vegetable oil. Any other sort of oil may be used to make brownies. You may also use butter, ghee, or margarine. Fruit, yogurt, mayonnaise, and even cauliflower are more imaginative possibilities.

Have you ever made brownies with one of these vegetable oil substitutes? Which one is your personal favorite? Please share your success (and failure) tales in the comments section below.


Can I use olive oil instead of vegetable oil for brownies?

Yes, olive oil may be used in brownies!

In recent years, olive oil has gained appeal as a replacement for butter and other vegetable oils in baked products. It’s not only tasty, but it’s also a healthy cooking fat that can be used in most classic baking recipes.

What is a substitute for 1 cup of vegetable oil in baking?

Melted coconut oil or butter may be used in place of vegetable oil in baked items like as muffins, cakes, and cookies. The resultant texture will be pretty similar, while the taste may alter somewhat.

What is a healthy substitute for oil in brownies?

In a brownie baking mix, unsweetened applesauce may be used in place of oil, cup for cup. However, for the greatest texture, start with 34 cup sauce for every 1 cup oil recommended for.

How much butter replaces 1 2 cup vegetable oil?

It couldn’t be simpler to replace butter with oil in a 1:1 ratio. Olive, canola, veggie, and coconut oils should all work. Simply melt and chill the butter to room temperature before proceeding with the recipe (for example, if the recipe asks for 12 cup oil, use 12 cup melted and cooled butter).

What can I replace vegetable oil with?

If you don’t have any vegetable oil on hand, use another neutral high-heat oil instead. Canola, safflower, peanut, and grapeseed oils are all excellent options.

Does vegetable oil matter in brownies?

You need a fat if you want smooth rich brownies! Vegetable oil is a relatively neutral tasting oil, allowing the rich chocolate flavor of the brownies to show through. Vegetable oil is also favored since it does not aerate the mixture (like butter does) and makes fudgy brownies thicker than cakey brownies.

Can olive oil replace vegetable oil?

Yes, you may swap olive oil for vegetable oil, and it’s a good one to experiment with. This is due to the fact that olive oil has a far greater nutritional content than vegetable oil.

Can I use water instead of vegetable oil in baking?

Fat, as previously said, increases flavor and improves the taste of food. The main purpose for utilizing fat in cooking is to produce a super-hot liquid, which allows the food to 1) cook quickly, 2) become crispy and tasty, and 3) not adhere to the pan. Simply use water. It really is that easy.

How to make boxed brownies without vegetable oil?

3 teaspoons melted butter). Melt it, then set it aside to cool. You may never return to oil!5 tablespoons oil 1You may completely replace the vegetable oil with butter. Use the same amount stated in the instructions (for example, if 1 is supplied).

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