The Most Well-Known and Popular French Candies

The Most Well-Known and Popular French Candies

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From coq au vin to chocolate souffl, France is known for numerous delectable dishes. But did you know that the French also make a broad variety of delectable candies? These candies have been created to take your taste senses into a beautiful tornado of delectable sensations!

Hey! I’m Shea, and I’m constantly seeking to try new things, particularly candies from all over the globe. I was curious to discover whether French candy could compete with American favorites like Butterfingers and Swedish Fish.

If you like trying new candies, join me on my adventure through the most renowned and popular French sweets that should wind up in your candy dish.

Let’s go on a French candy hunt together!

10 Most Famous and Popular French Candies

Although I’m sure there are more amazing French sweets out there, I chose to include these ten on my top French candy list, and you can acquire most of them online if you want to try them. (If I left out any great French candies, please let me know in the comments section below.)

These are the top ten best chocolates!

1. Nougat

Nougat is one of the most delectable French delicacies. This delicious delicacy is made with egg whites, sugar, honey, almonds, and occasionally fruit bits. Nougat may be defined as any combination that comprises 30% almonds and 30% honey.

Nougat has a delicious sweet flavor and a chewy texture. It initially appeared in France in the 15th century before spreading to the rest of the globe in the 18th century, and we couldn’t be happier.

2. Candy Cane

Did you know the Candy Cane originated in France? Although it is now a Christmas tradition, its original function was to soothe sore throats, particularly those of the priests who read at Mass.

The original Candy Cane had fewer red notes and a flatter form, making it less magical. The Candy Cane developed into the red and white striped cane throughout time. Candy Canes with flavors and colors that go beyond the classic look and taste are now available.

3. Anis de Flavigny

If you’re seeking for a genuinely stunning and one-of-a-kind French candy, go no further than Anis de Flavigny. This delicacy has been in existence since 1591. It started off as a three-ingredient sweet consisting of sugar, anise seed, and natural flavors.

These wonderful taste balls are now available in 10 different varieties, including blackcurrant, lemon, mint, and rose. With so many flavors to pick from, you’re certain to discover a crunchy sweet that appeals to you.

4. Calissons d’Aix

The Calissons dAix dates back to the 12th century, yet the sweet is still quite popular today. This delicacy is essentially a combination of candied fruits and ground almonds covered with a delectable coating of royal icing.

Calissons dAix has a taste and texture similar to marzipan, but with a more prominent fruity melon flavor. Calissons dAix are time-consuming and labor-intensive to make, which accounts for their high price.

5. Coussin de Lyon

Coussin de Lyon is as appealing to the eye as it is to the palate. This captivating confection has a sheet of light green marzipan accented with a dark green line. The interior is made up of delicious chocolate ganache that has been nicely enhanced with curacao liqueur.

The end result? A taste explosion you won’t soon forget. (Besides, you won’t be able to forget this intriguing brilliant green sweet!)

6. Carambar Caramel

You’ve eaten caramel before, but you haven’t lived until you’ve experienced Carambar Caramel. Carambar is a staple in France, and it can only be found there (or online). As a result, it is a common gift that travelers bring home to their families.

While cold, this delicious stick of caramel is hard and crackly, yet velvety when heated. Many people believe it is the offspring of Sugar Daddies and Tootsie Rolls, resulting in a superb taste and exquisite texture that you will adore from the first to the last mouthful.

7. French Almond Dragees

French Almond Dragees are similar to Jordan Almonds in the United States. They’re crisp and have a taste that’s neither overpoweringly sweet but also not boring and plain.

French Almond Dragees are often presented at significant occasions such as baptisms and weddings. Thus, if you want to take the French way for your forthcoming event, serve French Almond Dragees. Yum!

8. Truffles

There are truffles and then there are truffles from France. French Truffles are simply chocolate ganache wrapped in a delightful cocoa powder.

When you bite into a French Truffle, you may anticipate two things. The velvety smooth chocolate will first melt in your tongue. Second, the rich tastes will transport your taste senses to a world of chocolaty pleasure that you will not want to leave.

9. Berlingots de Carpentras

Are you seeking for something less expensive and more enjoyable? The Berlingots de Carpentras could be the finest option for you!

These brightly colored candies have an intriguing pyramid form and come in a variety of vibrant colors. The color represents the taste; for example, green represents anise and yellow represents lemon. There are several tastes to choose from, each with a white stripe created by the sugar added at the end.

10. Lutti Arlequin Sour Candies

I couldn’t finish this list without including some sour candies for people who like acidic to sweet! Although I dislike sour candies, I know many individuals who do (including my brother and kid!).

Choose the Lutti Arlequin Sour Candy if you want sour candies that will leave your face hideously twisted.


Is it true that you have leau la bouche? (Does your mouth water?) My, for one, is! Although these 10 goodies should be plenty to whet your appetite for a while, here are some frequently asked questions regarding this subject that may stimulate your curiosity. Examine it out!

What kind of candy does France have?

I couldn’t fit all of the wonderful French sweets on my top 10 list. So I’ll put a couple more favorites here. Pralines, Cannele, Guimauve, Biscuit Sabl, Pate de Fruits, Violettes de Toulouse, Marron Glace, Macarons, and Berlingots are some of the desserts available. (Yes there are loads of French candies to savor!).

What is Paris’s famous dessert?

If you want to satiate your sweet craving while visiting Paris, France, there are several great desserts to try. Saint-Honor, Chouquettes, Opera cake, Mille-feuille, Religieuse, and Tarte Bourdaloue are among the favorites.

What kind of chocolate does the French eat?

The French people eats a lot of chocolate. Yet, one of the most distinctive is French dark chocolate. With a cocoa percentage ranging from 62% to 86%, it is recognized as the least sweet chocolate on the planet. Wow!

French Candies Are Undeniably Delicious

There are so many popular, renowned, and tasty French sweets out there that narrowing it down to the top 10 was difficult. Nonetheless, I suggest beginning with these top 10 delectable delicacies and working your way up from there. Whether you like sour, sweet, or fruity candies, there’s something for everyone!

What’s your favorite French confection? What more items would you add to this list?


What is the most popular candy in France?

In France, there are many various types of sweets, but the macaroon is the most popular. Almond and cocoa powder are used to make macaroons. Macaroons are typically circular in form and very soft. It is highly popular in France, and it can be found in many stores across Paris!

What candy is Paris known for?


What sweets are from France?

Macarons…. Profiterole…. Religieuse…. Pain Au Chocolat…. Mille Feuille…. Éclair…. Madeleine…. Cannele are among the top ten well-known French pastries.
More to come…

What are the top 3 most popular candies?

10 of the Finest Candies
1 spud. It’s incredible…
2 Twix. Twix is incredible.
Three Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. Indeed, the finest candy ever… four M&Ms. M&Ms are the finest candy ever! …
Kit Kat 5 points. When I eat a Kit Kat, I feel like I’ve left Earth and entered another realm of creamy pleasure.
Six Gummy Bears…
8 Snickers. 7 Sour Patch Kids.
More to come…

What candy is France known for?

Aix’s Calissons. The typical Aix-en-Provence sweet is more of a confiserie (candy) made from melon and almond paste and is quite sweet.
Canelé… Dragées… Guimauve… Caramel au beurre salé… Biscuit Sablé… Pâte de fruits.
More to come…

What is a famous French candy?

Apple Bon Bons Eiffel. Maxim’s Caramel Jellies. Arlequin Lutti French Candy. Michoko’s Pie in the Sky. Licorice candy Krema Batna.

What candy do French people like?

Liquorice sweets have captivated the hearts of the French.

When it comes to sweets, liquorice is the French’s favorite. Traditionally, liquorice was offered as a treatment for some respiratory ailments.

What is the oldest French candy?

The Dragées de Verdun are France’s oldest confections, famous for their usage at weddings, baptisms, and communions. They are almond-shaped and frequently white or light pink, with a firm kernel of almond or other dry fruit. In moving copper vats, this dried fruit is subsequently coated with sugar syrup.

What is the most popular sweet in Paris?

Rhum Baba. The rum baba, one of Paris’ most renowned sweets, was created by the city’s oldest pâtisserie Stohrer. It’s a yeast pastry drenched in rum syrup created by King Louis XV’s pastry chef Nicolas Stohrer.

What is France’s signature dessert?

1. Brûlée. A coating of crispy caramel tops this custard-based delicacy. The dish is renowned worldwide, although it originated in France, making it a must-try for anybody passing there.

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