Waffles: Replacement for Vegetable Oil

Waffles: Replacement for Vegetable Oil

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My children and I adore waffles. We make them once a week at the very least. It’s the ideal (and surprisingly fast) breakfast alternative. But, I seldom use vegetable oil, as suggested. I like mashed fruit, such as bananas, butter, or yogurt. There are plenty additional alternatives!

Hello there! My name is Shea and I’ve been baking for 10 years. One thing I’ve discovered in my baking escapades is that you don’t necessarily have to follow instructions exactly. Employing alternatives may be handy and may improve the flavor of your dessert.

Don’t worry if you want to cook waffles in the morning but don’t have any vegetable oil in your kitchen. You can utilize an infinite number of substitutions. Which tastes better than oil in my view.

Let’s look at my top six vegetable oil replacements for waffles.

Substitute for Vegetable Oil in Waffles: 6 Top Picks

Since it is so useful, most people keep vegetable oil in their kitchen. It may be used to bake cookies, stir fry veggies, or anything else your baker’s heart wants. Yet, just because it is handy does not imply that you always have it on hand.

Other folks just dislike vegetable oil and prefer to cook and bake with something else completely.

In any case, you can make delicious waffles with one of these clever substitutions.

1. Butter (Rich and Moist Pick)

To be honest, I’m a little fascinated with butter. I’m the kind of person who enjoys seeing the butter pouring off my bread. I can’t get enough of that rich, decadent taste!

That being stated, it’s no surprise that butter is my preferred substitute for vegetable oil in waffles.

Melted butter may be used in place of vegetable oil at a 1:1 ratio. Personally, I use salted butter since I don’t mind a little more saltiness (although I guarantee I’m not salty *wink*). Use unsalted butter or lower the quantity asked for in your recipe if you wish to minimize your salt consumption.

2. Mashed/Pureed Fruit (Healthiest Option)

If you want to avoid using vegetable oil, try using mashed fruit instead. There are several excellent options, but mashed bananas, applesauce, and pureed pumpkin are the top three.

Clearly, the taste will differ based on the fruit you choose. It isn’t always a terrible thing. While cooking flavored waffles, the flavor should be rather faint and unnoticeable.

The fruit may also be utilized to increase taste. For instance, I like making blueberry waffles. When I add mashed bananas instead of oil, the waffles receive a fruity boost that is nothing short of amazing.

You may substitute mashed or pureed fruit 1:1.

3. Coconut Oil (For a Crispier Texture)

To be fair, any oil may be used in place of vegetable oil in waffles, and the results should be identical.

But, I picked coconut oil as a prominent substitution since I adore it. In comparison to most other oils, coconut oil is nutritionally rich. It also has a coconut taste that goes nicely with any waffle recipe, whether conventional buttermilk or pina colada.

One thing to keep in mind is that coconut oil will crisp up the outside of your waffles. Personally, I like the addition of crispy notes. Everything tastes better with a little crunch, in my opinion. Nevertheless, not everyone shares these sentiments.

Use a 1:1 ratio of coconut oil (and most other oils).

4. Yogurt (For Extra Fluffiness)

Yogurt is fantastic for breakfast, snacks, and anything else. But did you know you can use it in lieu of vegetable oil to make waffles?

There are two factors to consider: the kind of yogurt and the taste.

Ordinary plain yogurt will not excite your taste buds. Greek yogurt, on the other hand, has a notable tanginess that will come through in your waffles. It’s not horrible, but it’s not what you’re looking for.

Flavored yogurt (of any kind) may either enhance or detract from the final taste of your waffles. I wouldn’t use strawberry yogurt in apple cinnamon waffles, but I would definitely use it in chocolate waffles.

Use one cup of yogurt for every one cup of vegetable oil to acquire heightened tastes and obvious fluffiness.

5. Pureed Cauliflower (Healthy Choice)

Cauliflower is being added to almost everything these days. That being considered, it’s no surprise that I had to include pureed cauliflower in my top six list. I know it seems strange, but if you want to become healthy, this might be the way to go.

Cauliflower puree is quite delicate and will not alter the taste or texture of your waffles. Just substitute a cup of pureed cauliflower for each cup of vegetable oil. And there you have it! You have delicious waffles that sneak some vegetables into your day (maybe a good alternative for parents and fathers!).

6. Mayonnaise (Super Moist Pick)

I understand that adding mayonnaise on waffles might not seem appetizing. But, in an emergency. The good news is that mayo in waffles is hardly perceptible while adding lots of moisture. If you like a moist waffle, you should use mayonnaise instead of vegetable oil.

Melted mayonnaise may be substituted in a 1:1 ratio.


You now know the best six vegetable oil substitutes for waffles, some of which may surprise you! If you want to understand more about this interesting subject, keep reading the frequently asked questions below.

Can waffles be made without vegetable oil?

Waffles may be made without vegetable oil, however another equivalent item must be substituted (like the ones listed above). You cannot get the desired waffle texture without using oil or a substitute for yogurt, mayo, fruit, etc.

What is the best oil to use for waffles?

Vegetable oil is without a doubt the finest oil to use for waffles. It has a neutral flavor that will not interfere with the taste of your waffles. It also has a high smoking point, so it can withstand the heat of your waffle iron with ease.

Can you use olive oil for the waffle mix?

Vegetable oil may be replaced with olive oil. I don’t like it since olive oil has a strong taste that might overpower waffles. Hence, unless you’re making a flavorful waffle recipe, I wouldn’t advocate adding olive oil (unless you have to).

Can you use pancake mix for waffles?

Pancake mix may be used to make waffles. The recipe for creating waffles is usually printed on the back of the package. If not, a tablespoon of oil (or another item listed above) and a whole egg should suffice.

Final Words

My favorite substitutions are pureed fruit and yogurt, but you can also use coconut oil, cauliflower, or mayo. Well, even individuals who profess to be pancake people like waffles. Preparing them is also simple, even if you don’t have vegetable oil on hand. In the meanwhile, mush

Have you tried any of these vegetable oil replacements in waffles? Do you have a suggestion for a sub? Please comment below!


What can I use instead of vegetable oil in waffles?

Waffle recipes call for around 12 cup of oil or its equivalent. Nevertheless, melted solid fat, such as butter, lard, or coconut oil, may be used in lieu of the oil. 12 cup melted butter is needed in Oster’s Traditional Waffles recipe to create 512 cup of batter.

Can you use olive oil for waffles?

Do you want to create the best waffles using your favorite extra-virgin olive oil? You very certainly can.

Can you substitute butter for oil in waffle mix?

Indeed, the answer is yes! Although butter does not provide the same light, airy feel as oil, it may be used as a replacement to add taste and richness to the waffles.

What is the best oil to use for waffles?

There are several cooking oils available, but which is ideal for waffles? Vegetable oil is the ideal oil to use with a waffle maker, followed by canola oil, since it makes the waffles crispy and keeps them from sticking without changing the taste.

Why does waffle mix need vegetable oil?

Each of the items we included has a specific purpose in the waffle-making process. The oil keeps the pancake mix from sticking to the iron and lets the outside to crisp up, which the sugar also helps with. The egg whites and yolk firm the batter, preventing it from running off the iron.

What is neutral oil for waffles?

Canola oil, on the other hand, is a terrific option for waffles. It lacks flavor, so no matter what toppings you place on your waffle, there will be no lasting aftertaste or incompatibility. The majority of vegetable oils are canola oil, which is generated from rapeseed.

How much butter to substitute for vegetable oil?

It couldn’t be simpler to replace butter with oil in a 1:1 ratio. Olive, canola, veggie, and coconut oils should all work. Just melt and chill the butter to room temperature before proceeding with the recipe (for example, if the recipe asks for 12 cup oil, use 12 cup melted and cooled butter).

Do you have to put oil on a waffle maker?

Sure, the waffle iron is nonstick, but you should still spray or brush on some neutral oil on the plates. I don’t advocate using butter since it may cause the waffles to stick. You may need to oil the plates before cooking each subsequent waffle; you may not.

How much butter is equivalent to oil?

3 teaspoons melted butter). 5 tablespoons oil 1 You may completely replace the vegetable oil with butter. Use the same amount stated in the instructions (for example, if 1 is supplied).

Can I use melted butter on waffle maker?

Just lubricate your waffle maker with a basting brush dipped in melted butter or oil, and cleaning will be a snap. Your waffle maker will last longer and will be less sticky.

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