What Became of Bakingdom?

What Became of Bakingdom?

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Darla Wireman, a self-taught baker, Harry Potter lover, photographer, and military wife, founded and ran Bakingdom.com. Darla’s website had a large number of recipes, trip diaries, and a store area where you could buy her aprons and other products.

Darla explains Bakingdom as follows: Bakingdom is all about having fun and trying out new and old recipes. It’s about wonderful cuisine, beauty, and understanding that you can rule the kitchen more easily than you think. I’m just here to eat, drink, and have fun, to try to find pleasure in the little things, to geek out over the things I geek out over, and to have a good time in this short life.

This website is no longer available, much to our surprise. We attempted numerous times to access the website, but each time received an error message stating that the site could not be accessible.

What happened to what was once a popular baking blog? What happened to the lady behind this one-woman show?

If you’re wondering what happened to Bakingdom.com, you’ve come to the correct spot. We’ve done the research and stalking, and we’re going to tell you all we know about Darla and her Bakingdom baking blog.

The History of Bakingdom.com

Darla Wireman established Bakingdom, a culinary blog, in 2010. In her very first blog entry, Welcome to My Realm, in which she explained how the site came to be, she joked, “I mean, how many amazing food blogs are there out there?” And I believe I have anything fresh or interesting to say?

Darla, on the other hand, provided her audience with lovely, delectable, and highly unique stuff that was well worth all of our time. Darla posted continuously throughout the following seven years, and she was often highlighted in publications such as The Huffington Post, as well as guest writing for other prominent food blogs.

I should say, semi-consistently. Darla’s most shared posts show that her most popular material was posted around 2011, which seems to be when she was most active on Bakingdom. Darla began to publish less regularly in 2014 and 2015, just writing once in 2016 to mark her formal break from full-time blogging.

That’s understandable! Darla claimed in the post that she had been traveling extensively and was ready to return to the United States from Europe, where she had been residing with her husband and dog for almost three years.

Could this be the reason she decided to leave the blog for good?

It was no secret in the baking world that Darla’s site had some of the most inventive and imaginative recipes, particularly those inspired by Harry Potter, her favorite! If you haven’t seen them yet, these are Darla’s most popular recipes on Bakingdom.

1. Homemade Butterbeer Recipe

Her Homemade Butterbeer Recipe from 2010 was undoubtedly the most well-known of her incredible recipes.

Darla’s effort to duplicate this exclusive delicacy available exclusively in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter is obviously a fan favorite. She characterized the drink as a weirdly irresistible combination between a butterscotch cream soda and a root beer float.

Darla’s butterbeer consists of six 12-ounce bottles of cold cream soda blended with butter flavoring or clarified butter, topped with a froth composed of heavy cream, sugar, vanilla, and additional butter extract.

2. Butterbeer Hot Chocolate

Yeah, we’re not shocked that another Harry Potter-inspired dish came in second on the list. Darlas Butterbeer Hot Chocolate was her second most shared recipe in 2015.

Darla’s butterbeer hot chocolate employs the same froth topping consisting of heavy cream, sugar, vanilla, and fake butter as her butterbeer recipe. The basis, a not-so-basic hot chocolate, is composed of milk, cream, butterscotch chips, butterscotch sauce, cocoa powder, vanilla, and additional butter flavour.

Darla also had a recipe for butterscotch sauce if you couldn’t locate it. The method is similar to that of producing caramel, which requires heating sugar and water and then adding heavy cream, butter, and vanilla extract.

3. Soft Honey Oat Bread

Darla’s homemade honey oat bread recipe was the third most shared recipe. Darla tells her readers how difficult it may be to get out of bed in the morning, but that honey oat bread always gets the job done.

The dish is straightforward, using just a few ingredients. She also gave vegan substitutions for this dish. If you don’t have an electric mixer and don’t want to wear out your arms, this recipe may also be done in a bread machine.

4. Rainbow Heart Cake

Darla’s Rainbow Heart Layer Cake recipe is next on the list. Well, I must admit that this recipe was enjoyable to read, and the end product is stunning and interesting, but it comes with a lengthier, more intricate procedure including numerous different recipes.

Amanda’s heart cake recipe is combined with a rainbow layer cake to make the rainbow heart cake. The cake is decorated with rainbow colored fondant flowers, and it has a heart in the middle that can be seen when split in half.

To create this cake, you’ll need two Darlas yellow cake recipes, a vanilla buttercream recipe, and some marshmallow fondant, which you may make or purchase. I’ve included all of Darla’s recipes needed to create this cake.

5. Creepy and Cute Monster Claw Cupcakes

Darla couldn’t help but miss Halloween back home, with its spooky movies, pumpkins, candy, and goodies. So, of course, she carried the Halloween spirit with her to Europe.

Scary and Adorable Monster Claw Cupcakes are made up of three components: chocolate cupcakes, vanilla buttercream icing, and a marshmallow fondant mixture. Darla had recipes for all of the ingredients.

6. Cinnamon Caramel Apple “Pumpkins”

Darla was motivated by the autumn season to be creative with her caramel apples in September 2011, and she delivered us all a fantastic E-A-S-Y caramel apple shaped like pumpkins.

Darlas employs green apples, as do many caramel apple recipes. She sands them as well to help the caramel attach to the apples. This is a low-cost yet stunning autumn treat that is a must-try.

7. Hogwarts Vertical Layer Spice Cake

Are we startled by another another Harry Potter-themed treat? I am aware that I am not.

Hogwarts Vertical Layer Spice Cake, often known as the Hoggy Warty Hogwarts Cake is a confection honoring the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. It’s a delectable spice cake with a fluffy cream cheese frosting that’s been fashioned in a rustic style inspired by the four major home colors.

8. Star Trek Sugar Cookies

Darla has been a Trekkie since she was seven years old, so it’s no wonder that she’d devote her adorable goodies to the 45th anniversary of one of her favorite series.

Darla fashioned Star Trek figures out of cookies, really lovely dolly cookies. The dollies seemed to be at ease when placed on a field of stars.

Her rolled sugar cookies, fake royal icing, and marshmallow fondant recipes were all included in this dish. It is seen below.

9. Homemade Twinkie Cupcakes

Darla prepared these pink twinkie inspired baby shower cupcakes in honor of her friend Kristans kid.

The cupcakes have a basic spongy yellow cake foundation and are filled with a marshmallow cream filling and topped with a marshmallow buttercream. Needless to say, they tasted much superior than twinkies.

10. Double Double Chocolate Cauldron Cakes

Darla created these wonderful mini chocolate muffins coated in rich chocolate and topped with silky chocolate frosting to celebrate the publication of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

These may be made in standard muffin tins, but Darla recommends using a hemisphere pan for added authenticity. You’d also need a slip mat to build cauldron handles, so make sure you have one on available. These Cauldron cakes will undoubtedly make you stand out in a Harry Potter or Halloween celebration.

What Then Happened to Bakingdom.com?

What happened to Darla and Bakingdom.com after they had so many charming, unique recipes and such a large following? This is our hypothesis.

“Official Hiatus From Full-time Blogging”

Darla and her husband (who she affectionately refers to as the Hubster) celebrated their 14th wedding anniversary in 2016, and Darla revealed that their time in Europe was finally finished and that they will be returning to the United States.

She also said that her pet Loki, who was regularly featured on her blog, had been suffering from health concerns that constantly preoccupied the pair. Also, her computer was having issues, which meant she couldn’t upload or edit her pictures for her recipes and craft ideas until it was updated.

Darla has only blogged a couple more times after then. Her most recent post, Queenies Apple Strudel Dumplings Inspired by Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, was a timely dish for the film’s premiere in 2017.

Darla thanks her friends and followers for following her updates and promises to continue sharing on her social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram). Darla’s posts on Facebook and Twitter were visible till the end of March 2017.


Darla’s most recent activity has been on Instagram. She constantly updates her profile, usually Disney bounding and talking about her experiences and new baked goods.

Darla and the Hubster then adopted two feline fur babies named Ripley and Cindel. Unfortunately, not long after that, Loki died, which we can only assume had a terrible impact on Darla. Even today, two years after his death, Darla often tweets about him and the memories they had.

Darla has numerous artistic outlets and abilities outside of baking, as seen by her profile @bakingdom. She also does beautiful art, cares for her numerous houseplants, shows off the clever modifications she makes to her home, and photographs and shares gorgeous images.

Final Thoughts

What are our thoughts? Maybe Darla is just too preoccupied with her numerous interests to devote a significant portion of her time to preserving Bakingdom. Moving back to the United States and being closer to her family and friends would undoubtedly take time away from her as she now has more people to surround herself with.

Darla’s creativity, whether baking or not, will continue to inspire and provide delight to many. I hope you found this post informative, and that you may have discovered recipes that you thought you’d never see again.

Do you know what became of Bakingdom.com? Let us know in the comments, and stay tuned for more similar material!

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