What Do Pizza Delivery Drivers Get Paid?

What Do Pizza Delivery Drivers Get Paid?

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So you want to start your own pizza business, huh? It is not that unexpected given that many individuals start out as pizza delivery drivers. But how much money do they make? The average salary is about $22k per year, however this fluctuates.

Hello there! My name is Shea, and I like eating pizza. While I have never been a pizza delivery person, I have several friends and family members who have been or are pizza delivery drivers, and they like the money they earn.

Before embarking on a career as a pizza delivery driver, it is critical to understand how much money you will be making. There are a few things to think about, and this post will go through them all.

Let’s speak about money.

How Much Do Pizza Delivery Drivers Make?

There is no definitive solution. There are other things to consider, such as where you reside and what organization you work for. Nonetheless, the average annual salary for a pizza delivery driver in the United States is roughly $22,000. Let’s look at this number more closely.

Hourly Wage

Most pizza restaurants pay their pizza delivery drivers on an hourly basis. Most of the time, it is the state-mandated minimum wage. As a result, someone living in California is likely to earn more than someone living in Kansas or Missouri.

Although it is usual for delivery drivers to be paid minimum wage, not all companies are the same. Some people may pay more or less. Others, albeit less prevalent, may not pay an hourly rate at all.


The main advantage of working as a pizza delivery driver is the tips. You may easily earn $50 or more on a good night, say Friday or Saturday evening.

The same cannot be said for after-hours. Someone delivering at 10 a.m. on a Monday, for example, will not earn the same as someone working the weekend nighttime shift.

Tipping may also vary depending on the amount of pizzas ordered and the length of the journey. Someone who orders 10 pizzas will tip much more than someone who orders just one pizza.

In any case, it is usual for pizza delivery drivers to retain their whole gratuity. This is a terrific incentive to provide speedy, high-quality service with a smile, which is exactly what pizza places want you to do.


Concerned about the amount of petrol you’ll need to transport pizza boxes? Nobody can fault you, particularly in this day and age. Yet, you will be relieved to learn that most pizza restaurants will refund you for petrol and other associated charges, like as oil changes.

Some businesses will supply you with a vehicle to drive so that you don’t have to worry about putting miles on your automobile.

Factors to Consider

As I previously said, there are several variables that influence how much a pizza delivery driver earns.

Where You Live

Where you reside will be the most important factor in determining how much money you earn. Let’s take a look at some of the wages by state:

  • The state of South Dakota $15,906-$20,321
  • Maine $18,259-$23,328
  • $21,725 to $27,262 in Washington
  • California ranges from $24,395 to $31,170.

The Company

The firm you work for will also have a significant impact on how much money you earn. In certain areas, a large corporation such as Pizza Hut may pay more or less than a rival like as Papa Johns.

The number fluctuates much more if you go to a tiny, local pizza restaurant. Some area restaurants will pay more for delivery drivers, while others will pay less. It actually depends on the pizza restaurant and what they are willing or able to pay.

The best thing to do is look into these firms and see how much they pay.

The Order

Remember to take the order into account! As stated before in the tips section of this post, someone ordering a large number of pizzas at once would most likely leave a larger tip to reflect the cost of the pizzas.

The same is true when placing the order. Although you could get fortunate with a large tip around noon, the tendency seems to be that the largest gratuities will occur on weekends in the evening.

Having saying that, aim to acquire the best delivery times possible. At initially, you may have to work in less ideal shifts. Yet, if you prove yourself, you will be able to snag the hot areas with the greatest advice over time.


Pizza delivery drivers may earn a decent living, particularly if they get the best shift timings and large orders. If you’re still curious about your (possible) new job, check out these commonly asked questions.

How much do pizza delivery drivers make with tips?

Tips are hit or miss. Regrettably, some folks may not tip at all. Some may have some extra money to toss your way. It is determined by the orders. On a good day, you may easily earn $50 or more in tips.

Is being a pizza delivery driver worth it?

Indeed, it is possible. It may not be very profitable at initially due to the unfavorable shift timings. Nonetheless, if you are able to work peak hours, such as weekend nights, it may be worthwhile.

How much do pizza drivers make per hour?

It all depends on the firm and your location. Someone working for a large corporation in California will earn more than someone working for a small pizza shop in Oklahoma. Look into where you can earn the greatest money per hour (but dont forget tips).

What pizza delivery pays the best?

Although you may be able to earn huge cash with a popular small pizza place, you will most likely have more financial success with a large corporation. According to real delivery drivers, Pizza Hut pays the highest hourly compensation for delivery drivers.

Final Words

Being a pizza delivery driver may be a rewarding profession that pays the bills and more. Everything is dependent on where you reside, the firm you work for, and the orders. With tips, you may easily make an average of $22k per year, and in certain regions, this figure is considerably higher.

Do you work as a pizza delivery driver? How much money do you make? Is it still something you want to do if you want to be a pizza delivery driver? Please share in the comments section!


Do you make a lot of money as a pizza delivery driver?

The average monthly wages for a pizza delivery driver in the United States were $2,227 as of September 18, 2021. ZipRecruiter projected that monthly wages for pizza delivery drivers might range between $3,250 and $958.

Do pizza delivery drivers keep tips?

Yeah, pizza delivery drivers are allowed to retain all of their tips. A pizza delivery driver’s basic wage may be greatly increased by tips. If you’re new to pizza delivery, you may accept the gratuities and put them directly in your pocket.

How much does Pizza Hut pay drivers in Georgia?

The hourly wage for a Pizza Hut Delivery Driver in Georgia is roughly $15.72, which is comparable to the national average.

Is pizza delivery a good business?

Starting a pizza delivery company is not only a popular food delivery option, but it can also be lucrative owing to the large profit margin. Starting a pizza company might be a lucrative undertaking if you appreciate crafting one-of-a-kind recipes and enjoy cooking.

Do Dominos delivery drivers get paid mileage?

mile. The average round-trip delivery distance is 5 miles. $0.56

How much do you tip for a $20 pizza delivery?

How much should you tip the pizza delivery guy? In general, delivery orders of less than $20 get a minimum gratuity of $3. If the order exceeds $20, it is normal to compute a gratuity of 10%-15% of the total (but never less than $5).

Is it rude not to tip the pizza guy?

The delivery or service costs you pay the restaurant or meal delivery app are unlikely to benefit the driver. Such fees, in general, cover the expense of doing business for the meal delivery app or service. The restaurant and the driver both believe that tips are included in the driver’s pay, so never miss the tip.

Is $5 dollars a good tip for pizza delivery?

Elaine Swann, a lifestyle and etiquette expert, recommends leaving a $3 to $5 gratuity when the delivery driver comes. “A gratuity of three to five bucks is appropriate,” Swann advises. “It does not have to be a proportion of the meal you ordered.”

What delivery business pays the most?

Instacart is one of the top ten food delivery services in terms of pay. Undoubtedly down, Instacart is the finest food delivery service for its drivers, easily ranking first on our list. …
Amazon Flex…. Favor…. GoPuff…. DoorDash…. Grubhub…. Caviar.
Jan 16, 2023

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