What to do With Leftover Cake Batter

What to do With Leftover Cake Batter

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Cake is the ideal celebration food, whether you’re celebrating your birthday with friends or with your family. But what if you mix a bit too much batter by accident? You may simply freeze it for later use or recycle it into another delectable treat.

Hello, cake lovers! My name is Shea, and I’ve been baking in my beloved kitchen for the last 10 years. Cakes are one of my favorite things to make since they are so versatile in terms of taste, texture, form, and so on.

If you have an excess of cake batter, don’t panic and, more importantly, don’t throw it out. It’s quite easy to find another use for cake batter, whether you want to keep it for the weekend or create a small batch of cookie-flavored cookies.

Continue reading to learn about some of the best ways to utilize leftover cake batter!

6 Great Ways to Use Leftover Cake Batter

What to do With Leftover Cake Batter

I believe in reusing ingredients and making the most of my batters. Basically, I despise wasting perfectly delicious food and avoid it like the plague. That is why I have compiled a list of the top six uses for leftover cake batter. Let’s get started!

1. Make Cupcakes

Cupcakes are the simplest way to use up leftover cake batter. Why? Because there are no additional ingredients, stirring, or drama. All you need is a cupcake tray and a 350°F oven. Most cupcakes will bake in around 15-20 minutes, but keep an eye on them at all times.

2. Make a Sweet Breakfast

While I believe in starting your day with a good meal, the same principles do not apply on weekends. Consider baking cake batter waffles on Saturday morning if you want a tasty, sweet brunch.

Its simple! Here are the quick steps:

Step 1: Pour any remaining cake batter into your waffle maker.

Step 2: Close the waffle iron

Step 3: When the red light goes green, your waffles are ready.

Step 4: Carefully remove from the oven and top with your preferred toppings.

The beautiful part about this is that you can add additions to distinguish your waffles from the cake. A chocolate cake batter, for example, may be boosted with strawberries, while a white cake might be given a fruity touch with pineapples.

Do you lack a waffle maker? Then acquire one right now. In the meanwhile, you may make pancakes by pouring cake batter onto your skillet. You can also make french toast with the remaining cake batter as a covering for the bread. Yum!

3. Create Fudge

Fudge.. Did you use leftover cake batter? Sure thing. Hey, sometimes you have to think outside the box. Isn’t that the point of baking?

If you prefer fudge (like me), you’ll be glad to hear that you can create it using leftover cake batter, regardless of taste. This is how you do it.

Step 1: In a microwave-safe bowl, place any remaining cake batter.

Step 2: Microwave for approx. two minutes.

Step 3: Remove and stir generously

Step 4: Stir in mix-ins such as white chocolate chips, milk chocolate chips, or walnuts.

Step 5: Pour the mixture into a shallow, oiled baking dish.

Step 6: Refrigerate until chilled.

Last Step: Cut and enjoy!

4. Make Cookies

Cake and cupcakes are treats that are quite similar. Consider baking cookies with your leftover cake batter instead if you want to create something delicious but a bit different. The texture is different from traditional cookies, yet they are still wonderful.

The nicest feature is that you can completely customize the tastes. Don’t be afraid to add some more ingredients to the batter. For example, in chocolate cake mix, I like to add walnuts and toffee, and in white cake mix, I like to add rainbow sprinkles.

Whatever flavor combination you come up with, bake your leftover cake batter cookies for around 10 minutes, but keep an eye on them. Don’t be concerned if they spread more than normal. That is quite typical and to be anticipated from most leftover cake batter cookies.

5. Freeze It!

You probably don’t want to spend another 20 minutes in the kitchen if you’re already baking a cake. I completely understand.

Consider storing any leftover cake batter if you’re ready to say goodbye to your kitchen for the night. Keep it in an airtight container or a sealable freezer bag. The less air that enters your cake mixture, the longer it will keep.

Instead of whipped eggs (use whipped eggs folded into the batter), use unsalted butter.Cake batter may be stored in the freezer for up to three months if properly stored. Keep in mind that creamed cakes (those that include sugar and oil) function best when frozen.

When you’re ready to make the cake, just thaw the frozen cake mix, set it in your cake pan, and bake according to package directions.

6. Bake It Separately

Simply bake it anyhow. Why? Because cake leftovers may be used to make anything from traditional cake pops to savory pie crusts. You may also create a fast and simple milkshake by combining cake crumbs, ice cream, and a banana.

With that in mind, you won’t have to worry about making your scraps seem as nice as your original cake. Simply place it in a cake pan and make the following recipe.


What to do With Leftover Cake Batter

You now have some fantastic leftover cake batter options! Do you still have any probing questions? I researched the four most often asked questions on this issue and am here to share the answers with you.

How long is leftover cake batter good for?

If you have leftover cake batter, don’t feel obligated to use it right away. Cake batter keeps for a surprising amount of time if kept in an airtight container or freezer bag. Refrigerate for up to two days or freeze for up to three months.

Can I Refrigerate cake batter and bake later?

You may certainly store your cake mixture in the refrigerator and bake it later! Refrigerate it (properly) for up to two days. Allow it to come to room temperature on the counter for about 30 minutes before placing it in the oven.

Does cake mix go bad?

powder, since these components degrade over time.Yes, cake mix goes bad eventually, but it takes a long time, particularly if it is unopened. Cake mix may be used for months (even years) beyond the expiry date. Simply add additional baking soda.

If the cake mix shows symptoms of mold or has a bad odor, do not use it. If you bake using an outdated cake mix and it has an unusual odor or flavor, throw it.

Can you make a milkshake using leftover cake batter?

Yes, but only if the cake batter is eggless. Otherwise, you will be eating uncooked eggs. If you don’t mind doing so, you may use any cake mix, but I wouldn’t suggest it since there is a chance of eating salmonella and being ill.

Final Words

Don’t throw away any remaining cake batter. There are several ways to reuse it, whether you freeze it for later use or transform it into something altogether else. I wholeheartedly suggest preparing lovely, delectable cupcakes or surprise your kids with a cake-y brunch on the weekend!


What can I do with too much cake batter?

How to Use Leftover Cake Batter
1 – Put it in the freezer. Many cake mixes store well and may be readily removed from the freezer a month later, thawed, and baked into a gorgeous cake.
2 – Cook it. Baking the excess batter seems sensible! …
3 – Prepare Cupcakes. What exactly is this?…
Cake Waffles are number four.

Can you save leftover cake batter?

It’s preferable to bake the cake batter immediately away, but if you can’t, keep it in the mixing bowl, wrapped with plastic wrap, in the fridge for a day or two. If you need to keep the batter fresh for a longer period of time, place it in a frozen ziplock bag.

What can you do with leftover batter?

Top ten uses for pancake batter
Cannelloni with pancakes.
Pancakes with quesadillas.
Crispy pancakes stuffed with creamy chicken and bacon.
Pancakes with cheese and bacon in the German way.
Fritters with apples and pears.
Crêpe cake with blood orange filling.
Pancakes with cheesy filling.
Traybake blueberry and orange pancake.

How do you reuse refrigerated cake batter?

Alternatively, you may bake your batter straight from the refrigerator by adding a few minutes to the baking time. Allow the batter to thaw in the refrigerator overnight if it was frozen. If using a frozen Ziplock bag, snip one corner and squeeze the mixture into the prepared cake pans before baking.

What do bakeries do with leftover cakes?

Donate leftover baked goods to food banks or charities that serve the hungry and homeless: Many bakeries donate their leftover baked goods to local food banks or organizations that assist the hungry and homeless. Discounts or reduced prices: Some bakeries sell their remaining baked products at a discount or provide discounts to consumers at the end of the day.

Why shouldn’t you overmix cake batter?

Overmixing is precisely what it sounds like: the action of overmixing a dough or batter, which results in thick, difficult, or deflated baked items. Overmixed doughs and batters may have an unattractive appearance or feel, which will remain undesirable after baking.

Can cake batter be frozen for later use?

The majority of batters and doughs may be frozen for up to three months.
How to Freeze Cake Batter
Freeze batter in handy portions, such as single servings for cupcakes or sampling cakes, using dishers or portion scoops.
Small servings should be stored in single-serving reusable freezer containers.

How long can I keep cake batter in the fridge?

As a result, it’s critical to understand how keeping your cake batter might impact its texture. In most situations, you may safely refrigerate cake batter for up to 2 days, but there are several elements to keep in mind that may alter that timescale.

Can you put leftover batter in the fridge?

Refrigerate pancake batter for up to four days.

Because pancake batter includes dairy, following the two-hour guideline is also prudent. According to Expert Home Tips, pancake batter including dairy and wheat should be refrigerated for two to four days.

Can you freeze unused batter?

Freezing pancake batter requires no extra processes or equipment; just prepare a batch of your favorite batter and place it into a gallon-size zip-top bag (smaller if you only cook pancakes for a small army). Roll the bag into a cone shape to get rid of any surplus air.

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