What’s the Difference Between Naan and Pita?

What’s the Difference Between Naan and Pita?

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Naan and pita are two popular flatbreads, and to be honest, I have both in my freezer right now. Although these breads are sometimes confused with one another, there are a few fundamental features that distinguish them.

Hello, everyone! My name is Shea, and I like experimenting in the kitchen. Although I like baking, I am also interested in trying new dishes for lunch and supper. Several of the recipes I’ve tried called for naan or pita bread, so I decided to research the differences.

I realized that naan bread has more components than pita bread, making it fluffier and softer, making it the ideal vehicle for curries.

Pita is a leaner, more robust flatbread with a pouch for filling. They are also prepared differently, with naan baked in a tandoor and pita baked in an oven.

Let’s learn more about the distinction between naan and pita!

6 Key Differences Between Naan and Pita

While naan and pita are both wonderful flatbreads that have a similar appearance, they are not the same thing. In reality, certain obvious differences distinguish them. The following are the top six distinctions between naan and pita.

1. Shape

First and foremost, the form of these two flatbreads distinguishes them. Naan has a distinct oval form, while pita is rounder in design.

2. Pouch or No Pouch?

Apart from its appearance, one crucial clue that you’re eating pita bread is that it (usually) comes in a pouch. When the pita bread is cut along the center, the pouch is produced.

The idea is to utilize the pita for its original purpose: as a sandwich. There are several filling options, ranging from falafel to tuna and chicken.

But what about Naan? It’s maintained flat and whole to go with curries. Nevertheless, in recent years, naan has expanded into less traditional cuisines including as pizza, tacos, and burritos. There’s something about the texture of naan that makes it so adaptable.

3. Ingredients

Pita bread is quite simple. The majority of recipes call for simply salt, yeast, flour (white or whole wheat), and water. (However, occasionally oils and sugars are added to improve the overall taste and lengthen the shelf life).

Naanbread, on the other hand, is a step above. The essential components for naan bread are the same as for pita: salt, yeast, flour, and water. It goes a step farther, though, by using yogurt, oil, and butter. Spices like cumin are popular additions to the mixing bowl.

4. Baking Process

Naan is traditionally cooked in a tandoor. This gives the taste and texture that true naan flatbread is known for. (It can also be cooked in a skillet, but the results will be less genuine.)

Pita is cooked in a hot oven without the need of any specific equipment. It bakes for many minutes at a high temperature before being removed, chilled, and eaten, commonly as a sandwich.

Pita flatbread is more often made at home since it does not need a tandoor to get the same powerful tastes.

5. Origination

Pita originated in the Middle East, whereas naan originated in India. Nonetheless, they are now well-known all across the globe.

6. Texture

Naan has a fluffier and crumblier texture than pita due to the use of fats such as butter, oil, and yogurt. Pita is significantly more structured, flat, and hard, making it the ideal basis for sandwiches of all sizes.

7. Taste

When it comes to taste, naan wins again again. Again, the extra fat contributes to a more luxurious and luscious flavor. Adding powerful spices to naan may also improve its taste.

Pita has a more bland taste, but that’s primarily because it’s packed with tasty toppings. Since pita serves as a base for various sorts of sandwiches, it does not need to be as rich or filling as naan.

8. Nutrition

Pita bread is lower in calories and fat than naan since it is created with a few simple components. Because of the inclusion of additional lipids like as yogurt and butter, naan has a substantially higher calorie and fat load.

9. Size

Last but not least, the size of naan and pita bread distinguishes them. Pita bread is typically four to ten inches in diameter. Naan is substantially bigger, with most naan flatbreads measuring 10 inches in the oven. It’s the ideal size for sharing with family or eating a lot of curry by yourself!


You now know which flatbread is which and, more importantly, when to utilize it! If you want to keep studying, look at these commonly asked questions from other users.

Which is healthier: pita or naan?

Pita flatbread is healthier than naan because of its components. Naan has high-fat and high-calorie ingredients like as yogurt, butter, and oil, making it less healthful (albeit a tad more delicious, in my opinion.)

Is pita a good substitute for naan?

Pita and naan bread are quite different, yet they also have numerous commonalities. With that in mind, pita is an excellent substitute for naan. Other comparable possibilities include roti, paratha, and even a basic tortilla.

Do all pitas have pockets?

Strangely, not all pitas have pockets, yet they are most usually served with one. Green pita bread is the only pita bread that does not have a pocket. Greek pita bread is softer and fluffier than conventional pita bread and lacks a pouch.

Do you have to toast pita bread?

Unless you really want to, you don’t have to toast pita bread. Toasted pita bread has become popular as an appetizer for many people. That is why toasted pita squares are prevalent on grocery store shelves today.

Final Words

Pita and naan bread are quite similar, although they vary more than they share. As compared to pita, naan bread is bigger, fluffier, and includes more ingredients. Pita bread is thinner and smaller, with a convenient pocket for packing all of your favorite ingredients.

Which do you prefer: naan or pita? Do you know of any more distinctions I overlooked? Please let us know in the comments!


Which is healthier pita or naan?

Simply explained, naan is a better source of nutrients than pita or white bread. Although it contains more carbohydrates and sweets, it gets its image as a healthy choice due to its comparatively high protein and fiber content.

Do naan and pita taste the same?

While these two Middle Eastern flatbreads seem to be quite similar, one doughy bite will reveal that naan bread and pita bread are radically distinct in taste and texture.

Can you substitute naan for pita?

These two flatbreads, naan and pita, are often confused, although they are extremely different! Naan is softer since it is thicker and more enriched. Pitas are a leaner flatbread that may be stuffed with salads, falafel, or kebab meat.

Do all pitas have pockets?

The layers of cooked dough stay separated within the deflated pita when removed from the oven, allowing the bread to be opened to create a pocket. Nonetheless, pita bread is occasionally made without pockets and is referred to as “pocket-less pita.”

Which Indian bread is healthiest?

You Should Try These 10 Popular and Wholesome Indian Bread Recipes Chapati. Chapati is one of the most well-known Indian flatbreads, and it goes well with almost any Indian cuisine.
Poori, Idli, Pav, Bhatura, and Appam with Aloo Paratha.
Feb 22, 2018

What is special about naan bread?

So what precisely is naan, and how did the practice begin? Naan is a white leavened flatbread usually prepared in a tandoor oven. The unique charred parts and crispy edges that make naan such a well-known and cherished component to Indian food are made by baking the naan in a tandoor.

Which is softer naan or pita?

Pita bread is less moist and soft than naan bread. This is due to the addition of ghee (butter oil) and soybean or canola oil, which raises the total fat to 10 g vs 5 g in pita, which contains very little oil. The salt content of naan bread is also twice that of pita bread.

Is gyro in naan or pita?

Shawarma is a kind of Middle Eastern sandwich wrap, while a gyro is a type of Greek pita sandwich.

What do you eat with naan bread?

Naan is traditionally served with vegetable curries, lentils, and beans. Nonetheless, it is now eaten as an appetizer, a side dish with dips, or as a pizza foundation.

Do you eat hummus with pita or naan?

Burgers. Hummus is a Middle Eastern dip or spread prepared with cooked, mashed chickpeas or other beans, tahini, olive oil, lemon juice, salt, and garlic. Hummus dip is often served with pita bread, although it may also be served with Naan or sandwiches.

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