Where Can I Get Cacao Butter for Baking and Where Might I Obtain It at a Grocery Store?

Where Can I Get Cacao Butter for Baking and Where Might I Obtain It at a Grocery Store?

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Cacao butter (cocoa butter) is an excellent component for a variety of uses, including baking. Nonetheless, it might be difficult to locate at times. Cacao butter for baking may be obtained in the organic, natural foods, baking, or speciality oils sections.

Hello there! My name is Shea, and I’ve been baking for a long time. I’ve worked with a wide range of components, from standard flours and sugars to unusual substances like cacao butter. With so many diverse ingredients on hand, I can locate almost anything.

There’s no need to fret if your recipe asks for an unusual ingredient like cacao butter. Although it may require a bit more digging at the grocery store, cacao butter is easily accessible.

Let us discuss cacao butter!

What is Cacao Butter?

First and foremost, we must define cacao butter. Cacao butter (cocoa butter) is simply extracted fat from cocoa beans. It has a rich chocolate fragrance and taste, which is why it is utilized in baking.

Despite the term “butter” in the name, this pale-colored fat is completely edible and vegan. Having a melting point of 93 to 101 degrees Fahrenheit, it is an excellent component for keeping some foods, such as chocolate, firm at room temperature.

What is Cocoa Butter Used for in Baking?

Cocoa butter is often used in lotions and tanning sprays. In fact, it is most likely where the majority of individuals first learned about the substance. But did you know it may also be used as a baking component in specific recipes?

One of the most significant benefits of utilizing cocoa butter in recipes is that it generates an unrivaled luscious smoothness. It provides just the proper amount of chocolaty taste to different baked goods like peppermint bark and chocolate cake, with a mild chocolate flavor.

Cocoa butter is an excellent component for chocolate bars due to its low melting point. Since the cocoa butter will stay solid until it reaches your lips, it will melt. (I’m drooling now).

Finally, cacao butter is vegan, making it an excellent substitute for non-vegan products such as normal butter. Of course, with its high fat level, you don’t need to use as much of this edible fat as you would with others. This reduces calories (which is usually a good thing, right?).

Where to Buy Cacao Butter

Cacao butter may be found in a variety of locations. These are your choices:

  • The grocery shop. Cacao butter may be available at some supermarket shops, such as Vons, Kroger, or Publix. Tiny mom and pop local shops may not, though, since this is not a very frequent baking ingredient.
  • Big-box retailer. Cacao butter is likely to be available at all-encompassing stores such as Walmart.
  • A health food shop. It’s no surprise that cocoa butter is widely available at health food shops, given its many health advantages.
  • Markets based on ethnicity. There should be plenty of ethnic stores around that offer cacao butter (along with some other intriguing items you’ll want to sample!).
  • Amazon. If all else fails, you can always get cacao butter from Amazon. There are several varieties, brands, and sizes to select from, making it an excellent alternative if you can’t locate it elsewhere.

Where to Find Cacao Butter in Grocery Store

If you don’t want to wait for Amazon to deliver your purchase, go to the grocery store. Cacao butter should be available in your local grocery shop, as long as it is not a little store with limited selection.

At the grocery store, you can now get cacao butter in a few different places.

  • The natural portion. Is there an organic or natural foods area at your supermarket store? Cacao butter is likely to be found here, since it is a completely organic product. Section on Organics
  • The baking section. No luck on this aisle, or do you just lack a separate place for organic and natural products? Then go to the baking section. Since cacao butter is used in various baking recipes, it is not uncommon to see it in the baking area.
  • A speciality oil aisle. Some shops even offer a section dedicated to specialized oils like cacao butter and coconut oil. It doesn’t hurt to look into this place as well.
  • The supplement section. Cacao butter is regarded as a superfood by some. With this in mind, cacao butter is occasionally combined with other famous superfoods, such as acai powder.

But keep in mind that when you are shopping for cacao butter, make sure you get the baking variety. You don’t want to purchase the incorrect stuff since cacao butter is so widespread in lotions, tanning sprays, and other body treatments (not for ingestion).


So you want to be a cocoa butter specialist, huh? I’ve got your back. The following are some of the most frequently asked questions concerning this subject. You’re going to want the answers! Let’s get started.

Does Walmart have cacao butter?

Natural section, baking aisle, speciality oil aisle, or supplement aisle. Cacao butter is available at Walmart. You may purchase it online or in-store. The organic site will be the same as indicated above.

Is cacao butter the same as cocoa butter?

Indeed, cacao butter and cocoa butter are the same thing, and the terms are used interchangeably. That being said, don’t be alarmed if you don’t find the exact name written on your recipe. Cocoa butter may be purchased and used in recipes that call for cacao butter.

How much does cacao butter cost?

It all depends on how much cacao butter you purchase. A three-pound bag may cost $30, but an 8-ounce bag may cost less than $10. It also depends on where you purchase and the brand you choose. Finally, cacao butter isn’t very pricey, but it’s also not inexpensive.

Does Whole Foods sell cacao butter?

Since that Whole Foods is a shop dedicated to selling healthier products, it’s no surprise that cacao butter may be found there. Just use the same steps outlined above to find this fantastic substance.

Can I use butter instead of cocoa butter to make chocolate?

You can, but it won’t have the same crispiness or shiny sheen as if cacao butter was used. Yet, coconut oil or coconut butter are two excellent substitutes for cocoa butter for creating chocolate.

Which is better shea butter or cocoa butter?

Cacao butter is ideal for certain recipes because it has a somewhat chocolaty taste that complements chocolate desserts. Shea butter, on the other hand, has a somewhat nutty taste that is best reserved for certain recipes.

Final Words

Natural area, baking aisle, speciality oil section, or supplement section. Cocoa butter is fantastic in baking. It’s vegan and gives you a melt-in-your-mouth dream when you consume stuff like chocolate. It’s available at places like Whole Foods and Walmart. It might be organic.

Do you use cocoa butter in your baking? What is your favorite recipe for cacao butter? What store did you get your cacao butter from? Share your thoughts in the comments section!


What aisle is cacao butter in?

Cacao butter is often available in the grocery store’s baking section. Look for organic foods nearby if you don’t notice it immediately away. Cacao butter is sometimes seen alongside natural and vegetarian cuisine alternatives. If you still can’t locate it, take a brief stroll over to the oils aisle.

Can I get cocoa butter in supermarket?

Cocoa butter is available at health food shops, specialist grocery stores, and online. Cosmetic-grade cocoa butter is available in pharmacies and health food stores. Check the label carefully to ensure that the product is pure cocoa butter and of food grade quality.

What can I use instead of cacao butter for baking?

Butter, coconut butter, and coconut oil are the most readily available and adaptable substitutes for cocoa butter, while white chocolate may be used in certain recipes in lieu of cocoa butter.

How do you get cacao butter?

Cacao butter is made by harvesting cacao beans from cacao pods, cleaning them, and roasting them. The beans are next removed of their shells and crushed into nibs, which are processed into a liquid called cocoa liquor. The fat is then separated from the liquid. This is cacao butter, my friends!

Is cacao butter expensive?

Cocoa butter is the most costly component used in chocolate manufacture, with substantial use in the confectionery and cosmetic sectors.

Does cacao butter need to be refrigerated?

Cacao butter has a storage life of 1.5 to 2 years when properly maintained. It may be stored with your beans since they need the same storage conditions: a clean and dry environment with relative humidity close to 50%, but no more than 65%, and a room temperature between 15°C and 20°C.

What is the difference between cacao and cacao butter?

They are the same product and are utilized in the same manner, but they are processed in various ways. Cacao butter is generally raw, while cocoa butter is prepared at a high temperature and hence is not raw. The same is true for cocoa powder and cacao powder.

What is cocoa butter generic name?

Cocoa butter, also known as theobroma oil, is a pale-yellow, edible vegetable fat derived from cocoa beans that has a faint chocolate flavor and scent and is used in the production of chocolate confections, therapeutic ointments, and grooming.

Which is best cocoa butter?

The top 6 cocoa butter lotions and soaps.
Yes, please to the Coconut Ultra Hydrating Milk Bar Soap.
Skin Food Body Butter by Weleda.
Burt’s Bees Chocolate & Cupuaçu Body Lotion for Dry Skin.
Hawaiian Cocoa Butter Hand & Body Lotion by Alba Botanica.
Skin Food Light Nourishing Cream by Weleda.
Nourishing Body Lotion by Rooted Beauty.
Dec 29, 2022

Can I use cacao butter instead of butter in baking?

It’s also delicious blended into smoothies and may be used in lieu of butter in baking at a 1:1 ratio. Chocolate Butter Cocoa butter, which is used in the production of chocolate, is another beneficial fat high in antioxidants and polyphenols.

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