Where to Purchase Anise Oil for Baking (and Where to Find It in a Grocery Store)

Where to Purchase Anise Oil for Baking (and Where to Find It in a Grocery Store)

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Anise oil imparts an appealing licorice fragrance and taste to baked products, but it is not always easy to locate. If your recipe asks for anise oil, you may be able to get it in your local grocery shop or big-box chain. If not, you may need to look for anise oil on the internet.

Hi! Shea is my name, and I’ve been baking for almost 10 years. During my baking experiences, I came across various recipes that required unusual ingredients, such as anise oil. I used to have difficulties getting these various components, but now I know where to look.

While anise oil may not be something you use every day, it is essential in some recipes. I can assist you if you are attempting to prepare an anise oil recipe and are unable to locate any anise oil.

Keep reading to find out where to buy anise oil!

What is Anise Oil?

Where to Buy Anise Oil for Baking (and Find it in Grocery Store)

While anise is often used in medicine, it also serves as a flavoring ingredient when used in baking as an oil. The scent and taste have an obvious sweetness and a somewhat lively flavor that is similar to black licorice.

Anise oil is not ideal for many recipes due to its peculiar taste composition. Biscotti and pizzelle are two of the most prevalent dishes that include anise oil. If you’re going to make one of these dishes, or any of the other delightful anise oil recipes, you’ll need to know where to get it.

Where to Buy Anise Oil

The good news is that, although anise oil isn’t as ubiquitous as other household goods like flour and sugar, it shouldn’t be too difficult to find. Anise oil is available at most local food shops.

If you can’t get anise oil at your local supermarket, here are some alternatives:

  • Big box stores like Walmart, Kroger, and others are notorious for stocking almost anything. Before you decide to bypass the shops and go online, look for anise oil in a local large box store.
  • Ethnic shops Ethnic shops are more likely to have unusual items used in international cuisine specialties. However, ethnic retailers like Indian and Asian should have anise oil.
  • Online When everything else fails, there is always internet shopping. Although Amazon offers a big range of anise oil items, you can also get high-quality anise oil here and here.

Can You Buy Anise Extract Instead of Anise Oil?

When shopping at a small grocery store or big-box chain, you may encounter one typical issue: the retailer only sells anise extract rather than anise oil. Can it be used in the same way in your recipe?

Don’t worry if you need anise oil right now but can only locate anise extract. Anise extract may be used in place of anise oil. However, anise oil has a much stronger taste and scent. As a result, the sum should be divided in fourths.

For example, if your recipe asks for a teaspoon of anise oil, use one full teaspoon of anise extract. The fragrance and taste will be identical to anise extract, and anise oil and anise extract may be used interchangeably in baking.

Where to Find Anise Oil in the Grocery Store

Are you having difficulty locating anise oil at your local grocery store? Don’t be alarmed. There are only two places it will be kept.

  • Section on Baking Look for the baking ingredient aisle and the section where you may locate oils and extracts. Anise oil or extract should be present someplace.
  • Section International Do you have foreign aisles at your supermarket? If you can’t locate anise oil in the baking section, explore the foreign food aisles.

Keep in mind that some of these establishments will only sell anise extract rather than anise oil. If such is the case, and you are in a hurry, utilize the extract instead. Simply use a lot more of it (as said before).


Finding anise oil does not have to be as difficult as you believe. Continue reading if you have any other inquiries regarding anise oil for baking. We’ve compiled a list of commonly asked questions that you may find useful.

How do you make anise oil for baking?

If you can’t obtain anise oil but have access to anise seeds, you can always produce your own. All you have to do is ground the seeds in a spice grinder and cook in neutral oil for around ten minutes on low heat. Viola! You may make your own anise oil at home.

Is there a difference between anise oil and anise extract?

Not at all. The main difference is that anise oil is considerably stronger than extract, therefore you don’t need as much of it. A recipe that asks for a teaspoon of anise oil, for example, will need a full teaspoon of anise extract.

Can anise oil go bad?

Yes, eventually. However, if kept correctly, anise oil may survive for three or four years. The most essential thing to remember is to keep anise oil in a properly sealed container. It should be kept in a cold, dry, and dark place, such as the back of a kitchen cupboard or pantry.

What does anise look like?

In oil form, it will resemble any other oil you may use in the kitchen. However, anise appears like small fennel seeds before being processed into an oil.

Final Thoughts

Anise oil adds a delicious licorice fragrance and taste to a variety of dishes. It shouldn’t be too difficult to locate either. Simply seek for it in the baking or ethnic foods section of your local grocery store. If not, you can always buy excellent anise oil online.

Do you make use of anise oil? What’s your go-to anise oil recipe? Please share your recipes with us so that we may try them as well!


Can you use anise oil for baking?

1 oz. DeLallo Anise Oil is an all-natural, extremely fragrant oil that may be used to infuse baked items and handmade sweets with its notably sweet licorice taste. Candies, pastries, and cakes with this traditional Italian taste.

What is a substitute for anise oil in baking?

1 – Pernod Ricard

If you ever need to replace anise extract in a recipe, Pernod is an excellent choice. It contains all the taste of a concentrated extract without the intensity, so it won’t overshadow the final dish.

How do you make anise oil for baking?

You may manufacture your own anise oil if you want to. To manufacture your own, pound anise seeds into powder and combine them with a carrier oil such as almond oil. Allow it to rest for a week. Remove any residual particles of anise from the oil and you have anise oil!

Is there a difference between anise oil and anise extract?

3 teaspoons of oil would enough. I’d have to use 1 tablespoon of extract and just 1 teaspoon of oil.A: Oil is considerably more potent than anise extract. If you typically use 1 tsp extract, use just 1

What does anise do in baking?

Anise seeds provide a licorice taste to baked products and other dishes. This spice is popular in Middle Eastern, Italian, German, Indian, and Mexican cuisines. Anise seed is used in biscotti, sweets, and charcuterie in Italy. Its extract flavored alcoholic beverages such as anisette and ouzo.

What is the difference between fennel oil and anise oil?

Fennel and anise share the black licorice taste of anethole, although their profiles are somewhat different. Fennel seeds have a softer taste and are less sweet than anise seeds. Anise seeds have a much sweeter, more intense black licorice flavor.

What is the other name for anise oil?

Anethole (also known as anise camphor) is an organic chemical used as a flavoring agent. It is a phenylpropene derivative, which is a kind of aromatic chemical found in essential oils.

What is anise oil?

Anise oil is a natural essential oil with a licorice scent and taste that is used as a flavoring as well as in aromatherapy. Because essential oils are powerful, use them sparingly as a flavoring. Useful in chocolates and coatings (average usage is 14 to 12 teaspoon per pound).

What are the best oil substitutes in baking?

10 Best Baking Butter Oil Substitutes. With butter, everything tastes better! …
Applesauce without sugar. Applesauce is another great method to add moisture to your baked goods without adding calories.
Fruits and vegetables pureed.
Meal made from flaxseeds.

What is pure anise oil used for?

Anise is extensively used as a flavoring in a variety of foods, including alcoholic beverages, liqueurs, dairy goods, gelatins, puddings, meats, and sweets. It is marketed as a spice, and the seeds are used to freshen one’s breath. The essential oil is used in perfume, soaps, and sachets, as well as in medicine.

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