Why Do Pizza Boxes Have Square Shapes?

Why Do Pizza Boxes Have Square Shapes?

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You just opened your square pizza box to see your ooey-ooey and delectable round pizza within. And then you remembered you opened your square pizza box to eat a round pizza. What’s going on? To be honest, it all boils down to money and efficiency.

Hello there! My name is Shea, and I like all pizzas, regardless of their form. But I’d always wondered why my round pizzas were in a square box. So I decided to do some study to learn more about this geometrical phenomena.

It’s not a huge phenomena, and there’s no master strategy behind the various forms. There are two very basic reasons why pizza boxes are square, and this article will educate you about them.

Who’s up for a little geometry? (Please do not press the X button!)

Why Are Pizza Boxes Square?

Most pizzas suffer from a variety of form difficulties. They’re circular, chopped into triangles, and set within square boxes. Is someone simply having a good time? Is there a genius behind these forms, mocking us all? Absolutely not.

Indeed, the reasons are fairly straightforward.

1. It’s Cheap

The main reason pizza boxes are square is because they are less expensive to create than round (or other shapes) boxes. A single piece of cardboard may be used to make a square pizza box, however other forms would need more.

When mass making pizza boxes, a corporation will undoubtedly choose the cheapest alternative. There is nothing to complain about since it is the traditional method of transporting pizza and there do not seem to be any significant disadvantages to utilizing square.

Isn’t this particularly true in this day and age? If you want to save money without jeopardizing the quality of my pizza, I say go for it.

2. It’s Easy to Store

A square-shaped box will fit into those tight spots far more easily than any other form. And, of course, pizza places and businesses utilize a lot of pizza boxes. That may pose major issues if they couldn’t store them effectively.

Not only would there not be enough space to mass-produce pizzas, but we, the consumers, would not have as many pizza options. Nonetheless, they may have to eliminate a certain kind. I’m curious who it might be. (This is for you, pineapple pizza fans!)

Fundamentally, a square box will be the simplest item for corporations and consumers to produce and store. After all, a pizza box fits easily into the fridge, and that is something we can all agree on.

3. History

This is a stretch (similar to the stretch required to produce pizza dough!). Nonetheless, it is not altogether absurd to believe that pizzas are served in square boxes because they were initially square rather than round.

In 1000 AD, the first pizzas appeared in Italy. They were rectangular in form. Hence, if we consider how they would have carried them, it was most likely in a square-shaped container.

Did the original pizzas influence how we shape pizza boxes today? Maybe. Nobody can be certain. Nonetheless, we’re glad we can buy pizza anywhere, even in a square-shaped box.


Thus, round pizzas are packaged in square boxes since it is less expensive and more efficient. It truly is that easy. But if you have any more queries, I’m here to assist. I’ve compiled a list of the most often asked questions.

Why are Domino’s pizza boxes not square?

There is a strong drive to decrease carbon footprint, which is why Dominos dropped their fully square-shaped boxes. Dominos pizzas are being delivered in boxes with two front corners ripped away, lowering their carbon impact and manufacturing costs.

What is the plastic thing in a pizza box called?

The plastic item in a pizza box is a one-trick pony with numerous names. Most people call it a pizza saver or a pizza table. It is also known as a pizza stool, pizza chair, pizza lofter, or pizza ottoman. Choose your favorite!

Why do pizzas have little tables?

Pizzas have small tables inside to prevent the pizza from mistakenly sticking to the top of the pizza box. This is particularly true when ordering many pizzas, since stacking might cause gravity to force the pizza box into the pie, resulting in a ruined pizza.

Who invented pizza?

Raffaele Esposito, from Naples, Italy, is credited with creating pizza. Historians will note, however, that pizza-like foods were offered in Naples before the term “pizza” was coined.

Why pizza is called pizza?

There are many options. It may be derived from the Greek word pitta, which meaning “pie.” It might potentially be derived from the Langobardic word bizzo, which meaning “bite.” In 997, the earliest record from Latin literature said that it was a little cake or wafer.

Final Words

You have to love pizza! And you now understand why round pizzas end up in square boxes (and cut into triangles). Everything boils down to cost and efficiency. Square boxes are substantially less expensive to make, stack, and store than any other style of box.

Do you like pizza? Did you ever wonder why pizza boxes are square and pizzas are round? Share your views and opinions in the comments section!


Who invented the square pizza box?

Tom Monaghan, the creator of a specific multinational pizza business, is credited with inventing the contemporary pizza box. In the mid 1960s, Monaghan needed a means to effectively carry pizza for his new pizza delivery services, so he sought out a business to build a corrugated cardboard box.

Why is Domino’s boxes not square?

Domino’s uses a six-sided design with tapered front corners to decrease cardboard use and the company’s carbon impact. (It is also said to protect the pizza from sliding about.) Pizza was not always confined to square cardboard boxes.

Why are pizza boxes triangle?

It’s worth stopping to appreciate the pizza saver’s original purpose: Carmela Vitale of New York invented the three-pronged piece of plastic in 1985 to keep the lid of the pizza box from drooping over the top of the pizza when steam weakens the cardboard.

Why are Chicago pizza boxes different?

The “New York” and “Chicago” styles are the two most common. The main difference is how they close. The top panel of New York style boxes opens to reveal the pizza. The side flap of Chicago boxes opens, enabling you to slip the pizza out.

Is square pizza a Detroit thing?

They were able to generate an extremely light and crispy crust by baking in forged-steel pans obtained from local automobile factories, which is now known as Detroit-Style Pizza. This was the first known square pizza in the United States, and the pizza style has since become a national favorite more than 75 years later.

Why are pizza boxes square and not circle?

So, if the pizza is circular, how come the box is square? Since square boxes can be constructed from a single sheet of cardboard, they are far less expensive to mass produce than circular boxes. Square boxes are also simpler to store since they may be kept flat until required.

Why don t we have round pizza boxes?

Making a circular box is too difficult.

Even if a container manufacturer could retool all of their equipment to build a circular container, the process would be far more difficult and time intensive. This spherical form isn’t worth the work. As a result, many containers share the same fundamental square form.

Why is square pizza better than triangle?

While the pieces are smaller, this has the advantage of making the pizza seem to last longer. The square-cut also offers the greatest diversity of parts. You may order a piece with crust, a piece without crust, or a lovely corner piece with a lot of crust for the crust enthusiasts.

What is the triangle in a pizza box called?

A pizza saver (also known as a pizza table, pizza stool, pizza bone, pizza chair, pizza lofter, package saver, pizza tripod, or pizza ottoman) is a piece of equipment used to keep the top of a food container, such as a pizza box or cake box, from collapsing in the center and touching the food inside.

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